Thanos’ Ultimate Comic Victory Was Too Disturbing for the MCU

Warning! Spoilers for Thanos (2018) below!
In one Marvel Comics world, Thanos wins, and what he does with the heroes he ‘s captured and killed is so interrupt, that there ‘s no way the Marvel Cinematic Universe could even consider the storyline. In the “ Thanos Wins ” series, the Mad Titan successfully destroys all of his adversaries and ultimately feeds them to his positron emission tomography, the Hulk .
Thanos has successfully defeated the Avengers and other heroes across the Marvel Universe before, but no victory was as destructive and thorough as his prevail in Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, and Antonio Fabela ‘s Thanos series. The series sees Thanos transported to a dark future where an older version of himself has conquered reality. He learns that King Thanos has killed practically every single being in the galaxy, but distillery pines over Death. The Cosmic Ghost Rider tells him more about how the future version of the Mad Titan came to be – unwrap that he ‘s observe one longtime Avenger alive in the Hulk .

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In Thanos # 15, the Cosmic Ghost-Rider reveals that Thanos has kept the Hulk as his own darling and fed him his former teammates – including Captain America. He shows Thanos the prison where the Hulk is kept – and it ‘s reasonably ghastly. Among the heroes seen in the bones include the helmets of Thor, Antman, and Nova, Wolverine ‘s claw, and Doc Ock ‘s tentacles. Thanos had clearly used Hulk as his own personal garbage disposal for anyone who threatened him. It ‘s peculiarly deplorable because the Hulk does n’t want to continue his universe as King Thanos ‘ dog, as the first words he utters to Thanos to “ kill … Hulk ? ”

It would n’t be until the Fallen One ( Silver Surfer ) freed the Hulk from being King Thanos ‘ favored, that things would get even more tragic. now an erstwhile and creaky Bruce Banner, he silent begs to be killed. With tears in his eyes, he tells the Fallen One, “ please do n’t let me hurt anyone … please … ” unfortunately, Thanos and King Thanos would team-up to kill both the Fallen One and the Hulk .
Among the many iniquity timelines that Marvel has introduced, there are few that are more distressing than the one where King Thanos rules. King Thanos is hellbent on ruling everything no matter what the cost. Feeding Marvel ‘s top heroes ( and some villains ) to the Hulk, who just wants to die, is inordinately tragic, as he just wants his being to be over so he does n’t have to experience all of the violence and injury. But King Thanos made him his own personal monster. There ‘s no room the MCU could ever adapt this floor. Thanos’ ultimate victory is far excessively disturbing .
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