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Frederick J. “ Fred ” Dukes

Current Alias



[ 1 ] Fatso, [ 2 ] Tubby, [ 2 ] Big man, [ 2 ] Brainless Lummox, [ 2 ] Horseman of Bounty, [ citation needed ] Freddie Dukes [ 3 ]

Fredrick,Fatso,Tubby,Big Man,Brainless Lummox,Freddie Dukes

Affiliation and Relationships


Department X, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Cell, X-Corps, Factor Three, Freedom Force,

Formerly Horsemen of Salvation Defenders ; frequent partner of Unus the Untouchable


Blob (clone, deceased)

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics[42]




( once, after foster mutation ) [ 4 ] 5′10″ (1.78 m) (currently), 8′ (2.44 m) (formerly, after further mutation)


( once, after depowerment ) [ 5 ],
( once, after further mutation ) [ 4 ] 510 lbs (231.33 kg) (currently), 275 lbs (124.74 kg) (formerly, after depowerment) 976 lbs (442.71 kg) (formerly, after further mutation)



  • Brown



Unusual Features

Abnormally obese; formerly excedent skin (depowered form)

Origin and Living Status



Living Status




Place of Birth

Lubbock, Texas

Personal Information




American, Krakoan


Bartender, adventurer; former professional criminal, terrorist, circus performer, federal government special operative, weight loss guru, actor

Base of Operations

Krakoa, Pacific Ocean


Department X Headquarters, New York, Age of X-Man ; Mutant Town, Manhattan, New York City, New York ; Arlington, Virginia Freedom Force HQ, the Pentagon

Creators and Appearances


Stan Lee, Jack Kirby


X-Men # 3
( November, 1963 )
Quote1.png  finally, I was offered a couple of choices – rather like a ‘Heads, you ‘re good, tails you ‘re bad ‘ manage. I chose tails . Quote2.png



early life sentence

Fred Dukes, alias the “ Blob “ is a mutant whose latent superhuman powers manifested themselves when he reached puberty. His major weaknesses were his short temper, lack of foresight, his miss of intelligence, and his easily-manipulated self-esteem. intend of himself as no more than, in his own words, “ an extra-strong freak, ” the Blob used his superhuman mutant powers as a performer in a carnival. [ 2 ]

Meeting the X-Men

The original X-Men came to the carnival in their everyday identities to invite him to meet with their mentor, Professor Charles Xavier. Attracted to the beautiful new X-Man Jean Grey, the Blob accepted, and went with the X-Men to Xavier ‘s Mansion. There, Xavier asked the Blob to join the X-Men, but the Blob arrogantly refused. Xavier then knew he had to use his mental powers to erase the Blob ‘s cognition of the X-Men ‘s on-key identities. But the Blob had no intention of letting this find, and, after fighting the X-Men, escaped back to the carnival. The Blob had learned through meet xavier that he himself was a superhumanly knock-down mutant. Believing himself to be ranking to normal people, the Blob took over the carnival. Knowing that the X-Men considered him dangerous because he knew who they actually were, the Blob decided to strike out at them first base. He led the other members of the carnival on an fire on Xavier ‘s mansion. The Blob hoped to steal whatever scientific discoveries and special weapons that the X-Men might possess and use them against average humans. however, the X-Men defeated the Blob and his allies, and Xavier wiped out their memories of the X-Men. [ 2 ]

