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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Real Name

Bartholomew Henry “ Barry ” Allen

Main Alias

The Flash

Other Aliases

Black Flash, [ 1 ]
Black Racer,
Negative Flash


Bartholomew Allen ( paternal grandfather )
( mother, deceased )
( beget )
( adopted founder )
( wife ) [ 2 ]
( daughter )
( son )
( nephew )
( nephew )
( grandson )
( granddaughter )
( grand-niece )
( grand-nephew )

Ulysses Sutter (ancestor)Bartholomew Allen (paternal grandfather) Nora Allen (mother, deceased) Henry Allen (father) Darryl Frye (adoptive father) Iris West (wife) Dawn Allen (daughter) Don Allen (son) Wally West (nephew) Wallace West (nephew) Bart Allen (grandson) Jenni Ognats (granddaughter) Irey West (grand-niece) Jai West (grand-nephew)


Justice Incarnate ·
Justice League ·
Justice League : team Wisdom

Formerly Flash Family

Base Of Operations

Hall of Justice, Washington, D.C. Earth-Flash.1 · Formerly Central City





Secret Identity


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Superhero, Police Forensic Scientist












Prime Earth


Robert Kanigher · John Broome · Carmine Infantino

First Appearance
Flashpoint Vol 2 #5
(October, 2011)
Quote1.png Life is locomotion… if you’re not moving, you’re not living. But there comes a time when you’ve got to stop running away from things… and you’ve got to start running towards something, you’ve got to forge ahead. Keep moving. Even if your path isn’t lit… trust that you’ll find your way. Quote2.png

The Flash src

Barry Allen is The Flash, the fastest homo active. Using his super-speed powers, he taps into the Speed Force and becomes a costume crime-fighter. He is a establish member of the Justice League.


When Barry was a boy, his parents ‘ relationship was n’t going well, and while he prepared to participate in a spell bee at school, his mother Nora was struggling to encourage him despite working doubling shifts and trying to get a disassociate from his father Henry. He received the divorce papers on the day of the spell bee, and because Nora had to work, he seethed and took Barry to school. When Nora returned from employment, she was glad to see that her son had won the contest, but she was obligated to speak to Henry about their relationship, and therefore Barry was sent to the bookshop in the meanwhile. By the time Barry returned, however, his mother had been murdered, and his father had been placed under apprehension, though he professed his innocence. fortunately, Darryl Frye, who had secretly been involved romantically with Nora, pulled some strings and was able to take Barry in. For years, Barry visited his father in prison, promising to look over all of the attest of his mother ‘s murder encase until he found a way to prove his purity .
As an adult, Barry ‘s life of searching for answers about his mother lead him to becoming a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department. Because the years in prison had worn on him, Henry gave up hope, broke down in tears, and admitted to his son that he had committed the crime. The shock of realizing that all of his efforts had been for nothing depressed Barry. On the night of a storm, Barry angrily tore his lab apart. abruptly, a dash of lightning crashed through his lab ‘s window and struck him in the chest, causing him to drop the chemical vials he was carrying and douse himself. On the nox that Barry Allen would be struck by lightning, Iris offered Barry a meet-up, an offer Barry ‘s friend, August Heart advised him to take. Barry would ultimately be ineffective to attend as a result of the lightning strickle sending him into a months-long coma. [ 3 ]

early career

After a 4 month long months in a coma after the accident, Barry was stunned to regain conciousness only to discover he ‘d gained super-speed abilities. Struggling to gain manipulate over his fresh powers, he first stumbled from the hospital to his apartment, and then from his apartment to his erstwhile CSI lab, where he cursorily clothed himself and was confronted by August Heart, who thought person was in the lab who was n’t allowed entirely to discover his best friend ‘s presence, to his elation. August offered to inform Director Singh that Barry had returned, but Barry turned him down, telling him that he had a person font he wanted to investigate first. [ 4 ] Over the adjacent month, he began experimenting with his newfound powers, testing the limits of his capabilities ; in the process, he quickly discovered that even shoes and invest did n’t stand up to his super-speed very well. In decree to combat this trouble, he special created friction-resistant boots using material salvaged from fireproof jackets Wayne Enterprises had donated to the Central City Fire Department. With his new equipment, he made an try to discover his top speed, an attempt that resulted in Barry inadverdently being thrown into the future, where he encountered a future version of himself in a version of Central City ruled with an iron fist by The Turtle. [ 5 ] Barry cursorily started to panic, but the future version of himself calmed him down. together, they fought the Turtle ‘s minions, before Barry ‘s future iteration introduced him to the Cosmic Treadmill and sent him on his way rear to his own time. In shock, he declared that he ‘d never run again, returning to his lab. While there, he recieved a text message from Iris, who wanted to arrange a chocolate date. however, this was interrupted by the sudden attack of The Turtle. Before confronting the Turtle, Barry promptly saved Iris from an oncoming police car. [ 6 ] After Barry defeated the Turtle, he returned to the Iris, who chastised him for keeping her wait. however, he won her over, and they ended up heading to dinner at a nearby Diner. Afterwards, they began a romance. Over the class of the next few months, they go on a number of dates and become very close. Iris ‘s influence would late push Barry to make the Flash more of a public figure and a symbol for the city. [ 7 ] later, Iris tracked down the condemnable Clive Yorkin, confronting him in public. The position went south quickly, and Iris had to be saved by the Flash, who was shot in the procedure. Afterwards, Iris sought out Barry, hoping to confess and talk it out with him ; unbeknown to her, he in the process of trying to remove a bullet train from his thorax. She spoke to him through the doorway for some clock before deciding that his lack of reception entail he credibly was n’t at home ; he promptly opened the door, telling her that he ‘d been in the shower and had n’t been able to respond while he was clothing himself. Afterwards, they kissed and spent the night together. [ 8 ] Afterward, their relationship would become puree as Barry ‘s obsession with solving his mother ‘s font and defeating the Turtle worsened. During a temporal incident, Iris was taken hostage by a future translation of the Turtle, who was teaming up with his contemporary incarnation. [ 9 ] While the Flash, dawning his iconic costume for the first clock time, confronted the Turtles, Iris managed to disable the Turtles ‘ engineering, freeing the citizens of the city. Inspired, the citizens rose up against Turtle ‘s minions and the Flash was able to defeat both Turtles, sending the future version back to his right place in the timeline. late that night, Barry and Iris had dinner. [ 10 ] While investigating a series of kidnappings, Barry met Hal Jordan, who was investigating the same crimes. In the action, they discovered that the kids were being turned into gladiators. While Flash took the children back to their homes, unbeknown to him, Green Lantern made a share that the two of them would return and fight for the team that the children were representing in the ‘Arena World ‘. [ 11 ] Months subsequently, Iris introduced her visit nephews wally and Wallace to Barry during the town ‘s annual Flash Day celebration. Iris, however, was called away for bring, and though she took the very young wallace with her, leaving wally with Barry. Wally and Barry ‘s subsequent day together resulted in Wally being struck by lightning, barely like Barry, and becoming Kid Flash. [ 12 ]

