Who is The Batman Who Laughs, DC’s Most Twisted Villain Ever?

For most of DC ‘s retentive publish history, the title of chilling Batman villain belonged to the Joker, but in 2017 writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo introduced a character therefore twist and malefic … he tied makes the Clown Prince of Crime shiver. Though he ‘s a relatively new villain in DC ‘s pantheon, The Batman Who Laughs has already become the greatest force out of evil in the entire Multiverse — a malevolent god powered by nightmares .
It is n’t frequently that a Batman villain can make the hale Justice League wiggle at the very note of their name. Superman villains like Darkseid and Brainiac have conquered worlds for centuries. Wonder Woman villains are literally the stuff of myth. green Lantern villains have entire space armies at their side. But most of Bruce Wayne ‘s foes control a handful of henchmen solo. But the Batman Who Laughs is therefore knock-down that not lone can he kill gods, he can rewrite all of reality into a multiverse-threatening Hellscape .
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Who is the Batman Who Laughs ? First appearing in the concluding page of Dark Days : The Casting in 2017, the Batman Who Laughs is an envoy of DC ‘s Dark Multiverse ; a bunch of unstable worlds created by the nightmares of those living in the Prime Universe above. He represents Batman ‘s ultimate bad case scenario — one where the Joker not alone manages to push the Dark Knight into breaking his non-lethality code, but where he besides lands a “ last laugh ” punchline that forces Bruce to take his place. Batman has always suspected that his arch nemesis secretly had a contingency design that would release on the moment of his death, and in a colored reality known as Earth -22 the scenario actually plays out. Bruce Wayne becomes the Batman Who Laughs — a wind amalgam of Batman and Joker decked out in leather and a spike metallic bill that allows him to see the worst versions of anyone he gazes upon .

On his broken homeworld within the Dark Multiverse, the Batman Who Laughs is born the here and now Bruce loses control and snaps Joker ‘s neck. Within three days of becoming infected he gunned down his own syndicate inside the Batcave. Within a week he massacred the wholly Justice League, going a army for the liberation of rwanda as infecting Superman and his son with a singular form of black kryptonite that causes them to murder Lois Lane before succumbing to death themselves. After conquering his delusive earth, he was visited by an ancient bat-god named Barbatos, who promised to give Batman ‘s nightmare-doppelgänger the ability to spread his exponent across worlds previously unknown .
To in full understand the motives behind the Batman Who Laughs, one needs to first understand Barbatos. Known as the Dragon of the World Forge, Barbatos was tasked eons ago with the burden of dragging fluid worlds ( the ones made of pure nightmare fuel ) devour into the obliviousness known as the Dark Multiverse, where they can be re-imagined into fresh new realities by a Titan-like being named Alpheus the World Forger. Described as a huge ocean of roiling hypothesis, the Dark Multiverse was where Alpheus brewed all the hopes and fears of Earth-Prime into raw worlds that ( if worthy ) would ascend into the greater Multiverse. All was well in the cosmos until the Titan was murder at the hands of his minion Barbatos, who had become toast with the euphoria of destruction. This caused the fail worlds already sunken below the Multiverse to rot and decay far beyond their intended lifespans — frankincense leading into DC ‘s mega-crisis event series Dark Nights : metal .
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not satisfied with killing his godhead, Barbatos decided to destroy the positive-matter universes above deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. Using Batman as a portal to Earth Prime ( the nexus of the Multiverse ) the bat-god dispatched his baleful envoy, the Batman Who Laughs, to conquer all reality. Gifted with powers from the anti-matter universe and a League of twist Dark Knights to serve at his command, the Batman Who Laughs went wide Hellraiser on Earth-Prime, transforming villains such as Poison Ivy, Riddler, and Bane into sadistic demigods. Cities like Gotham, Metropolis, and Central City were re-imagined into terrifying landscapes worthy of Heavy Metal album covers. The wails of pain and suffer from Earth-Prime were like chorus music to the bat-god ‘s ears, and the Batman Who Laughs was its devilishly conductor .