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

later, Magneto attempted to recruit the Blob for his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. A austere coke to the promontory restored the Blob ‘s memory of the X-Men, and he joined Magneto ‘s Brotherhood in an attack on them. In the midst of battle, Magneto launched a powerful torpedo at the X-Men, not caring that the Blob was in the way. Torpedoes struck the Blob but did not badly injure him. The Brotherhood escaped, and the Blob, feeling betrayed, affirm never to trust anyone again and returned to his problem with the carnival. [ 6 ] Months later, under the sub-rosa influence of the alien Lucifer, the Blob met another superhumanly mighty mutant, Unus the Untouchable, and the two of them attempted to frame their common enemies, the X-Men, as savings bank robbers. [ 7 ] This was the get down of the Blob ‘s long and near friendship with Unus, which ended entirely with Unus ‘s apparent death respective years by and by. [ 8 ] The two mutants next join Factor Three, an organization of mutants that attempted world conquest. [ 9 ] Blob and Unus became members of a new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants along with Mastermind. [ 10 ] This Brotherhood was subsequently claimed by Magneto as he prepared to create Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant. Alpha turned against the Brotherhood, however, turning Blob and the others into infants. [ 11 ] Months later, the Shi’ar agent Eric the Red restored Magneto to normal on Muir Island. [ 12 ] The radiation he used leaked through and affected Blob and the others as well. They briefly continued operate on as the Brotherhood before splitting up. [ 13 ] finally, the Blob was recruited by Mystique for her new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Although the Blob continued to operate independently of Mystique ‘s arrangement since then, he remained a member of the group. [ 14 ] Mystique soon became aware of the United States government ‘s increasing anti-mutant bodily process, and offered the Brotherhood ‘s services to the government, renaming the group “ Freedom Force. ” The Blob participated in Freedom Force ‘s foremost official mission for the government : the capture of Magneto, his erstwhile drawing card in the original Brotherhood. [ 15 ] As a member of Freedom Force, the Blob was involved in missions that continued to bring him into conflict with superhuman crime fighters, most notably the X-Men, X-Factor, and the Avengers. The Blob enjoyed the fact that he could continue indulging his violent tendencies and fighting his old foes while drawing a government paycheck. however, after a black mission to the Middle East, the politics disbanded Freedom Force, and the Blob was once again a release agent. The Blob soon joined even another version of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, headed up by his old teammate from the original Brotherhood, the Toad. This team was defeated by the criminal mutant hit team called X-Force. The Blob allied himself with another mutant, the Mimic, and battled members of X-Force under the orders of an as yet strange benefactor. [ 16 ] Later, Blob was apparently recruited by Onslaught, who taught him the mass-controlling, quasi-shapeshifting aspects of his powers. Blob by and by got some aid in controlling those powers from Sledge, for which Blob owed him some favors. Months subsequently, Blob was among the mutants comprising the second incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants, who were on a mission to find Professor X then that he could protect them from the rampages of the sentient Cerebro. last, Blob was re-recruited into the Brotherhood by Mystique to take down X-51, the Machine Man. subsequently, he was involved in the group ‘s fail attack to kill Senator Kelly. [ 17 ] Following that mission, Blob was incarcerated but was bounce months late by Multiple Man, who brought him into Banshee ‘s X-Corps. Blob resisted Banshee at first base, but a well-placed sonic scream put him in his place. Thanks to Mastermind ‘s telepathy, his nefarious impulses were controlled, and he functioned as the group ‘s solid homo until Mystique released Mastermind. Blob then attacked his “ desperate ” teammates and was finally put down by Stacy X ‘s pheromone control. [ 18 ] It is unknown whether he was arrested or detained, but months later, after he was “ left out ” of a Brotherhood attack on the X-Men, he appeared in a therapy session with a Dr. Garrison, who advised him to be true to himself. Garrison, himself a mutant with pheromone powers, apparently induced Blob to attack the X-Mansion. needle to say, Blob was defeated, largely by the students, who managed to put him to sleep with telepathy and pheromones. [ 19 ]


While at the Starlite-Casino in Atlantic City, the Blob was one of the thousands of mutants to lose their powers due to the Scarlet Witch ‘s spell. His peel did not shrink to compensate the loss of his bloat batch, however, giving him huge folds of loosen skin all over his body and causing him to become self-destructive. [ 20 ] back in New York, he came to meet, in a back-alley, Sally Floyd who was working on the Ex-Mutant Diaries. unwilling to be interviewed himself, he gave her the tiptoe to investigate the Ravencroft Institute. [ 21 ]

finally coming to blame the government for M-Day, he joined other former mutants in the terrorist X-Cell. After mistakenly getting into a battle with Rictor and Multiple Man and getting in a brassy shoot on Rictor, he stole a cable car. With colleague X-Cell member, Fatale, he attempted to flee, finally hitting an open manhole ( left open earlier in the day by Strong Guy and Wolfsbane ) and causing the car to crash. [ 22 ] After getting rid of his excess hide folds somehow and reinventing himself as system of weights loss guru, actor and reality television leading Freddie Dukes, he was late seen with Magneto as he went to the High Evolutionary about regaining his powers. [ 3 ]