Forming the Justice League

Barry ‘s beginning meet with his future Justice League team members happened while attempting to stop a fight between Batman and Superman in Central City. Showcasing his super speed abilities, the Flash was surprised when Superman managed to defeat him with just a flick of his feel. After Batman calmed Superman down, explaining that he and Green Lantern had nothing to do with the strange creatures that had been plaguing the world, the Flash remained confused looking to Green Lantern for confirmation on whether they were inactive fighting. soon after, a fresh portal site was opened in Metropolis and the four men ensued a battle on stopping the alien creatures that were now attacking the city. It was there that they met Wonder Woman, an Amazonian princess who had recently settled onto Prime Earth. After another drawn-out battle with the aliens, the Flash noticed they were forming above the water. here, Aquaman, the fabled superhero of the sea, joined the rub as the battle continued. The team besides finally enlisted Cyborg. soon, the master of the creatures and mind behind the attacks was revealed to be Darkseid. however, the Flash seemed the only one conscious to see the terrific creature enact his undertake at domination over Earth. Fearfully, the Flash attempted to rouse his chap heroes. Superman then attempted to battle Darkseid but was swiftly defeated and captured .
Batman then formulated a plan, consisting of him being captured to rescue Superman while the others engaged Darkseid in a fight. Wonder Woman finally did some damage but the five remaining members were proving to struggle against the alien overlord. Superman rejoined them after being saved by Batman and delivered the concluding punch to send Darkseid back to his universe. soon after, the seven were rewarded and began to debate on whether they should become a league of superheroes helping to protect civilians in catastrophic earth situations. When asked for a name, the Flash announced they would be called ‘The Super Seven ‘. He late stated the name was under circumstance .

former Career

During an early experiment with his own translation of the Cosmic Treadmill, Barry would be deposited in the Central City of the twenty-fifth Century, where he encountered Eobard Thawne, a historian and winnow of his who had harnessed remainder Speed Force energy to become a version of the Flash in his own right. however, he promptly discovered that Eobard had been arranging incidents that placed citizens in danger in order to save them as the Flash, resulting in a crusade and Eobard ‘s imprisonment. however, Eobard would late return to plague him as the Reverse Flash [ 13 ]. At some target, Barry fathered two children with Iris, a match of twins : dawn and Don Allen. They travelled to the far future, where they spent a month raising them ; however, Barry was called away, back to the present, in order to combat the coming Crisis. [ 14 ] In meter, Don and Dawn would use their familial amphetamine to become the Tornado Twins, heroes in their own right, fighting for good in the far future they inhabited. Don would finally father Barry ‘s grandson, Bart Allen, who would one day come to the deliver and join the modern age of heroes alongside Barry ‘s successor, wally West. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry Allen apparently died. In his place, his protégé, Wally West, took up his mantle, becoming the Flash and serving with differentiation for many years. however, Barry had n’t actually died ; he ‘d been lost to the Speed Force. Later, during an penetration by Darkseid, Barry was able to return. After Barry ‘s return, he was briefly infected by the Negative Speed Force. During this incident, he touched the harebrained travel rapidly cultist Savitar, who was apparently disintegrated as a result. [ 15 ] Barry would be was robbed of his memories of his buddy, Wally, when he was pushed into the Speed Force by longtime enemy Abra Kadabra, who cast a spell that erased the world ‘s memory of Wally .

flash point

After discovering that Eobard Thawne was, in fact, his beget ‘s murderer, Barry attempted to travel back in time and stop him, resulting in the creation of the Flashpoint. Though Barry was able to return and attempted to right the timeline, early forces would intervene. Pandora, in an try to strengthen Earth-0 against an unidentified foe, merged Earth-0 together with another, and a quantum being cursed by a great darkness from outside reality would manipulate the timeline, weakening Earth ‘s defenders by robbing them of bequest and relationships. [ 16 ] Over the years, Iris and Barry ‘s relationship had continued to evolve, but the memories of their relationship would be stolen from them by this incident .

The New 52

While on his beginning date with colleague Patty Spivot at a engineering symposium, Barry had a probability meeting with Dr. Darwin Elias, a outstanding theoretical physicist who had designed a device that could re-code the human genome. The date and the find were interrupted by a gang of thugs who stole the re-coder. Barry managed to recover the device, but in the process, one of the hood he was chasing died. What was worse was that he recognized the man – it was his old acquaintance Manuel Lago. fortunately, the forensics showed that something other than the impact had killed Manuel, clearing Flash ‘s identify. Barry learned with the help of Dr. Elias ‘ device that Manuel ‘s deoxyribonucleic acid had been altered in some way, but was startled in his study by the sudden appearance of Manuel in his apartment – animated and well. Manuel had no time to explain himself, though, as person began banging down the door. together, they ran for their lives. Barry ducked out of spy to become the Flash, but was surprised when he emerged to see that Manuel had been caught by several clones of himself. [ 17 ] When they claimed that they had taken reporter and erstwhile fire Iris West hostage, Barry was forced to watch them take Manuel away .
Barry learned that Manuel had been working for the CIA and had officially died 16 months ago. however, these clones who called themselves Mob Rule and appeared to be suffering from rapid cellular deterioration, had found they ‘re original and hoped to use him to lengthen their short lives. The action by which they intended to do this resulted in an EMP good time that cut power from both of the Gem Cities, and caused numerous disasters. [ 18 ] While Iris was trapped in Iron Heights during a power outage, Barry and Patty attempted to save Manuel, but in the action, Barry was shot through the head, and obviously killed. [ 19 ] Despite Patty ‘s attempt to save him, Manuel decided to give himself up to Mob Rule, knowing that he was responsible for their universe. Barry had not truly died, though, and woke to discover that Elias had been kidnapped by Mob Rule in the hopes that he could save them. [ 20 ] Manuel had agreed to let Elias use his deoxyribonucleic acid to re-code Mob Rule ‘s own deoxyribonucleic acid, and resolve their problem. unfortunately, something in the summons went amiss, and Flash was forced to stop it to save Manuel. Manuel was ungrateful, however, because the break killed all of the clones, leaving him active. subsequently, Barry revealed that he had survived to Patty, and late learned from Elias that it was his rush that caused the EMP blast and the problem with the re-coding process. Barry ‘s super-speed was opening rifts in time. [ 21 ] To counter this, Elias created a device to measure Barry ‘s built-up energy and warned him when a rift was probable to be created. It besides served the double purpose of storing that energy to be used to might the Gem Cities during the outage. meanwhile, Leonard Snart had escaped Iron Heights during the outage, and had learned that his hospitalize sister Lisa ‘s life support was threatened by a miss of power, for which he blamed the Flash. In order to draw his enemy out, Leonard staged an attack using his new cold-powers, and the Flash was forced to fight him. [ 22 ] In the march, his accelerate opened another rift, which sent Iris and a few others into the Speed Force, and Barry Allen was thought to have been lost with them. In the consequence, the Flash learned of Lisa Snart ‘s critical condition, and saw to it that she gets the treatment she needed. [ 23 ] To save Iris, Flash entered the Speed Force where he encountered a man named Roscoe Hynes who had been trapped there long ago. From Hynes, he learned that he was actually preventing temporal role anomalies by running and that it was Hynes who had caused the EMP blast. angrily, he attacked Hynes, and both of them fell into a wormhole and emerged in a city populated by intelligent Gorillas. [ 24 ] Barry ‘s sudden arrival in the Gorilla City was at merely the lapp consequence that Grodd was being crowned king. unfortunately, the journey through the Speed Force caused Barry to lose his memory. Though the new baron was eager to eat the visitor ‘s brains, the city ‘s elders believed Barry to be a messenger who deserved the honor. They freed him from captivity, explaining that the lapp ability that gave him his travel rapidly was what gave them their sense, but it was they who were to be the messengers for him. Barry was to be the Speed Force ‘s vessel, and he was needed to run for the sake of all world. Soon, Barry regained his memory and defeated Grodd, who was covetous of his exponent. Though it would mean the end of their civilization, the gorilla allowed Barry to return home, where he discovered with a confusion that Dr. Elias was holding protests against him. [ 25 ] Surprised by this go of events, Flash decided to reveal his real identity to Patty, but learned that she had gone to Guatemala to solve the cold-case murder of Claudio Mardon, whose brother Marco had inherited the Mardon Cartel. She was caught and kidnapped by Mardon, requiring Barry to intervene. In the march he learned that Marco, known to him as the Weather Wizard, had gained super-powers, equitable like Captain Cold had. In the interim, Patty learned from another captive that it was Claudio ‘s wife Elsa who had murdered him and that she was manipulating Marco. finally, Marco learned of the treachery, and killed her, allowing Flash to save Patty. unfortunately, she was not tidal bore to see him, as the sight of him reminded her of the loss of Barry. so, Barry decided not to reveal his identity to her so far. Later, Marco found himself recruited by Lisa Snart into a new translation of the Rogues. [ 26 ] To maintain the illusion of Barry Allen ‘s death, Barry took up residency in Keystone City, trying to keep a first gear profile. There, he got a job at a stripe frequented by the Rogues, where Heat Wave blamed Captain Cold for the profligacy of the Rogues. Flash was forced to intervene and have them arrested, but on their way to prison Lisa Snart, the Golden Glider, staged an escape for Heat Wave – but not her brother. All the while Darwin Elias continued to decry Flash ‘s name in the streets. [ 27 ] Captain Cold was rescued alternatively by the Pied Piper, who had returned to crime-fighting in the Flash ‘s absence, but Piper ‘s captive was not to let him go dislodge. Cold was rescued from impending patrol capture, then, by Axel Walker, the Trickster, who claimed that the Rogues had reunited without Cold ‘s interest. meanwhile, confused by Elias ‘ turning on him, Barry learns that the physicist was using him to further his own studies. As Elias prepared to make the announcement for a green-energy monorail system, Barry was surprised to see the Golden Glider moving at a speed faster than anyone else could see, and she intended to murder Elias for what he did to the Rogues. When he was excessively late to stop her from injuring him, Barry realized he was being framed, when the public saw him holding the hurt Elias in his arms. In the confusion, the Rogues use the distraction to get away with stealing the monorail train, and storing it in the Mirror World. [ 28 ] about 18 months before those events, Captain Cold had been leading the Rogues, and they had all obeyed a rigorous moral code – though it was a corrupted one. The failure of one of their jobs thanks to the Flash led to the Trickster being fired, but the failure and discord between his friends made Cold lower. He was accosted by Dr. Elias, who offered him the gamble to even the grade with the Flash. This opportunity involved using the Genome Re-Coder to give them all powers. unfortunately, the process went incorrect, and though they were all given powers, his sister Lisa was rendered a apparitional projection while her soundbox remained comatose. Her boyfriend Sam, though, was trapped forever in the Mirror World. now that the reform Rogues had spurned Captain Cold, he decided to team up with the Flash. Though they were successful, Cold turned on him and came out the winner against both sides. unfortunately, his success was ephemeral, as the Gem Cities were about to be attacked by an army of Gorillas. [ 29 ] shortly subsequently, a gorilla united states army led by Grodd attacked Central City. The Rogues realized they would need help to defeat them, indeed Weather Wizard woke Flash up with a little rain. Knowing the danger Grodd represented, Flash agreed to a impermanent alliance with the Rogues. As the Rogues fought the gorilla united states army, Flash chased after Grodd himself. [ 30 ] unfortunately, Grodd had supercharged himself with Speed Force energy, giving him an edge over Flash. As the two clashed, Grodd maintained the upper hand and shattered Barry ‘s mask. Just as Grodd was about to impale him with a metallic sign punt, Solovar, another gorilla, sacrificed his life to save Flash. [ 31 ] Barry collapsed from exhaustion, and Patty ( who had discovered his identity ) took him to the house of his friend Manuel Lago ‘s mother Malaya to recover. As he slept, Barry ‘s mind watched every possible consequence his struggle with Grodd could cause. Each consequence ended with Patty dead or seriously injured. Realizing that he cared besides much for Patty to let that happen, Barry decided to surrender himself to Grodd. [ 32 ] As he woke up, Barry explained his design to Patty and they shared a concluding consequence together. As Flash faced Grodd in Dr. Elias ‘s lab, he used his powers to draw Grodd with him into the Speed Force, where they could end their conflict once and for all. abruptly, a tank crashed adjacent to them and Flash found Iris in the cockpit. [ 33 ] To protect Iris from Grodd, Flash summoned a addled gigantic to tackle Grodd, hurling him into the farthest reaches of the Speed Force. Flash took Iris and other people trapped inside the Speed Force back to Central City. meanwhile, the Central City police department had already caused the gorilla to retreat, ending the invasion. by and by, Barry met up with Iris and realized she had lost her memories of the Speed Force. [ 34 ]


