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James Shooter, Mike Zeck


Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars # 1
( January, 1984 )
Quote1.png  I pretend nothing ! I am supreme ! ! In my native kingdom I WAS the universe ! Quote2.png




The being known as the Beyonder is, in fact, a young member of an ancient nonnatural race known as the Beyonders. [ 3 ] He was dragged to Earth by the super-villains geniuses group Intel by a tachyon beam mean to attract a Vibranium meteorite. [ 4 ] The Beyonder observed Earth for a count of years and was fascinated to discover that the beings living within Earth ‘s reality were not each a creation complete unto themselves. Within his universe the Beyonder was complete ; indeed he was all of his reality. As a consequence, he was naturally surprised to discover that Earth ‘s beings were merely a separate of a greater solid making up their universe ; one that was itself but a penis of a larger solicitation of universes, possibly of infinite extent, called a multiverse ! Hence, each sentient being on Earth was, in the Beyonder ‘s singular orient of view, inherently “ incomplete ” and thereby [ he assumed ] must strive to find some way to remedy its incompleteness. For this rationality the Beyonder decided that the driving coerce of all sentient beings must be desire—an emotional state previously nameless to him—which manifested itself as a longing to grow ; to be ; to evolve into something that one is presently not in regulate to achieve a feel of completeness. indeed, upon the realization that he ( as he heretofore think ) was not all that existed, he began to view himself as incomplete, and, as a result, found that he excessively immediately feel desire. [ 5 ] To investigate the nature of desire, the Beyonder undertook an experiment. assorted adventurers based on Earth, most of them possessing superhuman powers, including the Hulk, Spider-Man, [ 6 ] and members of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men, went to New York City ‘s Central Park to investigate an enormous round construct which had materialized in the park ‘s Sheep Meadow. Upon entering the construct, the adventurers ( angstrom well as the construct itself ) were teleported to an area of space-time near a galaxy far from the vicinity of Earth ‘s. similarly, a large total of costume criminals, including the Absorbing Man, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, the Enchantress, Kang, the Lizard, the Molecule Man, Ultron, the Wrecker and the rest of the Wrecking Crew, ampere well as the planet-devourer Galactus, found themselves in another construct within this same sphere of space-time. Aboard the constructs the passengers watched in fear as the galax nearest to them was annihilated by an unobserved force, except for a single star. then, before their eyes, a planet, which became known as Battleworld, was created to orbit that star. finally, a rift opened in space-time, from which poured a blind light, and the passengers within the constructs heard a voice telling them, “ I am from beyond ! Slay your enemies and all you desire shall be yours ! nothing you dream of is impossible for me to accomplish ! ” The passengers were then sent to Battleworld. [ 7 ] There, over the next respective days, they engaged in a “ unavowed war ” amongst themselves ; most of the criminals sought to destroy the heroic verse adventurers in regulate to gain the respect that the Beyonder had promised. [ 8 ] In the run of the “ confidential war, ” Doctor Doom used technical means to steal the Beyonder ‘s apparently unlimited exponent and absorbed it into himself. [ 9 ] Too weakened to strike back against Doom, the Beyonder secretly took possession of the consistency of Klaw, [ 10 ] who had been resurrected on Battleworld [ 11 ] after his seeming end by Dazzler. [ 12 ] The Beyonder took control condition of Klaw ‘s subconscious mind heed and thus motivated him to encourage Doom ‘s fears of his superhuman opponents in the “ secret war ” a well as playing upon Doom ‘s own deep-rooted doubts over his ability to control his newly gained powers. The Beyonder besides had Klaw persuade Doom to grant him share of his power. then, when Doom was struggling to control it during a struggle with Captain America, the Beyonder left Klaw ‘s body and reclaimed his full world power. The Beyonder then vanished, and the participants in the “ secret war ” returned to the diverse places from which they had been transported. [ 10 ] Charles Xavier had initially planned to use his powers to make everyone fall asleep and therefore to buy both him and Reed Richards meter to formulate an elude design, but did not because of a justifiable fear of the Beyonder ‘s wrath. however, he immediately sensed a strange mental presence and attempted to mind-scan the Beyonder, revealing him as one of the Inhumans previously ruled over by companion Illuminati penis Black Bolt. The apparent mysterious behind the Beyonder ‘s apparently divine abilities was besides deduced by Xavier. [ 13 ] Months by and by, the Beyonder arrived on Earth to continue his study of world and of desire. He had never possessed a true form of his own ahead, but now he created for himself a physical mannequin that resembled a composite of the bodies of assorted participants in the “ secret war, ” in order that he could walk amongst humanness and fulfill his own desire for feel in this populace. Next he gave himself a body identical to that of the Molecule Man. To study the effects of enabling person to fulfill his fantasies, the Beyonder transformed television receiver writer Stewart Cadwall into the armored Thundersword. Cadwall ran amok in his new identity, and was opposed and defeated by versatile costume adventurers. [ 5 ] subsequently, the Beyonder gave himself a body identical to that of Captain America. [ 14 ] He thereafter encountered a count of costumed adventurers, but found it difficult to understand — even to relate to — guidance offered him about the nature of life by some of them. The Beyonder then met an hell figure named Vinnie, whom, seeking to make function of his superhuman powers, became his “ steer ” to the world. Under Vinnie ‘s influence the Beyonder sought wealth, pleasure, and office over others. He further altered his physical appearance, giving himself black curly hair and maintained this imprint for most of the rest of his universe on Earth. [ 1 ]