With his powers apparently restored by the MGH produced from Dazzler, [ 23 ] he joined Mystique in her attempts to turn Madripoor into a mutant sanctuary. After hearing that Magneto was besides on the island, Blob welcomed him and brought him to meet Mystique. To Blob ‘s electric shock, however, Magneto reacted violently to the plan, believing that Mystique and the others were traitors to their species, in share due to allowing the use of Mutant Growth Hormone to run rampant in the streets to fund their operations. He heavily injured Blob and the Brotherhood, and left after making their base collapse. [ 24 ] Later Blob was shown checking out the condition of the comatose Dazzler, as he needed more MGH to boost his failing powers, when he was interrupted by Mystique and Sabretooth. [ 23 ]


When Miss Sinister started experimenting with a power-bestowing virus known as Mothervine, she abducted Blob and tested it on him. Fred ‘s unconscious body was left behind by Miss Sinister in her testing ground so that the X-Men would find it when they investigated her activities. [ 25 ] The Blob woke up curtly after Angel and Jimmy Hudson broke into the lab, and he attacked them. During the crusade he manifested a secondary mutant caused by Mothervine, the ability to stretch his body. however, it cursorily went out of control and he painfully melted into a literal blob that went down a drain. [ 26 ] Blob ‘s soundbox was reconstituted, and he appeared aboard many other mutants with junior-grade powers at the serve of Miss Sinister. He helped carry out an attack against Magneto ‘s X-Men to stop them from interfering with Miss Sinister ‘s plans to release Mothervine on a global scale with the aid of an alliance she had formed with Havok, Emma Frost and Bastion. [ 27 ] In the end, Miss Sinister ‘s mutants were defeated by the X-Men and restrained. [ 28 ]

Age of X-Man

In the world created by Nate Grey and a Life Seed, a earth where everyone on Earth was a mutant and relationships were strongly discouraged or illegal, Blob was the leader of Department X, the patrol effect in charge of investigating and arresting dissenter mutants. antagonistic to his mainstream personality, this reality ‘s version of Dukes was a kind and caring person, invested in the well being of his team and mutants on the unharmed. He besides was an excellent baker. [ 29 ] [ 30 ] One sidereal day Department X was tasked with capturing perennial love criminals Luke and Nezumi Sen. After a brief skirmish in the couple ‘s home and their subsequent capture, Nezumi revealed to Blob while being loaded into the patrol van that she was meaning, the first pregnancy that the group had encountered in their careers. Flummoxed by her revelation, Blob consulted with his teammates for confirmation of the pregnancy and what to do with their pregnant mission. The group reacted with a mix of unbelief and disgust. finally the group opted to unfreeze Nezumi upon their restitution to headquarters and decided what to do with her there. [ 29 ] On a be day, Blob led Department X in a control tan of a nearby forest, in ordering to give the X-Men a calamity to manage. Later that night while working alone together, Psylocke confronted Blob with her cognition of his feelings toward her, offering to erase them for him and even plant balmy feelings of disgust toward her. Startled by her revelation, Blob dashed out of headquarters and called out of study “ with streptococcus ” for three days. On day three Psylocke discovered a bill from Blob asking for her forgiveness and his desire to keep his memories. That night Psylocke confronted Blob at his home over his tardiness and feelings toward her. He confessed his feelings for her, that he would never impose them upon her, and that he clung to said feelings as an anchor to get him through the day. In the end Psylocke let him keep his memories. [ 31 ] The following sidereal day at the position Blob and Psylocke continued as if nothing had happened. Detaining another criminal mutant, Psylocke wiped the memories concerning his feelings. Moneta soon accused Betsy however of merely pretending to wipe the prisoner ‘s memories. Blob cursorily came to Psylocke ‘s defense, chastising Moneta for her accusations and pulling rank and file to quell her disobedience. After sending Moneta home, Jubilee revealed to Blob the inhumane treatment of their prisoner Nezumi at Moneta ‘s hands and the continuing uncertainty of how to deal with Nezumi ‘s pregnancy. That nox, following the stress of the sidereal day, Psylocke and Blob shared a relaxing flush together read and commiserating over their feelings for one another. [ 32 ] Days by and by, Department X investigated a tip of a dissident adolescent party at a bedraggled early library. The team soon discovered a group of teenagers, who Moneta insisted were in fact part of a “ dangerous retrograde cult ”. Although the teenagers initially opted to flee, some members of their group rallied their cohorts to fight Department X, inspired by revolutionary Murshid En Sabah Nur. The train officers promptly and reluctantly defeated the annoyed teens. Upon inquiry Moneta revealed that she had set up the meet to prove the universe of electric resistance. angry at her magic trick, Blob fired her from the department. [ 32 ] While cleaning up the fix from the fight, Blob and Psylocke shared an inner moment. Unbeknownst to the match, teammate Northstar picked up on the affair between the two and was deeply bothered by this revelation. [ 32 ] After a serial of events, the Department X team began to regain some of their memories from the mainstream world. Furious, Jubilee used her powers to burn down Blob ‘s house, after observing him and Psylocke cuddling on a love seat. Standing outside the blaze, Psylocke revealed to Blob that Moneta was right and she had n’t actually taken away the memories from any of their past arrests, merely kept the memories within her beware. With Blob ‘s support, she released the thousand of trap memories inside her, causing her to faint. When a group of angry victims threatened to attack the couple, Blob scoffed at their audacity and reminded them that he was “ * expletive * indestructible ”. erstwhile belated Blob was seen sitting across from the burned out and graffitied Department X headquarters. [ 33 ] After Nate Grey returned all of the mutants to their mainstream identities, Blob and Psylocke were seen standing in front of one of the portals back to their home population. [ 34 ]


