Raymond Palmer (New Earth)

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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 1950s-2011‎

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Real Name

Raymond “ Ray ” Palmer

Main Alias

The Atom


( mother, deceased )
( godfather )
Daniel Palmer ( brother, deceased ) [ · citation needed ] ·
( ex-wife, deceased )
( wife, deceased )
of David Palmer (father) Susan Palmer (mother, deceased) Ted Ralston (godfather)Daniel Palmer (brother, deceased) Jean Loring (ex-wife, deceased) Laethwen (wife, deceased) Jean Loring of Earth-51 (wife, deceased)


Justice League of America
Suicide Squad · Teen Titans · Indigo Tribe · Katarthans

Base Of Operations

Ivy Town, Connecticut
Morlaidh, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil





Public Identity



Marital Status

Divorced Widowed


Professor · Scientist












Earth-One · New Earth


Julius Schwartz · Gardner Fox · Gil Kane

First Appearance
Showcase #34
(October, 1961)
Quote1.png For a man who came out of academics, he is a remarkable combatant. Quote2.png

Chronos src

Ray Palmer is the Atom, the Mighty Mite, a superhero with the ability to shrink to incredible sizes while retaining his full multitude, making him a formidable combatant. He was a member of the original Justice League of America, where he gained a bang-up deal of respect from his peers. aside from his crime-fighting career, he is besides one of the world ‘s top scientific minds, given his background as a brilliant physicist. He is capable of shrinking to subatomic sizes, and explores the universe on a frontier unknown to any other man.


Ray Palmer grew up in Ivy Town, Connecticut where he studied physics at Ivy University, under celebrated scientists such as Alpheus P. Hyatt [ 1 ]. He began dating law student Jean Loring [ 2 ], finally becoming single. Both graduating and working in their professions, Ray would frequently ask Jean to marry him, but she would constantly decline, wanting to establish herself as a lawyer before getting marry and settling down. As a physics graduate scholar, Ray Palmer discovered a White Dwarf Star Fragment that had fallen to Earth. Investigating matter compression, Ray theorized that if he were to grind a lens from this shard and focus ultraviolet light through it, he could shrink anything struck by the light down to a fraction of its original size. Ray rushed off to his lab, tried the experiment, and found that it worked precisely as he had imagined, but the objects he shrunk became unstable and exploded moments former. A couple of days subsequently, a disenchant Ray and some friends became trapped in a cave-in while out spelunking. Ray was forced to risk instability and use the shrink lens on himself in order to escape the cave and save the lives of his friends. For some reason, however, Ray did n’t explode and returned to his convention stature. In fact, the shrinking lens worked on his body much better than he had expected, and he developed a dress of see devices that gave him limited control over his weight deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as his size. Ray late hypothesized that some unknown “ x-factor ” in his genetic makeup prevented his atoms from becoming unstable, though many scientists now believe that Ray ‘s ability to shrink was actually made possible by the “ Metagene “, which is the reservoir of many superhumans ‘ powers. [ 3 ]