With the battle with Grodd over, Barry began noticing that all the people trapped within the Speed Force had acquired speed powers after their release. Later, a group of people called the Outlanders attempted to break the Trickster out of prison. Flash attempted to stop them, but his powers disappeared all of a sudden. [ 35 ] Arming himself with super-villain weapons, Barry attempted to stop the Outlanders without his powers. fortunately, his powers returned and Flash was able to solve the situation without further incident. [ 36 ] late, Barry moved in with Patty. He besides returned to work in the police department, albeit as a basement archivist. Patty told Barry two of the Speed Force escapees had been murdered by a cryptic attacker. Flash went to investigate Floyd Gomez, another escapee, believing that he might know something about the murders. however, Gomez refused to cooperate and caused a train to derail, forcing Flash to let him go and save the caravan. Examining one of the victim ‘s cadaver, Barry found evidence that the killer might be Kid Flash. [ 37 ] Flash chased Kid Flash all over the worldly concern and, after catching up to him try to explain his site. however, Kid Flash did not trust him and was later extracted by the Teen Titans. Flash was fishy of Kid Flash ‘s reluctance to talk about his past, but decided to let him go. [ 38 ] subsequently, Flash created a suit for Iris to wear, knowing that she had besides inherited powers from the Speed Force. The suit was designed to protect her from the Speed Force killer. Investigating Albert Lim ‘s murder scenery together, they asked Patty to examine the evidence they found. Remembering about the steal monorail, Flash left Iris with Patty to question Dr. Elias, the monorail ‘s godhead, about his participation. american samoa soon as he arrived at Dr. Elias ‘s lab, he found the Speed Force cause of death attacking him. [ 39 ] Flash and the killer crusade each other and the killer revealed his plans to take the Speed Force for himself and change clock. Iris intervened in the struggle and got hurt and the cause of death drained Flash of his Speed Force energy, revealing himself to be Daniel, Iris ‘ brother. [ 40 ] As Daniel traveled to the past, he attempted to kill his father when he and Iris were kids. Flash drained his Speed Force energy and took Daniel second to the stage, where he was arrested for the murders he committed. As Flash ended his partnership with Dr. Elias, Barry reunited with Patty. After seeing what the Speed Force is able of, Barry decided to reopen his father ‘s shell charge and prove his purity. [ 41 ]

history Lessons

Barry was at a illusion restaurant with his acquaintance Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern, who was approximately to go into space to lead the Lantern Corps. They were suddenly teleported to another satellite, where Barry recalled their “ first date. ” Flash and Green Lantern beginning met tracking down kidnapped children, when they discovered that the kids were being turned into gladiators for a tournament on War World. While Flash took the children back to their homes, unbeknown to him, Green Lantern made a batch that the two of them would return and fight for the team that the children were representing. In the show, Barry and Hal win the tournament, but only one of them can fight the reigning champion for the title. Disconnected from the speed impel, Barry used Hal ‘s ring to win the battle. Tar Pit and Rainbow Raider have robbed every store on a city block, drawing the Flash ‘s care. While in pursuit of them, he found a improvised dangerous of skeletons. They ‘re revealed to be old victims of a celebrated Keystone City serial killer whale. Barry believed he may have found his ma ‘s murderer because the bodies died after the original killer whale was imprisoned, leading police to believe he had a partner. Flash discovered that the killer was actually a ghostwriter that hopped from body to body, killing descendants of his old foe, founder of the Gem Cities. The touch can possess his own descendants indefinitely, so Darryl Frye alters police records to show that he is the most recent one when it ‘s actually Barry. Deadman possesses the Flash to prevent the ghost from getting to him first, and in concert they trap the ghostwriter in the House of Mystery .