The Beyonder last parted company with Vinnie, and used his powers to take dispatch restraint of every mind and even the very atoms making up the count on Earth. however, the Beyonder was dissatisfied with this and found neither pleasure in, nor a detail to, the servitude of others when they were compelled through subterfuge to act like automatons. Hence, he released everyone and everything on land from his restraint ; wiped out even the memories of his conquest of Earth — although he did allow some few of them to retain a obscure recall of it. [ 1 ] The Beyonder continued to experiment with experiencing love affairs with human beings. On a journey to the Andromeda Galaxy to locate the Avengers, he was responsible for the escape of their enemy Nebula. To study the effects of the desire for retaliation, the Beyonder transformed Thor ‘s enemy, the Dark Elf Algrim into the powerful endanger Kurse. He besides saved Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, then known as Talisman, from entrapment in an other-dimensional global. The Beyonder sought to make Alison Blaire ( Dazzler ), his fan, and tied went thus far as to bestow half of his baron upon her so that they would be equals. however, she was not in sleep together with him, and the defeated Beyonder, once more in possession of his full office, parted from her. [ 15 ] now the Beyonder ‘s climate began to change. He found desire a nuisance, and wondered whether he should continue to study it or just return to the Beyond-Realm, where he would feel complete unto himself. He briefly had the young superhuman mutant called Boom-Boom as a companion, and terrified her when he threatened to destroy the entire universe on a notion. She alerted the Avengers as to his threat, and they in turn informed early superhuman champions. [ 16 ] Deciding he could not merely return to the Beyond-Realm and forget that he had ever experienced desire, the Beyonder remained on Earth but fell into despair. The sorcerer Doctor Strange advised him to find a determination in life, and so the Beyonder decided to become a champion of life like Strange himself. He acted as a “ superintendent hero ” both on ground and on other planets, but still seemed uncertain of his role in the population, particularly after Captain America and Mister Fantastic advised him of their fears that humanness would become excessively pendent on the Beyonder to solve their problems for them. Encouraged by his aide, a diarist named Dave, the Beyonder overcame his own doubts. He then obliterated Death itself from the universe, therefore earning the wrath of Mephisto, the “ demonic ” rule of an other-dimensional kingdom of the dead. The Molecule Man, however, convinced the Beyonder that universe was meaningless without death, and so the Beyonder brought Death back into universe by using his power to kill the reporter Dave, who willingly sacrificed his life. [ 17 ] The Beyonder went to a South Seas island to contemplate. While there an united states army of superhuman criminals assembled by Mephisto attacked him, but he was saved by the Thing. Inspired by the Thing ‘s heroism, the Beyonder decided to inspire others in turn to find their true function in life. But, again, the Beyonder used his powers to control the minds of others to do so. After the Puma failed to kill him, he became convinced that he was wasting his time in trying to enlighten others. [ 18 ] Furious, the Beyonder now believed that he had no function in the universe at all, and decided that he would be happier if he destroyed the Multiverse so that he would be alone once more. His powers were feared by the gods themselves. He slaughtered most of the New Mutants and did battle with the Avengers and Rachel Summers, a.k.a. Phoenix. Finally, many of Earth ‘s costume champions joined forces to stop the Beyonder once and for all, but none succeeded. [ 19 ] In an metro sanctum sanctorum deep below the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the Beyonder decided that possibly he could find the contentment he sought by becoming a mortal being. The Beyonder created a huge machine necessary to bring about this transformation and tested it by resurrecting the New Mutants that he had killed earlier. He then turned it on himself therefore becoming a person being with no superhuman powers. He was then ( not amazingly ) immediately confronted again by the revengeful Mephisto. The Beyonder promptly reclaimed his frightful power and immortality, and decided that, in order to protect himself from his foes, he would use the machine to transform himself into a mortal being—but one who still retained his wax power. The Molecule Man and the assembled costume heroes then attacked the Beyonder in his sanctum, but he defeated them all. ultimately, the Beyonder entered the machine and was transformed by it into a mortal baby and which then began transferring the Beyonder ‘s huge ability into this newly created form. The machine was then to quickly old age his baby imprint into an adult and free him. Believing that he must take what seemed to him the only prospect he might have to save the multiverse from being destroyed by the Beyonder finally, the Molecule Man destroyed the machine, thereby killing the baby within. The car ‘s destruction unleashed the Beyonder ‘s titanic energy, which the Molecule Man projected into another dimension. Hence the Beyonder ‘s energy caused the creation of a fresh universe. [ 20 ]

