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Season 5 » Episode 18

Episode number

110 of 171

Original airdate

April 16, 2019

Written by

Judalina Neira
Kelly Wheeler

Directed by

Danielle Panabaker


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Images ” Godspeed “ is the eighteenth episode of the fifth temper of The Flash, and the one-hundred-tenth sequence overall. It aired on April 16, 2019 .



Barry is enraged about Nora ‘s treachery and takes it out on Sherloque, angry at him for not telling everyone else sooner. At Ralph ‘s trace, they take a front at Nora ‘s diary to learn the truth. In 2049, Nora is late to a crime scene : a rob chemical hand truck. At the view, Nora concludes that the perpetrator picked the lock on the truck, disabled the camera and got what he came for before a failsafe chemical in the camera could knock him out. back at CCPD, Nora shares her theory with her lab-mate Lia that a speedster was creditworthy for the larceny, despite the fact that all known speedsters have n’t been seen since 2024. Nora checks the Flash Museum, once S.T.A.R. Labs, for clues when she picks a shout from her ma – Iris. unfortunately, the museum closes before she can find out what she needs. Lia calls Nora over to another lab where on old teacher of the early ‘s helps them figure out what the chemicals are used for. On their way out, the speedster speeds in and takes more chemicals. He declares himself to be the God of Speed.

The speedster fires lightning at Nora, launching her against a metallic element rack and knocking her extinct. She wakes up in the hospital, where Lia shows her a little part of metal that was in her shoulder. After goofing about with Nora ‘s powers in the lab, she fails in her beginning field day as a superhero. To figure out the speedster ( dubbed “ Godspeed “ by Lia ) is up to, Nora decides to speak to another nefarious speedster. Nora goes to Iron Heights Prison to see Thawne, who quickly figures out Nora is a new speedster, but will not help her. back at the lab, Lia tells Nora she did n’t get her powers from Godspeed ‘s attack — the slice of metallic element in Nora ‘s shoulder was a power-dampener made by S.T.A.R. Labs 25 years ago. Concluding that her mother put the chip in her, Nora is torn about whether she can trust her ever again. The two are having coffee bean when they figure out the death component Godspeed needs to utilize what he already stole. They check the lone lab in the city that has the chemical. godspeed shows up, but Nora is no catch for him. He defeats Nora, kills Lia, and leaves with the chemical. In deliver day, the Team reads that Nora ‘s closest supporter died in her arms. Iris sees the second prospect Nora gave her in malice of what she did in the future. In return, Iris does the same and releases Nora from the Pipeline, despite Barry ‘s objections. bet on in 2049, Nora confronts Iris about the power-dampening chip. She later learns Godspeed ‘s real name is August Heart. After visiting the Flash Museum once again, she realizes that Godspeed is trying to recreate Velocity 9 and make its effects permanent. She goes to see Thawne again, who last agrees to help her. He leads her to a lab that has the device Godspeed needs to stabilize his Velocity 9.

Godspeed arrives and Nora manages to get a power-dampener cuff on him. unfortunately, Godspeed uses another dose of Velocity 9, allowing him to break free of the cuff. After a chase around the city, at Thawne ‘s recommendation, Nora leads Godspeed before a satellite, which immediately destabilizes the Velocity 9 in his system. She goes to Iron Heights to celebrate with Thawne. She asks him to train her fair to discover he ‘s on death row. alternatively, Thawne directs her to the Time Vault in the Flash Museum, where she finds a television her dad left before he vanished in the Crisis. In the present day, Nora tries to explain herself. Barry asks everyone for a moment alone with Nora. Despite understanding why she went to Thawne for avail, he reiterates that he does n’t trust her after she lied about working with him. He takes her back to 2049, warning her that he will know if she comes back to his time through the Speed Force. Barry confronts Thawne in Iron Heights, who tells the former not to blame his daughter for what happened. Barry speeds off, leaving Thawne closer to death row .



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  • It’s noted that no speedster other than Godspeed has white lightning. However, Savitar’s lightning was white whenever he wore his suit.
    • However, when Savitar ran without his armor, his lightning was yellow, meaning that Savitar’s lightning wasn’t actually white; it just looked that way because of the way it reflected off of his armor, as stated by Tracy Brand.
  • An intelligent CSI like Lia would know the way to open a drum with a lock-ring closure is to loosen the bolt on the lid ring. Instead, she wastes valuable time trying to pry the lid off with a bung wrench, which is useless for either approach, as it is designed to open an entirely different type of drum.


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