early career

Keeping his discoveries a secret, even from Jean, Ray created the identity of the Atom and began a career of crime crusade in Ivy Town. In his first gear recorded gamble, the Atom stopped the crook Carl Ballard from exploiting the bantam estrange Kulan Dar, to commit his crimes. Foiling this plot, the Atom became a trust hero in Ivy Town, and established a big working kinship with the local patrol [ 4 ]. adjacent, the Atom defended the affluent Doctor Gordon Heath from a diagram against him orchestrated by his caretaker Bates. [ 5 ] The Atom ‘s heroics made him an ally of the CIA, who sent him oversea to rescue Professor Anton Kraft from extraneous spies [ 6 ]. Returning home, he stopped asymmetrical newspaper reporter Greg Phillips from stealing valuable chess pieces. [ 7 ] The Atom met his first super-villain when battling Jason Woodrue, an exile from the Floral Dimension, who attempted to take over the worldly concern with specially bred plants. The Atom defeated Woodrue with the help of Maya, Queen of the Dryads, who lives in the Floral Dimension [ 8 ]. Atom then stopped jewel thief Bart Tranter with the assistant of the self proclaimed Mr. Odd [ 9 ] and recaptured Carl Ballard when he mastered Kulan Dar ‘s teleportation abilities [ 10 ]. The Atom was used in a bizarre plot by Amos Fortune and other villains to destroy the Justice League of America, using a de-memorizor ray to pit the Atom against the League. With the aid of the Atom, the team of heroes defeated Fortune and his minions, and elected the Atom as a member of their group [ 11 ]. After that, the Atom had his first brush with Chronos, a condemnable obsessed with time [ 12 ] .
Reconnecting with Professor Hyatt, Ray learned of Hyatt ‘s experiments with the Time Pool, a device of Hyatt ‘s creation allowing him to “ fish ” for items out of a bantam portal vein that can bring items through time. As the Atom, Ray traveled back in fourth dimension to ancient Middle East where he helped a young son named Hassan best a group of thieves and bring back a fortunate tunisian dinar for Hyatt ‘s discipline [ 13 ]. When coincident nuclear explosions on Earth-One and a parallel worldly concern caused the two to merge, the Atom helped the JLA prevent the inhabitants of that world from destroying three major cities on worldly concern to prevent the catastrophe and worked together to revolve the problem [ 14 ]. When visiting felicitous Harbor, Rhode Island to give a lecture as Ray Palmer, the Atom came to the rescue of Entron Kol, a visitor from a sub-atomic world who was trapped on Earth, and used a wish fulfillment device to try to draw help oneself to his pledge [ 15 ]. Returning to Ivy Town, the Atom foiled an try by a crooked photographer named Elkins to frame Tom Parks for crimes he did not commit [ 16 ]. After that, Ray attended a JLA touch were the team pondered how to get out of a dangerous scenario posed by one of their fans [ 17 ]. When Ray ‘s colleague, the world-traveling Ted Ralston, was turned into diamond by a strange stone he brought rear from one of his expeditions, Ray traveled into the microscopic populace inside the jewel where he clashed with the Atlantean tyrant Karl Jat [ 18 ]. Next he foiled bejewel thief Fred Harris ‘ plot to rob a lake side residential district using local folklore to hoax the people into thinking the thefts were committed by a ghostwriter [ 19 ]. The Atom was targeted with the rest of the JLA by the Tornado Tyrant [ 20 ]. In another gamble with the Justice League, Ray aided the League in liberating the people of the micro-world of Starzl, whose three android defenders had turned evil [ 21 ]. back in Ivy Town, Atom foiled a plat by stage coach Howard Crane to frame erstwhile astronaut Peter Venner for crimes he did not commit, [ 22 ] and in a Time Pool gamble he traveled back to 18th century London to foil Dick Turpin ‘s plan to steal the king ‘s gold [ 23 ]. The Atom and the remainder of the JLA were then forced into exile from the planet earth due to the manipulations of Dr. Destiny, however the JLA foiled this plat, ending their expatriate [ 24 ]. While preventing an invasion of land from the Thalens, the Atom teamed up with extraterrestrial lawman Hawkman and his partner Hawkgirl, forming a long lasting partnership between the trio [ 25 ]. On another Justice League case, the Atom and his colleague JLA members clashed with Spaceman X [ 26 ]. later the Atom was present with the JLA in their first team up with the Justice Society of America, their counterparts from Earth-Two, against the Crime Champions, a group of villains from both universes [ 27 ] [ 28 ]. While on the family front, Ray battled an elude Dr. Light [ 29 ] ; stopped Alfred Trask ( an art drift employee ) from taking the masterpieces his employer has on display [ 30 ] ; battled his evil doppelganger created in a lab experiment gone askew [ 31 ] ; and thwarted an undertake kidnapping of the king of France during a Time Pool adventure to the class 1609 [ 32 ]. His adjacent meet with the JLA was less consequential with the group relating their conflict against Queen Bee, while Ray told them of his confrontation against Dr. Light [ 33 ]. Working with the CIA once again, the Atom went to Vienna to collect the plans for a new anti-gravity metal, and ended up exposing it as a communist plot to destroy America [ 34 ]. Back home, he foiled Doro Briggs ‘ larceny scheme involving hoaxing people into believing that she could transform into a roll [ 35 ]. The Atom aided his fellow Justice League colleagues in once again defeating and capturing their old foe Kanjar Ro [ 36 ] and Kraad the Conqueror, tyrant ruler of a sidereal dimension [ 37 ] .
