Killer Frost

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I know that we love you, and we would do everything that we can to help you. You and I, we’ve been through too much together to let each other down now. Please, let me help you.
Like you helped your mother? Or Wally? Or me? You keep messing with everyone’s lives, wrecking everything, and we’re left behind to pick up the pieces from your mistakes. Some things you break can’t be put back together!
—Barry Allen tries to talk down Caitlin Snow from her Killer Frost-induced rampage

“Killer Frost”



Season 3 » Episode 7

Episode number

53 of 171

Original airdate

November 22, 2016

Written by

Story by:
Judalina Neira
Teleplay by:
Andrew Kreisberg
Brooke Roberts

Directed by

Kevin Smith


Preceded by

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Images ” Killer Frost “ is the seventh sequence of the third gear season of The Flash, and the fifty-third episode overall. It aired on November 22, 2016 .




particular appearance by

Guest star




With Barry ‘s life sentence threatened by Savitar, Cisco and Caitlin are convinced by H.R. to go help him with their powers. Cisco takes them to Barry through a gap, giving himself a badly migraine in the action. On Barry ‘s command, Caitlin releases a good time of her frosting powers, momentarily making Savitar visible to them as he freezes. however, the evil speedster breaks easy and runs away. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin gives Cisco something for his concern, telling him he will be fine with some respite. Caitlin by and by goes to CCPD, where she finds Joe West in the interrogation board with a follower of Alchemy. She lies to Joe that Wally has recovered, prompting him to leave. Caitlin then sneaks into the question room, where she then freezes the security camera, causing her hair to partially turn white as a side effect of her powers. Caitlin then asks the follower about Alchemy ‘s whereabouts. Caitlin does not get the answers she wants and lashes out, catching the attention of two nearby patrol officers. Caitlin fills the room with mist. As the officers enter, she leaves under the cover of her obscure and freezes the door handle, locking them inside. julian Albert sees Caitlin leaving the room and tries to talk to her. Caitlin then takes julian hostage. julian is brought to a freeze food warehouse, where Caitlin orders him to work on a search for Dr. Alchemy ; however, as the terms are besides common, she changes the search to Savitar. Upon hearing about a cryokinetic meta-human kidnapping Julian, Barry and Cisco realize Caitlin has lost manipulate of her powers. They find her using a method they once used for the Cold accelerator. As the Flash, Barry knocks out julian and learns Caitlin wants to find Alchemy to get rid of her powers, blaming Barry for causing her to turn into a cold-hearted cause of death. The patrol arrive, forcing Barry to get Caitlin out of sight. She severs one of his leg muscles, telling him not to follow her. A few hours belated, Barry heals, deciding to pay Julian a chew the fat to keep Caitlin from getting arrested. He promises not to tell Singh, indeed long as Barry resigns ; Julian besides tells him about the Savitar search Caitlin had him do. Barry informs the rest of the team about Caitlin ‘s plan. Cisco goes to watch one of the Acolytes, while H.R. and Joe watch the moment. H.R. tells Joe during their stakeout that he should trust his gut when it comes to Wally. Caitlin attacks the Acolyte Cisco was watching, learning that he was told by Savitar that she is destined to become Killer Frost. Barry arrives and joins Cisco in fighting Caitlin, who about kills Barry with a freeze kiss. Cisco knocks her out, allowing Barry to thaw himself out. Taking Caitlin to the Pipeline, Barry and Cisco learn Joe broke Wally out of the cocoon besides soon, keeping him from properly adapting to his powers. Needing the old Caitlin back, Barry dares her to kill him for her free. fortunately, her true feel for self reasserts itself. She creates a serum to heal Wally ‘s brain, bringing him back to his senses. binding at the hospital, julian hears Savitar ‘s voice, leading him back to the C.C.P.D. where he pulls out the mask of Dr. Alchemy.




The Flash 3x07 Promo "Killer Frost" (HD) Season 3 Episode 7 Promo The Flash 3×07 Promo “ Killer Frost ” ( HD ) Season 3 Episode 7 PromoThe Flash Killer Frost Trailer The CW The Flash Killer Frost Trailer The CWThe Flash 3x07 Sneak Peek "Killer Frost" (HD) Season 3 Episode 7 Sneak Peek The Flash 3×07 Sneak Peek “ Killer Frost ” ( HD ) Season 3 Episode 7 Sneak Peek

The Flash Killer Frost Scene The CW The Flash Killer Frost Scene The CWThe Flash Inside The Flash Killer Frost The CW The Flash Inside The Flash Killer Frost The CW


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