Out of time

Five years in his future, the Flash arrived at the scenery of a car crash. Iris West was being rolled away on a capstone, and there ‘s a dead adolescent who Barry seems to recognize. 20 years in the future, the Flash sported a amobarbital sodium costume and was talking about how much he ‘d missed. A newspaper clipping on his wall revealed that the adolescent killed in the car accident was wally West, Iris ‘ nephew. Barry was sent to talk to a criminal called Mogul about a murder that happened using his weapon. He looked into the murder further and discovered that many Central City villains ‘ gadgets and weapons were stolen from the attest cabinet during the Crime Syndicate ‘s reign. Flash finally found the identity of the Mashup killer, Detective Seaborne, and got him arrested. 20 years in the future, The Flash executed Gorilla Grodd and then started his travel back in prison term to kill himself. As he traveled back, he sat with Captain Cold when he died of cancer, and stopped all of the early Rogues from ruining their lives. The Flash, at last, arrived at his last stop consonant, 5 years in the future, on the day Wally died. He saved Wally and Iris but fatally injured the Barry from that time, who gave his power to Wally. Flash realized that he had to travel back another five years to wholly mend the rift in the Speed Force that caused him to miss Wally ‘s accident, and was about to sacrifice the Flash from the present to use his department of energy. wally from the clock of the accident traveled back and uses his own life sentence coerce to heal the rupture rather. This left Barry trapped in the travel rapidly force out, with the Future Flash taking his place .

ferocious World

While Barry was trapped in the Speed Force, he teamed up with others trapped there to escape. In the end, it was revealed that they wanted to kill Barry to escape, but Barry managed to merge with the Speed Force again to escape, with one other enemy, who had his spinal column break. Barry attacked the Future Flash, who had been maiming criminals and ruining his public double. Barry retook his place as the Flash, but the Future Flash died, his final words saying that he never found their mother ‘s cause of death, but found a contribute. The lead is a name, THAWNE. At the lapp time, Patty broke up with him due to the actions of his future counterpart because of her inability to reconcile the face of the man she loved with the killer he ‘d become .


Barry goes to his dad in prison to reveal his moderate, which leaves his father in desecrate at the mention of the name, declaring to leave him alone and stay away from him. He belated goes out to fight a condemnable but sees what appears to be a jaundiced speedster soar by .
He soon found that his father escaped from jail, and believed that he was taken as leverage. He tracks him down but lets him escape. Barry is soon alerted to a armed robbery, which was staged by Henry to get the flash ‘s avail, unaware that his son is the flash. He tells Flash that a world named Eobard Thawne killed his mother, and Barry agrees to help. As Barry goes to fight Zoom, he is approached by what appears to be Zoom ‘s Acolytes. As Barry is ambushed by the Acolytes, Zoom then forces Henry Allen to create a Power Stealing Glove, and Zoom steals one of the acolytes powers. As they find out they feel betrayed and attack Zoom. Feeling desperate, Zoom runs off with Barry ‘s father .

Darkseid War

When the daughter of Darkseid Grail summoned the Anti-Monitor to fight against her founder. During the struggle between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, Darkseid summoned the Black Racer to destroy his enemy, but the Anti-Monitor stripped the Racer of Darkseid ‘s grip and merged it with Barry. After being bound to the Black Racer Barry was then unwillingly used the weapon to deliver a deathlike fellate against the Dark God, last killing the tyrant of Apokolips. [ 42 ] The Racer was flying to seize dominance of his new horde ‘s mind, but his efforts were about negated by the Flash ‘s will to resist his corrupting ideas, instigating a conflict among the two. [ 43 ] The Black Racer was separated from the Flash by the powers of the child of Superwoman and Alexander Luthor, who possessed the lapp ability to absorb the extremely powers of others as his church father. however, the Racer could not be absorbed, and alternatively was alone separated from it ‘s host. As it needed to claim a life before it could disappear, it struck Power Ring ; however Jessica Cruz was spared and rather the life of Volthoom was claimed, and his call destroyed. The Racer then vanished. [ 44 ]

DC Rebirth

The Return of Wally West

After the side effect of the late death of Darkseid a strange ripple energy occurred causing a tear in the Speed Force. It was revealed that Wally West had been lost in the Speed Force for about ten years. The ripple caused by Darkseid ‘s death allowed Wally to partially break through, but each try caused him to fall far into the Speed Force. After realizing not flush Linda ( his traditional “ lightning rod ” ) could remember him, Wally sank into devastation and chose to appear before Barry one concluding time to thank him for the animation he had given him. Just before Wally disappeared, Barry on the spur of the moment remembered him and dragged him detached of the Speed Force. Following a dolorous reunion, Wally gave Barry his warn of the truthful source of the universal change and the dangers to come. [ 45 ] Although the two decide to keep Wally ‘s return mystery from Iris based on Wally ‘s own experience with Linda, Barry encourages him to return to the Teen Titans, but besides recommends that he don a newfangled costume to reflect that he is the Flash preferably than ‘Kid Flash ‘. While Wally considers his options, Barry visits Batman to discuss the new evidence of some outside pull attacking them, musing on how personal this assault appears, but despite the likely danger, Batman and Barry agree to keep their investigation to themselves until they know what they are up against. [ 46 ]

Lightning Strikes Twice

While investigating a criminal group called the Black Hole, Barry was working with his fresh partner Detective August Heart. The group was responsible for the larceny of a van that contained equipment from S.T.A.R. Lab ‘s when August spot ‘s one of the members of Black Hole spray painting the group ‘s insignia on the former touch of his buddy ‘s mangle. When the August tried to confront one of the criminals shot him. Before even Barry can even try to save him and before the fastball could hit him. Barry witnesses August being struck by lightning that created from the Speed Force. Barry then witnesses as August is able to stop the shooter using superhuman focal ratio. After seeing him five hundred Barry reveals himself to be the Flash, August creates his own costume and becomes Barry ‘s collaborator. After they defeat the Black Hole group members, they soon witness more speedsters being born as an another Speed Force storm strikes more citizens. [ 47 ] [ 48 ] While rounding and encountering more speedsters Barry learns about a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist named Meena Dhawan who was besides super accelerate from the storm has created a Speed Force coach plaza to help the new speedsters control their powers training the speedsters at S.T.A.R. Labs. After encountering her and Barry began to develop a relationship with each other. however, when Barry and Meena return after recruiting more speedsters, they find an hurt August who tells them that a new speedster called ‘Godspeed ‘ killed the speedster criminals and took their rush. While Barry and Meena decided to take a ‘day off ‘, Godspeed arrives at the coach center where he is confronted by Meena. One of the speedster recruits named Avery Ho escapes to get the Flash, Godspeed kills Meena and two of the recruits and takes their accelerate. [ 49 ] When Godspeed kills Billy Parks, the independent fishy in August ‘s brother ‘s mangle, Barry realizes that August is Godspeed. Barry confronts him and August reveals that he is indeed Godspeed and has become a homicidal vigilante. August reveals that when he was near the speedster criminals, he could feel the Speed Force within them connecting with him. He decided to take their powers from them, resulting in their deaths and August being injured. After realizing that it was possible to siphon another speedster ‘s speed without killing them when he, Barry, Meena and two recruits took Dr. Carver ‘s rush. August tried it again on Meena and the two recruits. however, it garnered the same results as the beginning time. With his increase focal ratio, August reveals to Barry that he can create a double or himself and be at two places at once, a feat that is limited and takes a physical bell on him. Barry used this to his advantage and escapes. August proceeded to interrogate the other Black Hole members about his buddy ‘s death but killed them all when he received no information. When the speedster recruits safely give their accelerate to Barry and Wally to stop Godspeed, August arrives and is able to take Avery ‘s rush. Barry chases after Godspeed who reveals that he ‘ll head to Iron Heights and do the one thing Barry could n’t kill his enemies, including Eobard Thawne. however, the new Kid Flash intervenes and helps the Flash in taking down Godspeed, who is by and by incarcerated in Iron Heights. [ 50 ] [ 51 ] [ 52 ]