Back home, Ray attended an Ivy University ten-year reunion, where he foiled Jack Archer ‘s attempt to use hypnosis to steal a invaluable Buddha statue [ 38 ], followed by a cruise with Jean Loring where he stymied invaders from Randath [ 39 ]. adjacent Atom and a number of his boyfriend JLA members were quickly aged by Despero, but were late restored to convention following Despero ‘s kill at the hands of his fellow JLA members who were unaffected [ 40 ]. On the home front man, Ray found his powers being used for crime when he temporarily became the prisoner of a crook who used his body as a baron source for a ray gun [ 41 ] and later used the Time Pool to travel to Baltimore circa 1849 where he helped Edgar Alan Poe solve a mystery involving stolen gold coins [ 42 ]. Atom following aided the Flash in stopping an invasion of earth by Attila-5 [ 43 ]. Later the Atom and his friends in the Justice League were manipulated by the ultra-galactic “ I ”, an evil being whose very being was threatened by the JLA ‘s stay success [ 44 ]. In Ivy Town, Ray clashed once more with Chronos [ 45 ] and cleared the name of his civilian identity when he was accused of a crime he did not commit [ 46 ]. Back with the Justice League, the Atom was deliver when Green Lantern related a solo adventure to the group [ 47 ] and was among the super-powered members of the League to go on “ hit ” following a UN sanction preventing them from using their powers, all a plat orchestrated by the malefic Headmaster Mind [ 48 ]. hush with the League, he was present when a video created by Superman ‘s founder Jor-El, regarding the other planets he considered sending his son anterior to Krypton ‘s destruction [ 49 ], was displayed. Resuming his activities in Ivy Town, Ray battled his own costume when it briefly gained sense [ 50 ], aided Doc Magnus in rebuilding the Metal Men, and stopped the malefic Uranium [ 51 ]. When visiting his old schoolmate Ed Thayer, Atom got caught up in an undertake by foreign spies to try to steal Thayer ‘s Illusion-Maker device [ 52 ] and foiled the teleporting Hyper-Thief ‘s robberies [ 53 ]. Atom was besides confront when the Justice League invited his ally Hawkman into the group [ 54 ], and attended Aquaman ‘s marriage to Mera. [ 55 ] adjacent, while on vacation, Ray became the irregular pawn of criminal inventor Andrew Frost [ 56 ], battled Brain Storm with the JLA [ 57 ], crushed the Hooded Hijackers [ 58 ], and used the Time Pool to travel to the nineteenth Century, where he came to the rescue of writer Jules Verne [ 59 ]. Atom became an unwilling pawn of the Endless One, and was forced to fight some of his fellow JLA members [ 60 ]. When restored to convention, he became a victim in one of Dr. Destiny ‘s plots to get retaliation against the JLA [ 61 ]. The Atom had to combat side-effects of his Time Pool adventures when battling the evil Phantom Mask [ 62 ], and spent a brief time thinking he was a flea in a flea circus when spies attempted to replace Ray Palmer with one of their own agents [ 63 ]. He aided Zatanna in the search for her missing church father on a micro-world ruled by the Druid [ 64 ]. former, he joined the Justice League in battling Brain Storm once again [ 65 ]. Going solo, Atom prevented crooks from benefiting from his “ stool-pigeon ” calculator [ 66 ] and with the aid of Maya and the Dryads pose as Leprechauns, convinced Arthur Ennis to fill a witness report with the patrol following a looting [ 67 ]. During his adjacent team up with Hawkman and Hawkgirl against Matter Master, the trio of heroes trusted their secret identities to each other [ 68 ]. Atom and his chap JLA members teamed up with the JSA against the evil Johnny Thunder of Earth-One who had manipulated the Thunderbolt into creating Earth-A and the Lawless League, criminal versions of the Justice League [ 69 ] [ 70 ]. The CIA once again hired the Atom to stop a group of russian spies who were trying to manipulate Jean Loring ‘s founder, in an undertake to get at the Atom [ 71 ], and on another Time Pool travel to 18th century London, the Atom prevented one of Professor Hyatt ‘s ancestors from being thrown in debtors ‘ prison [ 72 ]. Atom besides aided his boyfriend JLA members in preventing ball-shaped disaster and conflict unwittingly created by Andrew Helm ‘s Corti-Conscience machine [ 73 ]. Acting solo, he stopped a common hood named Eddie Gordon from enslaving the Bat-Knights of the Elvaran people [ 74 ]. Atom following helped Batman, Robin, and Elongated Man capture “ Numbers ” Garvey and his gang [ 75 ]. The Atom besides aided the Justice League in defeating the Key during his attack [ 76 ]. Returning to Ivy Town, the Atom made up a story about alien invaders to make the return of a radion-ball phone like a more agitate gamble [ 77 ]. He foiled a robbery plot orchestrated by groundsman Billy Knowels [ 78 ]. Atom ‘s powers were briefly pilfered by Professor Ivo in a plot against the Flash, and when the Flash related the narrative to his mate JLA members including the Atom, they were unaware of the event as they were n’t using their powers then [ 79 ]. adjacent Atom joined the Justice League and Metamorpho in battling the impossible [ 80 ]. After liberating the Floral Dimension and Earth from destruction at the hands of Jason Woodrue [ 81 ], the Atom joined the JLA in curing Batman, Green Lantern, and Flash from a plague infected upon them by the impossible [ 82 ]. Atom returned to Ivy Town, to foil a series of robberies orchestrated by Bill Jameson, the alleged “ man in the Ion-Mask ” [ 83 ]. Working with the CIA once more, the Atom traveled to Russia to foil Boris Kalumchuk ‘s plot to poison America with enlighten gold [ 84 ]. Ray joined the Justice League of America in their battle against the Shaggy Man [ 85 ] .

