‘The Batman’: 10 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Editor ‘s note : The following contains The Batman spoilers.With Matt ReevesThe Batman starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz last out for all to enjoy, and now available on HBO Max, there ’ s a draw to dig through for fans in its three-hour run. This means that there are enough of Easter Eggs you may have missed. But to make things easily, we ’ ve managed to note down 10 Easter eggs that hint at exciting things to come .

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The Arrival of Harvey Dent

The Batman Threatening Penguin Image via Warner Bros While the man with Two Faces didn ’ t show up in the beginning Matt Reeves Batman film, we did get two supporting players with potent ties to it. Actors Max and Charlie Carver worked in security at the Penguin ’ mho club and were featured in multiple scenes in the film. The fact that two, not very bright characters are identical twins probable means that they are Max and Min, two henchmen of Two-Face ’ sulfur from Batman: The Animated Series. The Batman introducing elements of the Batman : The Animated Series into exist natural process international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine deoxyadenosine monophosphate curious as some may think considering the movie ’ s popular “ I am vengeance, ” cable was first used in the inspire show. Plus, We ’ ve get great storylines like Mr. Freeze ’ randomness, and characters like Harley Quinn that have become partially of pop acculturation due to the popularity of the show. Which makes Max and Min harbingers of Two-Face ’ s at hand arrival, if not equitable a cagey Easter egg .


HUSH Refrence Screencap From 'The Batman' In one of the more lurid parts of the movie, The Riddler reveals that The Waynes were indirectly involved in the murder of diarist Edward Elliot and his wife after the diarist seemed hell-bent on exposing Martha Wayne as an Arkham american samoa well her battle with mental illness. This constrained Thomas Wayne to ask Carmine Falcone ( John Turturro ) to pressure Edward Elliot to leave them alone, however what Thomas wasn ’ thymine mindful was the length Carmine was willing to go, murdering the Elliots to have something on the Waynes. This is important because the comics have gone on to establish Thomas Elliot as a key adversary for The Dark Knight .


Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman With so much of the plot focusing on Batman : earth One ’ s central Arkham storyline, it makes arrant feel that one of the approaching HBO Max spinoffs ’ is set in Arkham Asylum. The film ties into the Earth One lore of Martha being an Arkham and besides lays the foundation for Arkham Asylum as a likely hotbed for future criminal activeness with The Riddler seen interacting with the Joker. This could hint at developments to come for the Arkham Asylum picture which Reeves has stated is horror in nature, and could even lay foundation for future villains to come from the Asylum .


the batman police station escape image Image via Warner Bros. This one is arguably easier to spot than some other nods to the Batman rogues veranda, with Barry Keoghan ’ s take on the Joker coming up towards the goal of the film. In the scene we see Riddler in Arkham Asylum, talking and ultimately laughing with a mate inmate. Although Keoghan ’ mho voice and the fiddling that we see of him, doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate amply resemble the Joker we all know and love, according to Matt Reeves, that ’ s identical much intentional. When talking to Collider, Reeves spoke about the scene and added that there was another scene where Batman initially spoke to this universe ’ second Joker. Reeves besides established that in this iteration of the Joker, he is calm in prepubescent stages of his Joker transformation and hasn ’ t become the ultimate formidable enemy he is in the comics .

Bat Tech

the-batman-movie-image-(9)-1 Image via Warner Bros. Those who are familiar with the Batman games or have read the comics know that The World ’ s Greatest Detective is aided by his Wayne Technology equipment. The movie features this through the BatMobile a satiny but advanced car able of withstanding shock and imperativeness to it and besides apparently fireproof, all of which was shown in the car chase with Penguin. Another cool appliance is the lens that Batman uses which could be a nod to the Arkham games is his contact lenses. While there international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine any direct amusing book link to the contacts, in both the Batman games and the comics, Batman ’ randomness hood has featured a calculator central processing unit much like in the contacts, that connects to the Batcomputer and decodes information in real time. The film ’ south concenter on Arkham, coupled with this style of Bat engineering points to the charm of the popular Batman Arkham Knight crippled series on the movie .
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Selina’s Story

The-Batman-Movie-Selina-Kyle-Catwoman-Zoe-Kravitz Image via Warner Bros. There ’ s a set that ’ s mined from the comics in the film, with the first time Batman tracks her down being an about carbon copy of the frames in Batman: Year One. Her church father being Carmine Falcone is besides evocative of the ill-famed Long Halloween comics where she learns that she is Falcone ’ south bastard daughter. Her hassle with Falcone in the second act, where she scratches his face is straight out of Batman : Year One excessively. Her arc closes with her deciding to leave Gotham to move to Bludhaven, a township best known for being Dick Grayson ’ s fresh home when he becomes Nightwing .


the-batman lies Image via Warner Bros. Although the film never established Bane as a preexistent terror in Gotham, we got our inaugural search at Venom in the third gear act when an about defeated Batman injects himself with an epinephrine boosting meaning. comic book fans would know that this very Venom is what fuel Bane and is seen coursing through the pipes to his veins .

The Long Halloween

the-batman-dc-fandome-trailer-social-featured Image via Warner Bros. In addition to Batman: Earth One and Year One comics being key inspirations, one major influence on the movie is The Long Halloween, a celebrated graphic novel that turned Batman ’ s crusade against his rogues into a whodunnit detective story. This falls in pipeline with the detective noir Batman in Matt Reeves film and given that both stories start in Halloween, this seems to be a wink to the reference material it borrows from. A major plot point it borrows from the classic story, is Carmine Falcone ’ s operation. In the movie, the criminal recalls how Thomas Wayne once saved his life at Wayne Manor and how Bruce saw that as a child .

Penguin’s Future

the batman penguin Colin Farrell Image via WB Oz ‘ The Penguin ’ has retentive been a fastness of the Batman mythology but the movie ’ sulfur grounded take on the character doesn ’ metric ton see him donning his monocle or carrying his obligatory umbrella. however, following the car chase fit we do see him walk with a bit of a limp which is the introduction of his celebrated Penguin base on balls and most likely hints at future developments to come for the character. The movie besides hints that he will become the condemnable genius he is in the comics towards the end when we see Oz staring out at the distraught Gotham and realizing that it is now up for grabs with Falcone off the photograph .

The Great Flood

the batman riddler image Image via Warner Bros. Another nod to the comics is in the kind of the flood that Riddler succeeds in creating by blowing up the reservoir and isolating the city from the outside. This is ripped from the pages of Zero Year comics and sees the Riddler succeed in creating a barren in Gotham with early villains competing for and succeeding in grabbing district in Gotham. This include world power players like Mr. Freeze ( a villain that Matt Reeves has expressed interest in ), Two face and Oz. With the HBO Max Penguin serial wholly set to go, we could see this play out in his show before we see it in the films. The animated Harley Quinn series has previously done this storyline quite well, so it should make for some concentrate television receiver .

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