The Flash Season 9’s Villain Setup Makes A S1 Fan Theory Possible

The Flash season 9 ’ randomness villain frame-up makes it possible for a season 1 fan hypothesis to ultimately come true. The post-credits fit in The Flash season 8 finale laid the groundwork for Cobalt Blue to join the Arrowverse. Cobalt Blue is the brother of Barry Allen and one of the biggest ostentation villains inactive missing from the Arrowverse .
Following Reverse-Flash ’ second frustration, the show laid down its beginning build block for a Cobalt Blue floor. When Team Flash was discussing the Negative Speed Force ’ s following embodiment, attention shifted to a lab in 2049 where a blue crystal was seen glowing. The crystal was recognized as the amulet that houses the Blue Flame. In DC Comics, this is the artifact that supplies Cobalt Blue a.k.a. Malcolm Thawne with his mysterious powers. The character ’ south identify wasn ’ triiodothyronine mentioned, but The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace has erased any lingering doubts about Cobalt Blue entering the picture in The Flash season 9. Based on his comments, the subject of the tease is indeed the character fans think it is .
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The promise of Cobalt Blue showing up in The Flash means that the series can pay off a season 1 hypothesis about Rick Cosnett ’ sulfur Eddie Thawne. Back when it became clear that Iris ’ boyfriend was distantly related to Reverse-Flash, it was speculated that Eddie – who doesn ’ t exist in the comic books – was secretly The Flash ’ s take on Cobalt Blue. This hypothesis, which obviously never panned out, was based on the fact that Eddie and Cobalt Blue are ancestors of Eobard Thawne in their respective continuities. With Cosnett developing a recurring presence on The Flash amid the testify ’ randomness approaching Cobalt Blue storyline, the actor suiting up as the DC Comics villain has become a real possibility for season 9 .

How Eddie Thawne Can Become Cobalt Blue In The Flash Season 9

Flash Rogues Cobalt Blue

even if person used time travel to reverse Eddie Thawne ’ s death, the fictional character that viewers are familiar with is improbable to become a villain. however, the being of understudy timelines makes Eddie being reinvented as Cobalt Blue plausible. “ crisis on Infinite Earths ” apparently eliminated the potential for these sorts of stories, but the Superman & Lois temper 2 finale put this plot device back on the table by revealing that duplicates of Earth-Prime do exist in the Arrowverse. Since that ’ s the casing, there could be a timeline where Eddie turns evil, possibly due to jealousy over Barry ’ s love affair with Iris. If Eddie gets The Flash season 8 ’ randomness mysterious crystal, his journey as Cobalt Blue could begin .
Whether The Flash season 9 is the show ’ s affirm sung or not, having a season 1 character like Eddie come back as one of the display ‘s last villains would be an excite management to take the narrative, particularly since it ’ mho something that ’ mho been talked about for several years. Plus, an malefic Eddie Thawne is better than the indicate following the comics and revealing that Barry has a long-lost brother somewhere. And, it fits with who Cobalt Blue is as a fictional character. In the comics, hatred and jealousy are at the core of Malcolm ’ s motivations for becoming the speed-stealing villain, and the liveliness that Barry got to have with the woman Eddie loved could be what drives his Cobalt Blue transformation in the Arrowverse .
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