engagement to Jean Loring

back in Ivy Town, the Atom earned a fresh villain – the Bug-Eyed Bandit. During this venture Jean accepted his proposal for marriage for fear that Ray would finally become excessively absorb in his work to ask her anymore [ 86 ]. When both Earth-One and Earth-Two were threatened by the Anti-Matter Man, the Atom was one of the Justice League and Justice Society members to gather to combat the threat [ 87 ] [ 88 ]. Going solo in Ivy Town once again, the Atom crushed the Panther Gang [ 89 ] and went on another Time Pool travel to eighteenth hundred France where he foiled an assassination attack against Benjamin Franklin [ 90 ]. Returning to the JLA, the Atom aided them in stopping the Lord of Time from manipulating Vietnam war bomber Sgt. Eddie Brent [ 91 ]. Returning home, Atom clashed with his previous foe Chronos again [ 92 ]. former, when the integral population of Ivy Town suddenly shrunk, Ray learned that the campaign was a ball of white dwarf star matter landing in the city water supply, and cured the people with no ill slope effects [ 93 ]. Ray worked together with his Earth-Two counterpart in foiling a plot by the Thinker to rob Earth-One and escape to Earth-Two [ 94 ]. At a JLA meet, Atom, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Batman and Elongated Man all learned of Zatanna ‘s success in freeing her church father with the assistant of charming proxies that she created of the heroes, following her respective encounters with each of them [ 95 ]. Ray returned to Ivy Town where he stumbled upon and foiled another diagram by Eddie Gordon to manipulate the Elvarian Bat-Knights [ 96 ]. He was besides present when the JLA had to face the evil Mastermind, who had turned many of the League members ‘ weapons against them [ 97 ]. Atom teamed-up with Hawkman once again to search for the missing Johnny Burns, a reformed crook, to reunite him with his sick mother. During the meet, they battled Toyboy, Johnny ‘s evil one-half brought to life sentence when Mrs. Burns was briefly endowed with mental powers following a scientific accident [ 98 ]. Rejoining the JLA, Atom foiled the Royal Flush Gang ‘s try to destroy the League [ 99 ]. When paralyzed in a lab accident, Ray managed to get Jean to activate his size-control devices causing him to shrink to microscopic size, freeing him of the paralysis. Before returning to Earth, he saved the sub-atomic people of Palonds from the evil Honds [ 100 ]. The Atom was besides present to cheer on a UN-sponsored charity race between Superman and the Flash [ 101 ]. He later teamed-up with Aquaman against the plankton creature called Galg the Destroyer [ 102 ]. After a replay against the Bug-Eyed Bandit [ 103 ], the Atom teamed-up with the Elongated Man against Chronos [ 104 ]. After battling the Big Gang [ 105 ], witnessing another race between Superman and the Flash [ 106 ], and foiling “ Smarts ” and his crowd [ 107 ], Atom had another Time Pool venture to London to prevent Colonel Tom Blood from stealing the crown jewels from the Tower of London [ 108 ]. The Atom was one of the members of the Justice League to be enslaved by Queen Bee, until they were saved by Batgirl [ 109 ]. In another revenge plot against the Justice League, Dr. Destiny briefly switched the League ‘s bodies with some of their greatest foes. For a clock, Atom was forced to trade bodies with Jason Woodrue, until Dr. Destiny ‘s ultimate defeat [ 110 ]. When twin vector towers on Earth-One and Earth-Two caused people to quickly age either forward or backward, Earth-Two ‘s Atom had to briefly struggle a young and hot-headed Ray Palmer before destroying the towers and returning everyone back to normal [ 111 ]. Atom worked with Batman in stopping the Cannoneer from robbing the Brotherhood Express [ 112 ]. The Atom was besides involved in a Justice League case where the group was embroiled in a gang war between the Pyrotekniks and the Bulleteers in a building complex dodge hatched by gangster Leo Locke [ 113 ]. The Atom soon gained an unusual ally in his adjacent adventure, Major Mynah, a myna shuttlecock that he meets while stopping a group of Viet Cong soldiers from raiding a cambodian temple while on an archaeological dig in the region. With the bird injured in the battle, Atom took the helpful creature to Hawkman who replaced the shuttlecock ‘s break wings with mechanical ones. major Mynah became Ray ‘s pet, following him in both his civilian and costume identities. After helping the Atom capture crooks, Major Mynah ‘s interest about tips Jean off to Ray ‘s clandestine identity and sol he came up with a method acting of disguising Mynah for future adventures. [ 114 ] The Atom returned to the Justice League and foiled the Key ‘s plot of using Superman to destroy the JLA [ 115 ], and late battled Dr. Anomaly [ 116 ]. Ray and Major Mynah went into carry through to stop an invasion by the extraterrestrial being Physalians who fed on the humans they have captured [ 117 ]. The Atom was one of the JLA members apparently killed by T.O. Morrow, and was restored to life sentence following Morrow ‘s get the better of at the hands of the JSA, their new ally Red Tornado and surviving members of the JLA [ 118 ] .

Justice League Mainstay

As prison term went on, Ray finally got less involved in solo adventures, often teaming up with either Hawkman or getting involved in many of the Justice League ‘s cases. Ray joined Carter and Shiera Hall on vacation in Mexico City and battled Telka and his followers [ 119 ]. With the Justice League, the Atom battled the absurd Generalissimo Demmy Gog of Offalia, in a pathetic attack to conquer the world [ 120 ]. The Atom was hired by the FBI to break up a spy ring. He succeeded, thanks to the intervention of major Mynah. This would mark the Atom ‘s last use of major Mynah. The bird ‘s ultimate destine is obscure [ 121 ]. Atom besides found himself involved in a revenge plot enacted by condemnable Jason Madden, who attempted to kill his former accomplice Chuck Wheeler [ 122 ]. Atom aided the Justice League in clearing Green Arrow ‘s name in a mangle frame-up plotted by Headmaster Mind and the Tattooed Man [ 123 ]. Ray was involved in a Justice League probe of the new costumed vigilante known as the Creeper [ 124 ]. While attending a skill convention with Carter Hall, Ray and Carter were attacked by a man resembling Carter. This got them embroiled in a battle against the Shiva, Hindu goddess of destruction, who with her army of Nether-Men was attempting to win back worship of world. Through the efforts of the Atom, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl, the plot was thwarted [ 125 ]. The Atom joined his colleague Justice League colleagues in traveling to Mars and aiding their brother martian Manhunter against the evil Commander Blanx, a struggle that ended with J’onn J’onzz ‘s resignation from the team [ 126 ]. Ray following went into action as the Atom to foil a plot by equal university professor Horace McByrd to discredit Ray among his peers [ 127 ]. Ray joined the JLA and Hawkgirl in saving Hawkman who had been turned into salt by a group of demons, fighting off their minions – a biker crowd known as the Gruesome Ghouls – in the work [ 128 ]. When Professor Heinrich Von Rilk was about assaulted by Ivy University students for destroying an electron-microscope, Ray learns that Von Rilk did it to prevent an invasion from a microscopic world. Investigating the claims as the Atom, Ray confirms Heinrich ‘s history, and stops the invasion by defeating its vanguard, a animal known as Ag [ 129 ]. Atom was among the members of the Justice League and Justice Society who banded together to save both universes from the threat of Aquarius, a be star creature bent on retaliation for being exiled by his superiors [ 130 ] [ 131 ]. When Jean Loring was kidnapped by the people of Jimberen, a microscopic world who believed that she is the descendant of their ruler, Atom and Hawkman teamed-up to rescue her. however, due to the radiation sickness the people of Jimberen exposed Jean to, she was driven insane from the ordeal. The engineering on Hawkman and Hawkgirl ‘s homeworld, Thanagar, was advanced enough that it was possible to cure Jean, thus Atom entrusted her to the care of Hawkgirl [ 132 ]. Focusing on Justice League business, Atom was one of the members who unintentionally created an evil duplicate of himself with his ego, which battled the new Justice League member Black Canary [ 133 ]. When an influential serviceman named John Dough attempted to turn the United States politics and american english people against the JLA, manipulating Snapper Carr into betraying the group, the Atom got involved in the conflict, which revealed Dough to be none other than the Joker [ 134 ]. Atom and the Justice League soon set up shop class in a new basis, an orbital satellite above the Earth [ 135 ]. During this fourth dimension, Atom and the other members of the JLA teamed up with the Vigilante against the Doomsters, aliens who threatened to pollute the Earth [ 136 ] [ 137 ]. Ray ultimately learned that Hawkgirl ‘s quest to restore Jean ‘s sanity on Thanagar was met with worry when both women ‘s souls were stolen by Norch Lor, a scientist from Thanagar, whose misguided design to save the universe from the coming “ end of all things ” was attempting to collect the souls of all survive beings in a Ghenna Box. With the assistant of Tomar-Re of the Green Lantern Corps, Ray and the Justice League restored Hawkgirl and Jean ‘s souls to their bodies, Jean however was hush insane [ 138 ]. Atom and Hawkman traveled together en route to Thanagar to try and get Jean the avail she needs, and along the means ran into the threat that Norch Lor was attempting to protect them from : The insane Jest-Master, who left all those in his path wholly delirious. With the assistant of the Justice League, Atom and Hawkman defeated the Jest-Master. In the aftermath of the battle, Jean ‘s changeless vulnerability to Jest-Master ‘s insanity rays restored her sanity [ 139 ]. Returning to Earth, the Atom again joined the Justice League and the Justice Society in preventing another threat to both Earth-One and Earth-Two, this prison term coming from a being called Creator2, whom by utilizing Red Tornado ‘s connection to both realities, attempted to merge the two universes together, threatening to destroy both. atom and his colleagues foiled this diagram. however, the Spectre apparently perished in the process [ 140 ] [ 141 ] .
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Sword of the Atom