accelerate of Darkness

One day, at Iris ‘ shape, Barry discovered she had been getting mysterious gifts recently. After hearing about an accident on the Keystone Bridge, he immediately ran there. Him and Kid Flash are helping evacuate the bridge when Wally West showed up. When two Wallys touch hands, something happened to the Speed Force and messed with Barry, making him rage. In this state, he tells Kid Flash that Daniel West is actually his forefather, not uncle. He besides yells at Wally, saying that he ca n’t replace him as the Flash. Soon both Wallys succeed in saving Barry. however Kid Flash gets delirious at him for keeping the mysterious he fair revealed. Another day, Barry and Wally I meet at hot-dogs to talk. Barry realizes that it was him who was sending Iris the flowers. Barry offers Wally to tell Iris about him and his origins, but Wally declines, saying that they ca n’t do this until they find who ‘s behind the missing years. [ 53 ] While Barry is jogging with Iris in the park, he ‘s thinking about the ‘mysterious force ‘ controlling them. abruptly, a new villain called Papercut attacks. Barry wants to intervene, but he ca n’t, since Iris is with him. fortunately Kid Flash shows up, though he is distracted by Iris. When site gets worse, Barry says he ‘s ‘going to get the patrol ‘ and then shows up again as the Flash, defeating Papercut easily. soon after Barry finds wally to talk about his bodily process on his own and aboard Teen Titans. however Wally gets huffy at him for talking about confidence while not revealing his clandestine identity to him. [ 54 ] late that day Barry visited Iris to apologize and talk with Wally about him skipping school. They enter Wally ‘s board only to find out he ‘s not there. Iris tells Barry to go home, however as he knows she ‘s going to look for the Flash, he changes and meets her again in his alter-ego. Iris asks him if he knows where Wally is and Flash says how he told Wally, that he wo n’t train him until he proves he ‘s worth his trust. They get into an controversy, when on the spur of the moment Shade appears out of his shadow, saying that Kid Flash is lost in the dark. Iris immediately goes inside Shade and Flash follows. He finds himself in Shadowlands without Iris in view. When shadows attack him, he is saved by Kid Flash. After shade appears in his human shape and explains how shadows stopped listening to him and took his girlfriend, Hope o’Dare, Flash offers avail. When shadow starting signal attacking the three, Flash tells to find Iris and Hope, but Shade says he has already found them and that they became queens of the Shadowlands. [ 55 ] Eventually Flash and Kid Flash defeat the shadows together. After Flash and Kid Flash arrive in Tower of Darkness they create a light explosion that brings them all, including Iris and Hope, back to Central City. then, after a long night, Flash makes up with Kid Flash. Later this day Barry visits Iris in civilian and asks her out for a date. [ 56 ] On Christmas Eve Barry went out with Iris. She gave their phones to the wait, so nothing sour related would interrupt them. While the date did n’t go that well, they did share a courteous moment at Iris ‘ rate thanks to hot cocoa prepared by Wally. [ 57 ]

Rogues Reloaded

The Rogues want to pull a boastful death robbery and then retire and never come back to Central City. They have planned this a long time so that it would be idiot-proof that they get away. When Barry starts investigating their disappearance they trick him into leaving Central City. He thinks that they want to rob a museum outside from Central City. While Barry is n’t in town they rob and destroy about all of Central City. When Barry returns he finds Heatwave and tricks him into thinking that he defeated him. The Flash then attacks the Rogues. however Captain Cold uses a newly weapon he created which counters the Speed Force. After a long draw contend Barry comes out as the winner and puts the Rogues in Iron Heights .

The Button

While fighting off a group of Samuroids, Barry received a call from Batman, informing him that the radiation from the cryptic button that appeared in the Batcave after the return of Wally West, had spiked and torn a hole in the Speed Force. Barry tells Bruce he will meet him at the cave within a moment. When he arrives he finds Bruce pulsate to a pulp lying adjacent to the remains of a dead Reverse Flash. [ 58 ] The Flash looked over Reverse-Flash ‘s cadaver and finds that his specific Speed Force signature is all over Thawne, making Barry question if he kills Thawne in the future. Barry talked with Batman, who reveals he saw his beget in a vision. Barry then tells Bruce he had besides had a imagination, but of the Helmet of Mercury alternatively, and said it had made him feel aspirant. Barry then heads to the Justice League Watchtower, and finds the Cosmic Treadmill, and prepares to use it to track the radiation from the button, but Batman stops him, and forces Barry to bring him along. While traveling throughout the time-stream, they see visions from the New Earth, and down in the Batcave from the Flashpoint timeline, confronting the Flashpoint Batman, Thomas Wayne. Thomas attacks Barry, not believing it is actually Bruce, who is dead in the Flashpoint timeline, but Barry manages to convince Thomas that they are real. Barry is confused at how the Flashpoint timeline however exists and realizes that person had kept the Flashpoint timeline in position when it should have been reverted from universe after Barry had primitively left it. curtly after, the three are attacked by Amazon and Atlantean soldiers. Thomas and Bruce hold them off while Barry rebuilds the treadmill so they can leave. After the treadmill is fixed, Barry realizes that the Flashpoint world is starting to become erase from being. Barry and Bruce board the treadmill, asking Thomas to come with them, although Thomas refuses. shortly after, Barry and Bruce leave and Thomas is erased from being, along with the Flashpoint timeline. After Barry and Bruce begin traveling throughout the time-stream once more, they are confronted by the Reverse-Flash, before he was killed, claiming he knows who holds the true power of the push button and is going to face them. [ 59 ] He attempted to warn Thawne about his future death, but Thawne ignored him and went anyhow. After ultimately getting his attention, Jay was able to break through and use his speed to get Barry, Bruce, and himself out of the timestream and back on earth. After getting back on worldly concern, Jay began lento fading back into the Speed Force. He introduced himself to Barry, who had no idea who he was, trying to get him to remember him, as he did with Wally West. Jay told Barry that person took everything from him and he did n’t know why. precisely before amply fading back into the Speed Force, Barry grabbed Jay ‘s sleeve and attempted to save him from fading off, although precisely as he grabbed him, Jay was teleported away by a blind amobarbital sodium light. [ 60 ]

The Color of Fear

Barry drops off Thawne ‘s cadaver at the Flash Museum, but is convinced he is not dead. During his birthday party, Multiplex attacks after a girlfriend he was stalking. With serve from Hal, Barry defeated Multiplex. At Iris ‘ house, he finds that he was right about Eobard being alert. He finds he kidnapped Iris, took her to the twenty-fifth hundred and badly injured Wally and left him for dead. After dropping wally off at Star Labs, he went after Eobard .