Though the Batman Who Laughs is barely the only DC villain to kickoff a universe-threatening crisis, he ‘s one of the few Batman villains to do it on such an enormous scale. He struck Earth Prime with all the ferocity of Darkseid, but on the cosmic scale of the Anti-Monitor. And though he was finally brought down by the improbable team-up of Batman and the Joker, the Dark Knight of the Dark Multiverse was barely down for the count. In fact, his get the better of at the end of Dark Nights : Metal only made him stronger. To reverse the damage done by Barbatos and his minion, the Justice League armed themselves with a divine metallic element known as Element X, which returned Earth to its early state, but besides cracked a hole in the Source Wall, unwittingly releasing an evening more ancient and brawny goddess of Chaos .
not retentive after his kill, the Batman Who Laughs hatched a new outline — first attempting to turn all of Gotham ‘s citizens into an united states army of Jokerized monsters, and former secretly infecting Commissioner Gordon and several stand-in members of the Justice League with batarangs corrupted with Dark Metal. And to further twit Batman, his Jokerized clone left a trail of dead Bruce Waynes from worlds where the Caped Crusader hung up his costume to live a convention animation. The ordeal forced the Dark Knight from Earth Prime to face his worst fear, becoming Jokerized himself. Through sheer force of will ( and the sexual love and support of his trusty butler ) Bruce defeated his dark observation without succumbing to the infection. But once again, the Batman Who Laughs returned with a vengeance .
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Since the raving mad conclusion of Dark Nights : alloy, Scott Snyder has been building up to an event that DC has promised to be the crisis to end all crises — an “ Anti-Crisis. ” And at the center of this whirlpool is Snyder ‘s writhe universe, the Batman Who Laughs. Though the initial invasion of Nightmare Batmen failed, their fire on the Prime Universe unwittingly released Perpetua — a goddess that feeds off the power of crisis energy. Superman villain and former US president Lex Luthor attempted to harness the exponent of Perpetua for himself ( as seen in DC ‘s year of the Villain link event ), but had his might usurped by none other than the Batman Who Laughs. To add diss to injury, Lex was very specifically warned by the Joker to not trust the villain from the Dark Multiverse, going so army for the liberation of rwanda as to rage-quit the Legion of Doom in the most Joker way potential .
Batman Who Laughs

With a new malefic passkey to serve, the Batman Who Laughs does n’t barely transform land Prime into the stuff of nightmares, he does it to the entire Multiverse. And not even getting chainsawed to death by Wonder Woman was adequate to bring down the ultimate agent of chaos this round. Having his Alfred confederate implant his brain into the consistency of a Dr. Manhattan ringer of Bruce Wayne ( Batmanhattan ), the Batman Who Laughs finally reached godhood, declaring himself The Darkest Knight. The Batman Who Laughs does n’t just surpass early DC villains on a sheer power tied, he ‘s a actual god of nightmares. When Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo were tasked by DC to create an apocalyptic “ iniquity crisis ” event, they took it as an opportunity to design a character indeed wrench, he makes all other crisis villains look tame. More importantly, he may be ushering in an end to DC ‘s “ crisis earned run average ” wholly. Snyder and Capullo ‘s latest batman Who Laughs consequence Dark Nights : Death Metal combines all of DC ‘s prior crises into one giant star storyline .
Both DC and its rival Marvel have been accused of overusing massive, universe-shattering plotlines to push expensive link books and one-shots on its readers, but given how unstable the comic script marketplace as been of late, it makes sense that publishers would continue to saturate the market with larger than life “ ca n’t miss ” disasters. But whether or not the Batman Who Laughs  heralds an conclusion to DC ‘s cringle of infinite crises, it will be heavily for future writers to top Snyder and Capullo ‘s twist initiation .
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