Ray and Jean ‘s marriage became more strained over time as Jean ‘s police commit and Ray ‘s devotion to both science and super-heroics took time over their romance. soon, Jean began an matter with her colleague lawyer Paul Hoben, which Ray stumbled upon one night. Realizing their marriage was on the rocks, Ray decided to investigate White Dwarf leading radiations he detected in South America without Jean. Taking a flight with some drug runners, he learned besides much about an illegal cocaine airfield, prompting the pilots to attempt to kill Ray. however, the pilot program was shot and Ray jumped transport and shrunk down to Atom size. Ray was then struck by lightning, trapping him at a altitude of six inches. The airplane crashed, and because one of the men aboard stole one of Ray ‘s rings, the world presumed him dead and denim went on with her life and pursued her relationship with Paul. Ray interim found himself captured by aliens known as the Katarthans —small aliens whose ancestors were left on Earth centuries ago and lived in a world of gamey technology and brutality. With a disgust immanent, Ray was captured along with members of a resistance led by Taren [ 142 ]. Forced into prizefighter battles, Ray learned the Katarthans ‘ speech, befriended Taren, and learned that he hoped to overthrow their leader Caellich and marry princess Laethwen. The two men unwittingly became the pawns of Deraegis who seeked to cause the people to revolt against Caellich so that he could rule. To this end, he blinded Taren, causing the people to protest. Taren, Atom, and Laethwen escaped the arena and fled into the jungles where they reunited with the rebels [ 143 ]. Knowing his end is near, Taren turned over leadership of the rebels to Atom, and perished while the group fled an united states army of carnivorous ants. Atom and Laethwen soon fell in love with each other. Atom led the warriors on to Moralaidh to launch a revolution [ 144 ]. In the final examination battle, both Caellich and Deraegis were slain, but not before Deraegis activated an old asterisk drive powered by a white gnome star fragment. Attempting to save his newly adopted people, Ray dived into the plant to try and stop the reactor from exploding. however the white star radiotherapy caused him to grow as it irradiated him and smashed his way through. Growing to near human acme, Ray frightened the people away before the reactor exploded. Restored to his normal stature and in a delirium caused by radiation sickness exposure, Ray passed out and was found by rescuers. Waking up in the hospital, Ray came to realize that he no longer had an interest in returning to his old liveliness and had moved on from Jean. Having learned that Jean had come to South America looking for him, he decided to finalize their divorce and try to find Laethwen again [ 145 ]. Returning to Ivy Town to settle his affairs, Ray realized that there was no way to rekindle his romance with Jean. In repairing his size change belt, Ray found that the march of shrinking caused him great pain due to his assimilation of massive amounts of white gnome radiation and feared that constantly changing his size would finally kill him. Finalizing his divorce with Jean, Ray put his money in an excursion back to South America, taking along with him writer Norman Brawler to chronicle the experience. The two men ran afoul of drug dealers and Ray shrunk down to Atom, giving up his normal altitude apparently for the last time to help destroy the drug operation. Finding the Moralaidh kin and being reunited with Laethwen, Ray left Norman to find his own way back. Norman late published the narrative in a bible called The Atom’s Farewell, which became a best seller [ 146 ]. Ray led Laethwen ‘s people in building a modern New Moralaidh and rebuilding the alien societies ‘ lost engineering. He and Laethwen would become marry as well. however, his past life could not stay away, as after Jean married Paul Hoben, the newly weds cleared out Ray ‘s lab and she unintentionally shrunk herself. In ordering to restore her to her normal height, Paul had Norman Brawler lead him and Jean to Ray. however, along the way, Jean was captured by minions the of maverick drawing card Torgul who had captured many of the Moralaidhian women including Laethwen. Ray led a mission to rescue the appropriate women, which ended in Torgul ‘s death, and the exemption of his people. With Jean restored to her convention acme, Ray and Laethwen wished them farewell, Ray leaving Paul with his erstwhile size changing belt [ 147 ].