Running Scared

Barry travels to the twenty-fifth hundred and goes to the Flash Museum. He is then savagely assaulted by Reverse-Flash. He is then viciously beaten and unmasked by Eobard in front of Iris. Eobard then takes him and Iris to a future where their children are villains. Eobard then offers if Barry would abandon his future with Iris, and go into a place where he will never hurt anyone again, Barry agrees, on the condition that Iris West is returned safely into the twenty-first Century. Eobard lies to him and says he has his parole, and leads the Flash into the Negative Speed Force. He leaves Barry there, telling him that Iris will have no future. Thawne late taunts Iris, asking her to discuss her thoughts, about the future she will never have. Iris ignores him, threatening him with a Speed Force weapon. a soon as Thawne responds to her terror, Barry strikes him with extreme force, telling Thawne that he will kill him. As Barry became the Negative Flash, he had been concentrated with anger and roughly attacks Thawne. Iris questions his motives, but he tells her to get out of the commotion with him and the Reverse Flash and continues his fight with Eobard Thawne. While they fight, Thawne attempts to persuade Barry by stating how they are friends and states that they can be partners as he should ditch the loser sidekicks. Barry angrily yells to his face, that they are not friends, and promptly pushing him back in meter and striking Thawne with enormous storm. As they keep fighting, Thawne remarks that he did not always appreciate violence, and the best endow he received is the idea of Barry blaming himself. As Barry gains the upper hired hand, he smashes Thawne into a separate of the Flash museum back into the future and tears his amphetamine out from his body. As Thawne taunts Barry about how he will be back again and again after losing his speed, while stating that he will finally gain it back, Iris kills Thawne with the Black Hole ‘s Speed Force weapon, and she asks Barry if he could take her home which he promptly accepts. meanwhile, in the twenty-first Century, Iris tells Barry to go off, while she waits for Wally to recover with him, and Barry goes back to his crime lab, sitting down ashamed at his desk .


As Flash returned to Central City with its regular criminals, he fought the Road Reapers, who ‘s M.O. was to knock off armored cars while in passage. As he fought the road reapers, the bullets turned to ash because of the Flash ‘s minus Speed Force Aura before they can make touch. Flash ‘s damaging accelerate violence aura is unpredictable compared to his regular Speed Force air at this point. therefore while he proceeds to rescue the cardinal city police from the road reapers gunshots, he caused their armored hand truck to explode via his lightning. His powers have become explosive and overkill, due to the infection he received from the Negative Speed Force corrupting his incontrovertible Speed Force. At that clock the road reapers proceeded to get aside. He discovered he feels exhausted after using any type of speed due to the unpredictable and “ negative ” effects of the Negative Speed Force. former, the Flash proceeded to defeat the biker crowd and destroyed their bikes with his lightning from his Negative Speed Force aura, he discovered that the bikers were not running from him, but they were running from Shrapnel, who killed them and called the Flash his accomplice. Flash attempted to project lightning bolts at shrapnel, but shrapnel ‘s metallic regenerative abilities proved to persevere against the limited sum of lightning the Flash projected at him. Flash continued to avoid his punches, but finally let Shrapnel beat him up as he blamed himself for the deaths of the road reapers. finally, Shrapnel ‘s unharmed body exploded enough to contain it due to the Flash ‘s Negative Speed Force Aura building up to explode. late, the team at CCPD discovered stolen tell and blood samples from the place. it was revealed that Ramsey works in the Morn and his job associated with taking precaution and concern on all in bodies is related to the stolen lineage samples. When Barry went down to the place where the dead bodies were keep, he attempted to help the people who were unconscious, as he passed out from what he thought was exhaustion, but in truth from Ramsey .
After Barry got into an argument with David Singh and CCPD, he and Kristen proceeded to discuss the attest, as he calmed down. finally, he discovered based on the inquiry in their conversation that person must be working down in the morgue in decree to steal and tamper with the evidence and rake samples. as Barry left to become the Flash, even though it was overkill, he proceeded to stop Ramsey, but was forced to bend his knees down on the shock based on the powers Ramsey used to control his lineage, through the use side effects of experimenting with the properties of blood. Ramsey then stated he was going to kill the Flash and the CCPD, but the Flash yelled no and as he did that his powers reacted to his emotions in such a room that a huge bolt of lightning came from his body and struck Ramsey with enormous power, that he plummeted out of his room, crashed through a wall several yards into the air, and landed with an extraordinary floor of invulnerability. With such powers, Flash lone then realized that he did not kill Ramsey, and Ramsey proceeded in an intense battle with the Flash, to face him as the lineage generate and controlling ghastly named Bloodwork. [ 61 ]

Return to Normal & Dhawan ‘s Betrayal

When Meena Dhawan on the spur of the moment returned she betrayed him and Kid Flash, by working with Black Hole. She extracted the Negative Speed Force from him to get it herself. obviously she and Black Hole wanted to study the Negative Speed Force. It turned out that the Negative Speed Force slowly tears you apart if you are additionally connected with the Speed Force, but that did n’t happen to Barry Allen as Meena Dhawan, who goes by the nickname Negative Flash immediately, extracted the Negative Speed Force from him. [ 62 ]

Dark Nights : metallic

To Barry ‘s repugnance, Central city is in the middle Speed Force storm, courtesy of the Red Death. He fights the Red Death and is closely killed before Cyborg saves him .
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cold Days in Hell

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perfect Storm

Gorilla Grodd returns with an army dwell of the forces of Black Hole, Meena Dhawanand Raijin. He slows Central City to a escargot ‘s pace and steals Barry ‘s powers. In his desperation Barry frees Godspeed from Iron Heights prison. [ 63 ] After a while of experiencing and testing Barry regains his power, but incidentally gives Grodd the ability to control his chap Speedsters. After a while of the other Speedsters blaming Barry for bad events, that happened in the past, Barry manages to get through to them and fight them. While the other Speedsters fight negative Flash, Raijin and Grodds Black Hole army, Barry fights Grodd. He uses the telepathic joining, which Grodd established between him and Barry, to trick Grodd into thinking he killed Barry and then he catches him of defend. suddenly a few Gorillas from Gorilla City appear and take Grodd as a prisoner with them. [ 64 ] The Flashes later help houseclean Central City after the storm, Barry then visited Meena on Iron Heights in arrange to help her get down released by talking to the court about how Grodd was controlling her but she refused. Barry and Iris West go to his crime lab where he reintroduces Iris to Wally West, Iris cursorily remembers her nephew and all three contribution a moment together. [ 65 ] Wally experiments a rush of previous memories coming back to him, Barry and Iris take him to Cyborg and his father so they can check on him, when Wally does n’t want more tests Barry goes to the Batcave for answers but finds that Bruce is n’t there. Barry later finds Wally on a place getting memories from the Flash Museum and the two run together to get their minds clear. [ 66 ] While Iris, Barry, Wally, and Wallace are in the garage, the Renegades arrive and demand the apprehension of Iris West for killing Eobard Thawne. Barry tries to defuse the situation but Wally takes Iris and runs while the Flashes fight the Renegades, when Wally has a temporal capture they all make a share with the Renegades to help wally if they come with Iris to the twenty-fifth Century. They arrive to the Temporal Courts, but during travel, Wally gets separated from the rest. [ 67 ] wally found Hunter Zolomon and regained the memories of his children : Irey and Jai. Hunter tells him others are trapped in the Speed Force and the entirely way to free them is to break it to which Wally agrees despite Barry ‘s disapproval. When Wally runs off Barry follows him and stops him from breaking the Speed Force, believing that Hunter was lying. [ 68 ] Barry and Wally race across the global, with Wally still believing in Hunter ‘s words as Barry is helpless to dissuade him, the natural forces besides start to reek havoc. The Justice League later arrived and tried to stop the two speedsters, but they all failed. The two melt and cause a massive break in the Speed Force before ultimately stopping. They meet up with the Justice League as they ‘re soon taken out by Zoom who explains that he lied to Wally to get them both to break the force barrier. He shows the post new Strength Force and Sage Force powers he acquired, puts on Barry ‘s erstwhile flash suit, and claims to be “ The Flash. ” [ 69 ] Barry and Wally follow Hunter into hypertime and stop him before he can alter world, but he escapes before they can catch him. After the two speedsters fight Zolomon, the Speed Force loses all its temporal energy, making it impossible for any speedster to time travel. Barry finds wally in the Mount Hood on Oregon, the two have a brief argument and Wally leaves. [ 70 ] Two days former, Wally meets up with Barry and Iris outside of Central City and later sought help in Sanctuary, a rehabilitation center for both superheroes and reformed villains. One week subsequently, Barry decides to create the Flash Museum. [ 71 ]