Blob was of the many mutants that joined the mutant nation of Krakoa upon its creation. He was seen aboard many other Krakoans looking on at Charles Xavier ‘s cadaver after his death at the hands of anti-mutant superhuman criminals who had infiltrated Krakoa ‘s defenses and killed many of its residents, including Xavier. [ 35 ] In Krakoa Blob besides acts as the bartender at Green Lagoon. [ 36 ]


Power Grid[43]


The Blob ‘s mutant powers relate to the aggregate, potency, resilience, and indestructibility of his corpulent body. Gravitational Mass Allocation: Blob ‘s main superhuman ability was to become virtually immovable at will arsenic long as he was in reach with the crunch. He did this by bonding himself to the ground beneath him by force of will, which in effect created a mono-directional increase of gravity below him. This gravity field extended about five feet in radius from his center of poise. [ 37 ] therefore if there were sufficient baron to uproot him, it would take the footing beneath his feet in an area corresponding to the radius of the discipline. Through acute concentration, the Blob was able to extend the gravity field beneath him farther than five feet. It can be presumed with the onset of respective manipulations to his physiology that Fred ‘s core mutation had been restored. [ 38 ] [ 39 ]

  • Superhuman Durability and Strength: The Blob’s body possesses a high degree of resistance to injury. The fat tissues that comprise the Blob’s epidermis are able to absorb the impact of rifle bullets, cannonballs, bazooka, and even torpedoes. The fat tissue of his epidermis is resilient enough to revert to its normal shape within seconds after deformation caused by impact. It is virtually impervious to physical injury. The Blob’s skin cannot be punctured or lacerated by most known materials, frostbitten, or ravaged by any skin disease, due in part to the skin’s great elasticity and toughness and in part to the highly accelerated rate at which his skin cells grow and replace themselves. It is not yet known if there is an upper limit to the Blob’s ability to absorb impact. He could easily survive a head-on collision with a bus traveling at a hundred miles per hour,[citation needed] even a highly ferrous meteorite fifty feet in diameter on top of him at terminal velocity.[citation needed]
  • Implosion Inducement: Through a few weeks of focus and concentration Blob is able to manipulate his gravitational aura outwards in order to trigger a localized collapse of solid matter by dragging it into himself. It is a skill in which Mystique showed him while imprisoned at the U.S. Maximum Security Penitentiary.[14]
  • Pain Immunity: The Blob’s nerve endings do not relay any tactile perception to his brain, which is near the threshold of pain, which makes it so that he is unable to feel pain.
  • Trapping: Blob is able to capture anything that attacks him within his flesh, including limbs and projectiles. He is able to control how long he holds the object and releasing it with or without the recoil pressure. However, it takes the Blob’s full concentration on trapping an object or individual, and if he were to focus on something else or get distracted by an attack from another person, he would lose control of his muscles and release who or whatever he was holding with his body.
  • Projectile Redirection: After Blob’s body absorbs the kinetic energy of a projectile’s impact, he can expel the object back. Fired projectiles would be embedded within the Blob’s body and, by flexing the muscles where the projectile hits, he can cause the projectile to recoil with half the force of impact, reflecting it back at half speed. The Blob can also recoil a punch thrown at him and throw the opponent back a good distance.
  • Mass Shifting: Through training with Onslaught and Sledge, Blob is able to manipulate his mass to mimic shape-shifting, using it to enhance the size and extension of his limbs. He can make his fists the size of a human.[16]
    • Body Deforming: Blob figured out he could elasticize his limbs in order to stretch & embiggen them an undetermined extent.[16]