Ray remained New Moralaidh ‘s champion, but sometimes returned to aid his old allies in the Justice League of America .
When the evil Anti-Monitor attempted to destroy the entire multiverse, his opposing wedge the Monitor sacrificed his life to shunt the five surviving realities into limbo. however they were lento merging together causing chaos on all worlds and threatening their end in the process [ 148 ]. Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth-Three and the Harbinger gathered heroes and villains from all realities in an try to rally their support in saving what was left of the multiverse. Atom was among their numbers and agreed to aid in the feat [ 149 ]. Ray was called in to examine the Red Tornado, who was recaptured by the heroes following a drawn-out enslavement under the Anti-Monitor who converted the android into an locomotive of destruction. however, despite the best efforts of the Atom and T.O. Morrow, the Red Tornado self-destruct, causing massive damage to the JLA Satellite, and apparently destroying the Red Tornado [ 150 ]. later on in the Crisis, when a connect group of super-villains from each surviving world attempted to conquer each earth, Atom was among a group of super-heroes dispatched to Earth-S to attempt to quell the resurrect in that world [ 151 ]. Although the heroes there were made prisoner, the Atom was depart of a counter attack of heroes that were n’t captured, and succeeded in freeing Billy Batson, allowing the male child to change into Captain Marvel and turn the tides of the battle [ 152 ] .

Changes Caused by Crisis on Infinite Earths

Following the frustration of the Anti-Monitor, the surviving parallel worlds were combined to create a raw population. While much of the Atom ‘s Pre-Crisis history remains the lapp, many of his by adventures may have been altered or erased from being wholly. In particular, Atom ‘s encounters with Hawkman may be different ( if they still exist ) given the across-the-board changes of Hawkman ‘s origins. The Thanagarian Katar Hol is replaced in Post-Crisis history with Earth native Carter Hall the Hawkman once from Earth-Two. In summation, due to the massive changes in the histories of his companion JLA colleagues Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, the Atom ‘s history may have been altered by proxy and many of his adventures alongside these heroes are no longer partially of history. In addition, many of the adventures that the Atom had with the Justice League of America that involved traveling to early universes, peculiarly their encounters with the Justice Society of America on Earth-Two, likely no longer exist, or if they do, in a vastly different manner such that the multiversal threat was plainly a menace to a individual unite population. last, the Atom ‘s encounters with his Earth-Two counterpart may no farseeing be part of history, or if they are, they have been altered in such a way to accommodate the impression that these adventures only happened in a individual universe as opposed to having occurred on Earth-One and Earth-Two .


Revised Origins

See Secret Origins ( volume 2 ) # 29

power of the Atom

The Katarthans and their village were soon wiped out by a atrocious ardor and the Atom returned to Ivy Town, lone to find that one of his friends had written a record exposing Ray ‘s secret identity in his absence. [ 153 ] [ 154 ] After battling respective foes, such as Strobe, Humbug, and Swarm, Ray learned that a uranium Government agency had engineered the end of the Katarthans, in order to induce his return to the States. [ 155 ] He avenged the Katarthans by permanently reducing the agents creditworthy for the massacre to six inches in altitude. [ 156 ] Ray returned to Ivy Town equitable retentive enough to bid his friends farewell, and then briefly went into hide .

Suicide Squad

The shriveled agents, now calling themselves the Micro Squad, vowed revenge on Ray. Ginsburg, one of their number, made an attempt on Ray ‘s animation, but died in the undertake. Ray approached Amanda Waller, who convinced him to fake his own death and secretly join the espionage whole known as the Suicide Squad. [ 157 ] As a separate of this mission, Ray went clandestine and Adam Cray served in the Suicide Squad as the newly Atom. Adam was killed by Blacksnake and Ray resumed the function of the Atom. [ 158 ] Later still, he joined the then-current Justice League on a semi-active basis. [ 159 ]

adolescent Titans

Al Pratt, the original Atom, died during a battle against Extant in Zero Hour. [ 160 ] During this consequence, Ray was besides hit with a blast of chrono-energy that de-aged him into a youth again. [ 161 ] He would go on to become a extremity of the Teen Titans .

identity crisis

In time, Ray and Jean were able to be friends again. In the divorce she had received half of his patents. As a gesture of friendship, Jean decided to sign them back to him. fiddling did he know that this was but one of many facets to Jean ‘s deadly scheme to win Ray bet on. Since their divorce, Jean had somehow become seriously perturb and believed that the lone direction to be reunited with Ray was to force the issue. incredibly, she devised an elaborate plan to endanger Sue Dibny, wife of Elongated Man, Ralph Dibny. Jean was privy to the fact that every year on her birthday, Ralph would be absent solving a custom-tailored mystery devised by Sue. She bypassed the Dibnys ‘ security by shrinking down and traveling via the telephone lines into their home. She then entered Sue ‘s torso and obstructed the blood flow to her brain. To cover up this testify, Jean scorched Sue ‘s body. [ 162 ] Jean knew that this event would send all the heroes scrambling to protect their love ones and—hopefully—drive Ray back into her arms. jean employed two other schemes to cover her tracks. First, she faked an undertake on her life [ 163 ] ; then she hired Captain Boomerang to kill Robin ‘s don Jack Drake. She supplied Drake with a gun to defend himself, hoping that Boomerang would be killed and that everyone would believe he was Sue ‘s killer a well. finally, Dr. Mid-Nite ‘s autopsy of Sue ‘s body revealed the truth, and the Atom himself elicited a confession from Jean after she unwittingly spilled the beans when asking about a letter sent to Jack along with the gun. Ray managed to put two and two in concert, because Batman had taken the letter away from the crime scene flush before the patrol arrived, so entirely he and the Leaguers were supposed to know of its being. She was promptly admitted to Arkham Asylum [ 164 ]. With Jean ‘s captivity, Ray was overwhelmed with despair, and shrank endlessly until he vanished wholly into a microscopic or subatomic world. Ray ‘s bequest would continue on with Ryan Choi utilizing a version of his costume and shrinking device to become the current Atom for a short time .