Secret Wars 3

In this universe, the Beyonder was anything and everything. All of the religions therein were warped around him and he was the center of it all. then the Fantastic Four, with the Thing, She-Thing, Human Torch, and Doctor Doom, showed up in his population. This disturbed the Beyonder because he was finally content with his being and wanted to forget about the early population that he had once lived in. After well subduing all of them, he ended up in a fight with the Shaper of Worlds and Kubik. After barely succeeding with the assistant of Molecule Man, he was told that his creation was actually the leave of the creation of a defective Cosmic Cube by the extradimensional Beyonders, and he finally submitted to being reshaped into a Cube, [ 21 ] which evolved into the entity called Kosmos. [ 22 ]


Power Grid[31]


In all of his versions, The Beyonder has the cosmopolitan ability to manipulate reality. [ 23 ] The original Beyonder was considered to be the most brawny being in the multiverse, having power surpassing Cosmic Entities, such as the Living Tribunal and Eternity. [ 17 ] He was capable of causing a multiversal wide end, and took over the integral land with a bare think. He besides had huge psionic abilities, which enabled him to scan the minds of the stallion global, [ 24 ] neutralize psychic probes from knock-down telepaths, [ 25 ] erase the memories about himself from every homo being on the planet, [ 1 ] among other abilities. His cognitive capacity is such that he can assimilate cognition from the entire Multiverse. [ 26 ] He can besides well change states of topic, and has a host of other different powers. He is endowed with superhuman strength of such an extent that it is potentially incalculable. Using his ability to manipulate reality, he can, in effect, regenerate price done to his body by merely will it repaired. extra powers include teleportation, trajectory, the ability to choose his own forcible resistances and attributes, arsenic well as the ability to move others from one place to another via teleportation, such as the heroes and villains he moved through space-time to his ‘Battleworld ‘ reconstruct in the original Secret Wars. however, The Beyonder, went through several retcons, which significantly reduced his power. The retcons made the Beyonder arguably weaker than many Cosmic Entities, but he still retained his virtually infinite world warping powers. implicit in in his near-limitless psionic abilities the Beyonder has the potential to affect reality in a manner that could, in theory, simulate virtually any power .


The Beyonder possesses no implicit in weaknesses, but he was, at one time, stripped of his powers by Doctor Doom in Battleworld and late became mortal through his own devises by investing his world power into a machine. It is possible for the Beyonder to be weakened, albeit by performing such a great feat as destroying a fundamental power of the population such as Death. flush in this submit, however, he was fabulously mighty, having enough forte to at least banish a host of demons rear to Hell in one movement. [ 17 ] The Puma when in perfective harmony with the universe was besides claimed to be able to destroy the Beyonder. The Beyonder besides had to exert himself in battle against the Molecule Man ( who was a multiversal grade entity ), and he was overloaded by the Rachel Summers Phoenix, after which he collapsed on the ground, though lone after granting her enough ability to do so. [ 27 ] Despite this, he was claimed to be either almighty or about almighty on unlike occasions, and to have power millions of times greater than Multiversal scale. similarly, despite claiming to be all-knowing, he had no cognition of the multiverse outside of his own kingdom, and had to learn everything by experience. [ 23 ]


transportation system

Extra-dimensional teleportation using his own ability .



  • The Beyonder modelled his “human” body after Captain America,[29] though he would later change the hairstyle.[1]

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