Secondary Mutation: After undergoing the Mothervine enhancement process, Blob developed a secondary mutant :

  • Liquid Form: Blob possesses the ability to deliquesce his body to an undetermined extent.[27] When he first manifested this ability, he quickly lost control and liquified into a puddle.[38]


The Blob is a formidable pass to hand combatant. Although he possesses no formal train, his great size coupled with his forte and underground to injury render him a highly effective and effective street combatant. While not superhuman, the Blob has higher speed, agility, and stamina than his size would indicate, which he often uses to surprise his opponents.


  • Projected energy attacks, like Scott Summers’ optic blasts, have been seen to penetrate his skin.
  • The Blob’s eyes and the interior of his ears, mouth, and nose are also vulnerable to injury.
  • The Blob is vulnerable to a concussion, such as during his run-in with Daredevil during his days in Freedom Force. Daredevil had the girl Amanda, whom Blob and Pyro were ordered to capture, use her telekinetic powers to drop a large bell on Blob, which knocked Blob out after Daredevil lured him to the Bell Tower.[40]
  • The Blob has a higher alcohol tolerance than a normal human due to his size, though he can still be intoxicated if he ingests huge amounts of alcohol.[40]
  • Blob relies on Mutant Growth Hormone to maintain his powers.[23]


department of transportation

once Freedom Force Helicopter .


  • The Blob has attempted to choke Hellcat to death. He was eventually knocked out by her psionic powers.[41] He was one of the few among the villainous Defenders who actually attempted to kill an opponent, instead of merely knocking them out.[41] He told Hellcat to kiss all nine of her lives goodbye.[41]
  • According to Blob’s self-description, he is just “a big, fun-lovin’ kid”.[2]
  • Blob was the first known villain to visit Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and to train in the Danger Room.[2]
  • Professor X claims that the molecules in Blob’s body respond to the latter’s mental commands.[2]
  • While Blob was not particularly friendly with the X-Men, he did not lift a finger against them until Professor X announced his plans to erase Blob’s memory. This immediately turned the Blob against the team.[2]
  • While Blob was aware of his powers before meeting the X-Men, he reportedly did not know that he was a mutant until the X-Men told him. He had no idea about the origin of his powers.[2]
  • Blob did not enjoy daily display as a freak at the carnival, but he considered it a better fate than being unemployed and starving.[2]


  • Hellcat has commented that the Blob has “bad breath”. She could not stand smelling it. [41]
  • When first approached by Cyclops, the Blob suspected that the younger man was there to request money from him.[2]
  • The Blob had heard of the X-Men before meeting them, and described them as “jerky juveniles” with “corny costumes”.[2]
  • Blob distrusted Cyclops moments after meeting him, because of the manner in which Cyclops talked to him. Cyclops introduced himself by claiming that he was ordered to bring the Blob to the headquarters of the X-Men, and that the X-Men do not take “no” for an answer. Blob took this as a threat, and answered by threatening to throw Cyclops out of his living quarters.[2]
  • In his original appearance, Blob was smoking one cigar after another, like a chain-smoker.[2]
  • The admission price to see Blob performing at the carnival was 25 cents.[2]

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