During the miss class following the events known as the second Crisis, Palmer ‘s engineering was employed by Supernova to shrink and grow in size in ordain to enter and exit the bottle city of Kandor. Ray took refuge the Nanoverse, and met a young mystic who told him about the new reform being of the Multiverse. He traveled through different realities and found himself in Earth-51, where the heroes had eradicated supercrime and created a utopian land. There he witnessed his Earth-51 counterpart ‘s death and took his function in this world, including marrying this global ‘s jean Loring. While there he studied much about his Earth-51 counterpart and discovered that he never became the Atom, though he acted as a scientist adviser to the Earth-51 Justice League. besides, this Ray was gifted with the ability to be immune to all kinds of diseases and viruses. furthermore, the Earth-51 Palmer had worked on preventing the deadly Morticoccus Virus, and knowing that in every reality of the Multiverse, there is baneful gamble that the virus would appear, he decided to travel the Multiverse and inoculate the inhabitants of each population with his immune system. Realizing the importance of his counterpart ‘s exploit, Ray carried on Earth-51 Ray ‘s exercise and traveled to different worlds, inoculating each denizen of every earth with a resistor to the Morticoccus Virus. unbeknown to Ray, the Monitors and the Challengers from Beyond ( Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy, Jason Todd and Bob the Monitor ) were scouring the reform Multiverse for him as they believe that he may be the one to prevent a catastrophe known as the Great Disaster. finally the Challengers discovered him and learned about his history on Earth-51. Shortly afterwards, Bob reveals his purpose to kill Ray. With the Challengers ‘ aid, Ray escaped but witnessed the end of his Earth-51 friends and his understudy wife. Despite what the Challengers were told by the Monitors, Ray revealed to them that it was the Ray Palmer of Earth-51 who was meant to stop the Great Disaster. After joining the Challengers, teaming up with Jimmy Olsen, Forager, Harley Quinn, Holly Robinson, Mary Marvel, and Firestorm on Apokolips, Ray discovers that Karate Kid was infected with the Morticoccus Virus. Following the damages to the satellite by the Pied Piper and Brother Eye, Ray secretly eavesdropped on Monitor Solomon and Darkseid, learning that Darkseid wanted to remake reality and Solomon wanted the Great Disaster to happen. Alerted by this, Ray returned to the others and was pressured into curing Karate Kid. Ray and the others were then teleported back to the reconstructed Earth-51, to seek boost aesculapian attention from Project Cadmus ; however, by the time they got to Cadmus, Karate Kid was already dead. Ray helped the scientists at Cadmus to find a bring around to the Morticoccus Virus after the virus was released to the world. [ 165 ] Despite everything he had done, the Great Disaster prevailed, forcing Ray and his friends to return to their land. [ 166 ] After returning to their populace, Jimmy Olsen was kidnapped by Mary Marvel, who had been corrupted by Darkseid. [ 167 ] Ray hitched a drive from within Jimmy. When Darkseid took manipulate of Jimmy ‘s powers, Ray located and shut down the control sphere inside Jimmy ‘s genius, but was then swarmed by Apokoliptan antibodies. While escaping this attack, Ray discovered the “ barrage ” containing the New God spirit energies. [ 168 ] Ray removes it from Jimmy ‘s drumhead and shatters it, releasing the energies. [ 169 ] Ray subsequently ( after much cajoling ) joined Donna, Kyle, and Forager in their new mission as margin guards to the Multiverse, realizing that there is nothing bequeath for him on New Earth anymore. [ 170 ] however, Palmer returns to New Earth one more prison term, upon realizing that his old bane Chronos had taken his identity to mislead a young hypocrite, Ryan Choi. After helping his successor to once again save Ivy Town, he returns to the Multiverse with a new sense of fulfillment, leaving his township in the hands of a modern, capable hero. [ 171 ] During the Final Crisis, Ray returned to New Earth and worked with Choi again to help evacuate the death barren humans. [ 172 ]

