What Marvel Teams has Captain America Joined?

Captain America is one of the oldest and most authoritative superheroes from the comics and the ash grey filmdom. He ’ sulfur constantly been an incredible leader, possibly because of his experience with the military, but besides because of his compassion and ethical motive. Captain America has constantly fought for the underdog, and for the best of humanness .
Because of this, when Captain America joins teams, he much finds himself in a leadership position, regardless of his official function. He ’ south been on countless teams, from Cap ’ s Kooky Quartet and the All-Winners Squad to his team-ups with Bucky, but let ’ s take a search at good a few of the most iconic teams he ’ second been on .

Howling Commandos

On many occasion during World War II, Captain America has teamed up with the Howling Commandos. This group of soldiers was meant to be a covert ops group that busted in and tackled some of the most devious Nazis and baleful organizations internationally .
They never expected to be working alongside the greatest hero of their day, Captain America, but when you partake the same enemy, you much partake the lapp goals. They worked together to fight against Red Skull and other HYDRA agents on more than one occasion.


When the Hulk goes out of control, there ’ s no knowing what his true might unleashed could destroy, specially with the help of Namor the Sub-Mariner. And even, Namor was the one who found Captain America encased in internal-combustion engine within the ocean, absolutely preserved for all those years. When Captain America ultimately thawed out, he jumped right back to business and joined the Avengers, who truly needed his assistant .
Despite joining in Issue # 4, he was considered one of the founding members, in place of the Hulk, and in truth became the affection of the team. surely, there were others pointing in the guidance of the battle, but Captain America called the shots and led the team to victory time and time again .


The Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division was created not besides long after World War II. In fact, it was based on an administration that Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers were already a share of. Initially meant as a way to counter the endless terror of HYDRA, the team has expanded dramatically, acting as an international impel for good .
The organization has much needed brawny leaders. While Nick Fury typically runs the organization, Sharon Carter and Steve Rogers have both been placed at the helm at different times, and many have sought to undermine their operations .
SHIELD trusts Captain America indeed much that they never doubted him, even when he was replaced with an evil HYDRA-affiliated ringer from another timeline. But that ’ s a history for another time !

Avengers Unity Division

After a great war between the Avengers and the X-Men, Captain America realized good how terribly mutants had been treated, and he made it his personal deputation to help mutantkind. He started a newly branch of the Avengers called the Avengers Unity Division, focused on creating a plus public opinion of mutants.

Captain America pointedly put a mutant, Havoc, as the team contribute, and brought on Rogue and Wolverine to help with their missions at every opportunity. While the team finally disbanded, their goal was successful to some degree, and mutantkind was more widely accepted .


The Illuminati was initially intended to be a group of the smartest minds on Earth, able to predict and prevent potential disasters. They would share ideas and potentially, puppeteer the world from the shadows. The Illuminati initially comprised of Mister Fantastic, Iron Man, Professor X, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Black Panther, and Namor. Each of them represented a different part of the universe ’ s community .
These leaders were healthy but not constantly benevolent. furthermore, they were frequently excessively separated from the global with their head in the cloud to recognize what needed to happen. When the Phoenix Force was causing a ball-shaped terror, Captain America took it upon himself to bring the Illuminati together to try and stop Namor, who had gone brainsick with power. Namor ultimately didn ’ t listen to Captain America, but inactive commended him for his fearlessness and nobility .


The Invaders is another team that began in the World War II era. It was originally fair Captain America and Bucky Barnes, but it expanded to include the android Human Torch, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and many more. They were an international team who worked in the shadows to save international figures and fight for their ideals .
The Invaders are the the precursor the Avengers, and in one report tune, they even stepped through a cryptic green mist that allowed them to travel 60 years into the future, where they actually got to meet each other. The Invaders and the Avengers never worked together, but they most surely parcel the same goals, and without the Invaders, the Avengers would have never existed.

Secret Avengers

Iron Man worked with the u Government to create the Superhuman Registration Act, which would force all superheroes to register with the politics, revealing their secret identities, and giving over all heroic verse operations to the politics. Captain America did not agree with this act, so he created a group of heroes who worked against the goals of the Superhuman Registration Act .
They were called the Secret Avengers. They operated out of a warehouse with minimal engineering, since Iron Man could have easily hacked any high technical school adeptness. They worked diligently to protect heroes from oppression, specially younger heroes, who Steve wanted to protect from the politics ’ second schemes .
What ’ s your favorite Captain America team ? Let us know in the comments, and don ’ thyroxine forget to Let Your Geek sideshow !

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