power Quest

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Justice/Doom War

During the fight against the Legion of Doom to take the power of the mysterious Totality, Barry, together with Wonder Woman and Aquaman, went on a mission inside the Legion ‘ submerged root. There, they were ambushed by Gorilla Grodd, who thanks to his telepathic powers made Diana and Arthur fight each other, so that he could focus on Barry. Grodd, empowered by the still Force, an inverse to the Speed Force, was able to slow Barry devour and use his own department of energy to free the black sun Umbrax. As martian Manhunter and John Stewart were able to turn the whole satellite into a White Lantern, Flash was able to harness the still Force and use it to close the protective membrane separating their Multiverse from Umbrax, saving the earth. late, he was one of the few Leaguers able to fight during the assail of the Triumvirate of Sea Gods, who released a toxin in the water that would transform anyone into a sea monster. Flash was contaminated, but was able to contain the metamorphosis with the Speed Force. He was then cured once the enemy was defeated. Flash participated in the League ‘s expedition in the Sixth Dimension. Once they were back on earth, they realized Lex Luthor already turned the Multiverse into a handmaid of Doom, and was cook to complete the wake up of Perpetua. thus, Flash and John Stewart took separate on a mission in the past, in the year 1941, to retrieve a shard of the Totality which was lost in time. There, they met the Justice Society of America and Barry, meeting Jason Garrick, felt a strange sensation in his mind and in the Speed Force, even if no one in the portray remembered the JSA. in concert with their new comrades, Barry and John crusade in Pearl Harbor and, thanks besides to the render of Aquaman, were able to retrieve the shard of Totality and bring it to the present. still, Lex and Perpetua were able to win, even with the League construction the Justice Totality. As Perpetua tried to kill all the core members of the League, Barry with the others was saved by the Quintessence, and transported to the Moon. There, they were sent on a travel through time to gather the Anti-Crisis energy, in a stopping point campaign to defeat Perpetua, but were ineffective to win. Coming back to Earth they found out Perpetua chose a new right hand in the Batman who Laughs, and that the evil Batman transformed their planet in his Metalverse .

Heroes in crisis

While battling Samuroids, Booster Gold tells him about the massacre at Sanctuary and the death of Wally West. This causes Barry to run all the way to the Sanctuary to have a look. When he comes back to confront Booster, he punches him due to him being responsible of the apparent death of his nephew. [ 72 ] Barry belated desperately goes inside the Speed Force to look for Wally, hoping that he finds him there, but rather he finds Godspeed, who punches him in the confront. August then leaves but Barry follows him while asking if he knows what happened to Wally, they get out of the Speed Force and Godpeed says that the future needs saving from his mistake, Barry follows him to Iron Heights where he steal some accelerate from Meena and attacks both Wallace and Avery. Flash later beats up August before he leaves saying that he was merely trying to warn him about something, Barry then goes and tells Iris about Wally ‘s end. [ 73 ]

death of the Speed Force

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Rogues ‘ Reign

After Captain Cold and his Rogues had overwhelm Central City into a snowglobe, Barry was locked inside the Ice Height prison along with Trickster. The Flash struggled to free himself from the chain due to the collar chained which depowered his connection with the accelerate power. After learn Captain Cold had murdered Commander Cold, Barry remained hopeless inside until Golden Glider phased in to free the speedster. She told him that his brother did n’t tell her something bass as they broke out to escape from Central City. She explained time and reality are broken and the Flash learned that removing the collar could cause some unstable atom speed force explosion. [ 74 ] In order to prevent the accelerate violence lose control, Barry, Wallace and Avery need to wear the power inhibitor collar while following Glider on their travel to aid those remaining rogues. Golden Glider explained the true plans from his brother and how they need the mirror while to fix the break parts. They felt this is n’t what region of being a rogues and it threw out the core class of the rogues in concert. After Weather Wizard had destroy all the apprehension, Barry is trying to control his speed while Avery and Wallace decide to put in the collar. After discovering the remaining mirror pieces are kept from Mirror Master, they decided to head back to Central City since he lived around at Star-Labs. But the plan failed as Mirror Master threw the Flashes and the rogues into the mirror proportion that leads to King Cold and his troops. Glider explain to his buddy about the deal with Lex but not the doom sigil that can end the world, this cause Cold went amuck as he freeze everyone on his path except the Flash. [ 75 ] They began to brawl fight each early with the Flash tries to free the backup from the methamphetamine. After broke the Mirror Diension which send back to convention in Central City, Barry tried to calm King Cold with the serve of Golden Glider. however, he did n’t stand down and design to unleash the ice before the Flash went to the extreme by beating him. Barry decided to turn in to the patrol policeman after understand he about beat King Cold to death. [ 76 ] After arriving in Arkham Asylum, Pied Pier was there to help the three speedsters by channeling a machine which stable the atom of the speed power. While they are in process, Golden Glider secretly broke his brother out from the Asylum and escaped before the Flash got his luck to chase after them. After stablise Barry ‘s amphetamine power, he and Iris receive a calling from the Future Flash, warning them about the Paradox. [ 77 ]

The Flash Ages

back at his Crime Lab, Barry is intercepted by Godspeed, who warned him to stop looking for Paradox, but Barry suited astir and chased after August merely to be ambushed by Paradox himself, who tells him that the long time of the Flash must end. Paradox told August to kill The Flash in order to prove that he can know what happened to his buddy. [ 78 ] This was all a fluke though, as August was a double over agentive role and betrayed Paradox in order to protect Barry, but he was ultimately beaten while Barry tried to fight Paradox to no avail. [ 79 ] After learning from Iris that the alone one that could stop Paradox was the Reverse-Flash and escaping a kingdom beyond the multiverse where Paradox primitively was at, Barry went looking for Eobard. [ 80 ] Barry went to back to the night his beget nox but had to wait for the Reverse-Flash to be done so he could ask for his help on how to stop Paradox, once Eobard realized he was there the two fight until the villain learns of Paradox ‘s safety valve and offers him to team up, realising that it ‘s the lone room, Barry reluctantly accepts. [ 81 ] The two rivals travel to the future and get Eobard ‘s Lightning Rod binding from the Flash museum, they then travel to the by only for Eobard to try and kill Paradox before he even gets his powers, as in this time Paradox was an innocent father, Barry tried to stop Eobard and the two contend once again. The two were then encountered by Paradox who ended up killing his past self, Eobard tried to stop him but his Lightning Rod did n’t work this time and Paradox unleashed all his energy in order to erase the time flow. [ 82 ] During the fourth dimension storm, Barry along Godspeed keep Paradox busy while Eobard goes and saves Chris before he becomes Paradox without creating any more time alterations. After erasing Paradox, the three speedsters return to the present entirely for Eobard to kill August while revealing that he was the one who killed his buddy before leaving. [ 83 ]