Blackest Night

During the events of the Blackest Night, Ray asks Hawkman to visit his wife Jean Loring ‘s sculpt, to honor her as a fall member of the community, but Hawkman refuses ascribable to her murdering Sue Dibny. [ 173 ] Ray late called Hawkman again, over the call ( unaware that his ally has been killed and resurrected as a Black Lantern ). Atom was then invited to visit Carter in order to discuss his grief over his wife, when the asleep Carter actually planned on killing him. [ 174 ] Arriving at Carter ‘s family, he was attacked by the Black Lantern Hawkman and Hawkgirl, and only escaped by miniaturizing himself and hiding in Carter ‘s Black Lantern Ring. Ray did a exhaustive exploration of the ring, discovering that it was nothing like Hal Jordan ‘s baron surround, alternatively made of dark matter with micro-wormholes sending energy to an nameless reference. Jumping out, he helped Hal and Barry Allen fight off the Black Lantern Justice Leaguers, with his compassion attracting the Black Lantern Dibnys. Ralph mocked Ray for placid being love with Jean after she killed Sue, but the two Dibny Lanterns were destroyed by the Indigo Tribe, the wielders of the indigo idle of compassion, then teleporting the three living Leaguers to the Hall of Justice, where they met up with Firestorm Jason Rusch and Mera. After Indigo-1, drawing card of the Indigo Tribe, explained that the Black Lanterns were expressions of darkness which considered the living to be invaders, Barry and Hal pointed out that Ralph and Sue had no chemical reaction to each others ‘ attack, leading Ray to conclude that the Black rings were some sort of organic computer that rebooted the body without restoring their essences. Before they could plan a proper counter-attack, the Black Lantern League arrived and attacked, and the Indigo Tribe teleported Hal away, leaving Ray, Barry, and Mera without a means to efficaciously fight the Black Lanterns. [ 175 ] Ray was about turned into a Black Lantern by a animate Batman, but was ultimately protected by an unknown pull. Ganthet inducts him into the Indigo Tribe as a deputy for his impregnable compassion. [ 176 ] Indigo-1 claimed that she can teleport the armies of each Lantern Corps onto Earth, if given clock to meditate, so the province falls to Ray to protect her while she does so. Before she enters her capture, she revealed to Ray that the anil staff and his submerge compassion allows him to mimic the other powers of the Lantern Corps ; she demonstrates this by temporarily becoming a bolshevik Lantern and vomiting caustic rake all over an attack company of Black Lanterns. She then enters her trance, while Ray fights off Black Lanterns Hawkman and Hawkgirl by temporarily becoming an Orange Lantern, forte proclaiming “ I want my friends back ! ” He then summons two orange energy duplicates of Khufu and Chay-Ara to help him fight off his and Indigo-1 ‘s attackers. He is concisely successful, but then Jean shows up to torment him, and leaped into Indigo-1 ‘s ring. Ray followed her, and ended up reliving Sue Dibny ‘s death, and was then attacked by diverse Black Lantern Morlaidhans, the minuscule race he befriended during his clock in the Amazon hobo camp years ahead. He fought them off and — summoning the powers of a green Lantern — destroy Jean. Indigo-1 managed to summon the assorted armies and thanks Ray for his serve. He told her to keep his participation in the deployment of the troops a clandestine, and asked that she help him find a way to legitimately resurrect Hawkman and Hawkgirl. [ 177 ] Incomplete
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Ray Palmer is a hard-working, consecrated serviceman. In fact, “ dedicated ” is barely the word for it ; “ drive ” is a little closer to the truth. once Ray starts working on a trouble or puzzle, there is absolutely no stopping him. This single-minded pursuit of his goals is more than a small creditworthy for Ray ‘s shatter marriage, though it has occasionally come in handy to Ray the crime combatant. In cattiness of his obsessiveness, Ray is a healthy hero and a likable human being.


  • Microscopic Stability: For some reason, Ray’s physiology allows him to not explode when he is miniaturized unlike other living things which explode after a short time of being miniaturized.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Ray’s an Olympic-level gymnast and an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.[178] Due to Ray being a part of the Justice League of America, they taught him how to fight in the early stages of being a member.[179]
    • Judo: Ray Palmer often finds himself in situation where physical violence become necessary. As such, he has developed a proficiency in the martial art judo.[180]
  • Physics: Dr. Palmer has a Ph.D. in physics and was a full professor at Ivy University.
  • Swordsmanship: The Atom used a long sword as a weapon while living among the Katarthans, gaining considerable skill in its use.
  • Acrobatics: The Flash has stated that he’s not as nearly as agile the Atom.[181]

other Characteristics

  • Missing Hand (Formerly): During the events of Convergence, he allowed Baracuda to cut off his left hand to save Ryan Choi from the miniverse.[182]


  • Bio-Belt: Originally, Ray’s size/weight controls were located in his belt buckle.[183] However, he later moved them to his gloves for greater accessibility and swifter transitions,[184] and in the costume he wore after his days in New Morlaidh, had an encepholpathic grid in his mask that allowed him to do it mentally.[185]
    • Size Alteration: Able to shrink his body to varying degrees (including the subatomic level), achieved by storing most of his mass in a pocket dimension.[185] As the Atom, Ray can assume any size from his normal six-foot stature down to sub-microscopic, although he generally deems a height of six inches as most functional.
    • Mass Alteration: Able to instantly alter his molecular density to whatever degree he desires. Ray can also assume any weight at any height—up to his full 180 pounds.
    • Flight: He is able to glide on air currents and stiff breezes. A favorite travel method Ray had, was to call some location on the telephone; when the intended phone answered, he could shrink down enough to literally travel through the phone lines in seconds to emerge out of the answering phone.
    • Superhuman Strength: By shifting all his mass into his fists he can punch with incredible force.
    • Dimensional Travel: Ray found out that by shrinking beyond the subatomic scale he could slip beneath reality at the quantum level to traverse around the multiverse at will.[186]


  • Katarthan’s Sword: The Atom used a long sword as a weapon while living among the Katarthans, gaining considerable skill in its use.
  • Indigo Tribe Staff: (Formerly)

  • The Atom’s civilian identity was included by Julius Schwartz as a homage to the notorious science fiction editor Raymond A. Palmer.
  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC’s Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character’s Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • Manitou Raven acknowledges Ray as a warrior. [187]
  • Ray cannot travel through cell phone connections without paying a great physical toll. In Power of the Atom #1, the Atom was transduced into microwaves and bounced off a satellite; and when he reached his destination, he was comatose and only three feet tall. The second time he travelled as microwaves in a cell phone network was in Power of the Atom #16 and he was not able to stand for a few moments.


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