The Finish Line

The Flash would then help both Kid Flash and Avery Ho stop Tar Pit before telling them that Godspeed was killed by Eobard Thawne. Barry tells them that it ‘s better if he deals with Thawne alone, but when the two unseasoned speedster follow him to the Speed Lab it ‘s revealed that he just does n’t want them to see how he needs to kill Eobard. [ 84 ] Just when Barry started to stop worrying about Eobard ‘s next move, Central City is attacked by a The Legion of Zoom, a supervillain team formed by Thawne who took some of his rogues from different points in prison term. [ 85 ] Barry sent Iris, Wallace and Avery away while he deals with Eobard and his team, he besides calls his church father in ordain to make surely he went to a safe house, Barry goes to his childhood home believe he ‘ll find the Legion there, but alternatively he ‘s attacked by Dawn and Don, his kids from a frightful future. He ‘s then attacked by the rest of the Legion and is holded by his kids while Eobard takes over his soundbox to assume the title of the Flash, Barry wakes up in the Speed Force where he ‘s attacked by dmonic versions of Max Mercury and Jesse Quick. [ 86 ] The two speedsters help Barry not get lost in the Speed Force by fightning back, Barry remembers both of them as they try to help him push out into the Speed Force with his mind. Barry manages to regain manipulate of his body [ 87 ] After brienflyng encountering Inertia, Barry sticks up to all his memories and what makes him the Flash in holy order to regain control of his body, Barry besides decides to take both Max and Jesse with him so all three of them go back to the real global and encounter the rest of the Flash Family to fight the Legion. [ 88 ] During the fight, a batch of other speedsters join in ot fight the Legion while Eobard reveals to Barry that he was behind a batch of their holocene tragedies thanks to the soporific frequency he has from to the Negative Speed Force, the two are then intercepted by Wally who tells Barry to find him before disappearing, this made Barry comply Eobard through the Time Stream claiming that he will kill him. [ 89 ] In reality, Barry decides not alone to forgive Eobard for everything he had done, but decides to alter time so that Eobard never became the Reverse-Flash, this works because during an attack he let some his rush Force into Eobard ‘s body, preventing him from becoming a know paradox and giving Thawne a passive life. Barry then returns to the present while seeing that everything is set back to convention, including the horde of Zoom and his future children. [ 90 ] With his life exempt from Thawne, Flash went bet on to his hero duties and stopped the Trickster [ 91 ], he by and by faced off with Doctor Alchemy. [ 92 ]

Death Metal

Barry attempted to go back in clock time to undo the rise of Perpetua and the Batman Who Laughs, but failed, draining his increasingly conection to the Speed Force even promote. He late went to the Valhalla Cemetery where he reunited with Jay Garrick and Wally West who had been empowered by the Mobius Chair. [ 93 ] Despite being sealed bunker protected by science and magic, the Robin King and The Batman Who Laughs, now a divine being calling himself the Darkest Knight, were able to breach their defences while Wonder Woman and other heroes enacted a plan to channel the Crisis energy being fed to Perpetua into Wally so he could remake the Multiverse. Barry and the other Flashes fled through a portal vein created by Doctor Fate with the Darkest Knight in hot pastime. [ 94 ] The Flashes were joined by Kid Flash. As the Speed Force had been greatly belittled and was dwindling by the moment they just barely managed to stay ahead of the Darkest Knight, who late summoned a horde of Dark Flashes to chase them down. This dark Flashes were able to match them in travel rapidly and accelerated the burnout of the Speed Force. As they closed in, Wally used Johnny Quick ‘s Speed Formula to briefly break time so they could stop outside of the Flash Museum. Barry criticized this as it strained the Speed Force even further. wally wanted to run back into and through the horde to go after the Mobius Chair, while Barry wanted to continue to run ahead. Wally ran into the museum, declaring that if Barry would n’t come with him he would go alone. Barry followed him into the museum and the two were able to talk about their conflict as Wally told him how he still felt like he was in Barry ‘s shadow despite everything he had achieved and worked for while Barry was gone, while Barry admitted that because he was n’t there to see wally grow up, he still thought of him as his buddy and found it difficult to treat him as the man and bomber he had become. Barry agreed to follow Wally ‘s plan and they rejoined the others. At the moment time resumed, the four run into the horde, smashing through their note and racing towards the Chair. Jay and Wallace could n’t keep up and fell back to slow the Dark Flashes devour, but the Darkest Knight was still gaining on Barry and Wally. Barry transferred the survive of his accelerate to Wally to give him the promote he needed and Wally pushed himself vitamin a hard as he could, making Wally reach the Chair an blink of an eye before the Dark Flashes could catch him and disappeared with it into the Speed Force. Barry was sent to the Speed Force excessively along with the rest of the Flash Family, he late followed Wally as he lead the charge to deliver the Chair to Wonder Woman so that she could execute her plan. [ 95 ] After Wonder Woman defeated the Darkest Knight the multiverse was remade into an Omniverse by The Hands. Barry took Wally to meet the Totality on their quad station, and informed him of the new social organization of the multiverse. [ 96 ]

Infinite Frontier

After the Darkest Knight, Barry was offered a identify on Justice Incarnate in order to explore the raw multiverse and function it. He accepted this propose, but before making it official he contacted Wally, choosing him to be the main Flash on Earth once again. [ 97 ] Barry explored much of the know Multiverse, but tidal bore to research for its changes, he tried to use his super speed to travel to the new reality Earth Omega. Barry raced across the acknowledge 52 realities and finally managed to jump to Earth Omega. There, he found the dead bodies of the Quintessence ; before he could investigate, he was attacked by the Psycho-Pirate, who had been granted newfangled powers by Darkseid. Psycho-Pirate told Barry that another crisis is coming, and Barry will help them find the person Darkseid needs. [ 98 ] Psycho-Pirate placed Barry in a giant turbine and gave him the illusion that he was racing to save the Multiverse. In reality, the turbine was generating energy Darkseid would use to open the cracks in the Multiverse and access the office beyond. [ 99 ] Barry was freed from the turbine by President Superman and subsequently disappeared. He awoke in the ruins of Multiverse-2, where he was met by Pariah, who claimed he had found a better way than the constant cycles of worlds being destroyed and rebooted. He disintegrated Barry and then re-materialized him in Earth-Flash.1, a air pocket dimension where he would be happy, forever. [ 100 ] Justice League Incarnate came to Earth-Flash.1 to try to rescue him, but Barry did not recognize them, and ran off when they tried to take him. [ 101 ]




  • Power Instability: According to Nightwing, the Flash needs room to operate while in a hand-to-hand battle. When an opponent gets in close, Barry’s blows are so fast, they could start to land on his own body.[310][21]
  • Vulnerability to Dimensional Bursts: Amanda Waller stated that the Speed Force which fuel Barry Allen’s powers can be disrupted by a potent enough extradimensional energy burst. She selected Cisco Ramone as a member of the Counter League Task Force to oppose the Justice League to work against the Flash, as Vibe’s powers could disrupt his connection to the force in various ways. During one of their bouts, Barry permanently lost some of his speed due to Vibe’s attack.
  • Vulnerability to Extreme Temperatures: If Barry is shot, hit, or falls for a trap that includes extreme temperatures of hot or cold. It can affect his durability and/or nullify his Speed Force abilities.[311][312]
  • Vulnerability to EMP: If Barry becomes trapped in containment cell that involves an electromagnetic pulse, he will be unable to vibrate out to escape.[176]
Former Weaknesses
  • Negative Speed Force Sickness: While infected with the Negative Speed Force, Barry was commonly nauseous and exhausted whenever he stopped using his powers, forcing him to use them sparingly. His ability to heal had also slowed significantly. It was revealed by Meena Dhawan that Barry was dying due to the Negative Speed Force conflicting with his positive. Fortunately, Barry was cured by Dhawan stealing his connection to the Negative Speed Force.
  • Power Instability: Also, while he was infected with the Negative Speed Force, Barry had a tough time controlling his new powers. His lightning, as well as powerful shockwaves produced by his slipstreams, caused widespread destruction. Barry also caused whatever he was phasing through to explode. However, when training with Kid Flash, his Negative Speed Force aura was calm, due to Wallace’s unique Speed Force connection balancing his out.



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