How Will The Flash Explain The Return Of Nora’s XS When Bart Allen Arrives?

Despite Nora West-Allen ’ s erasure from the Arrowverse in Season 5 of The Flash, Jessica Parker Kennedy is making a return in the hundred-and-fiftieth episode of The Flash, aboard Jordan Fisher ’ s Bart Allen, who will make his Arrowverse debut in the series ’ milestone sequence. The announcement that Kennedy will be returning to the superhero series came as a surprise, so how precisely will Nora come spinal column as x ? In Season 4 of The Flash, Nora West-Allen came to contemporary Central City in order to meet the father she never actually got to know, and became partially of Team Flash. At the meter, she was besides working with Eobard Thawne, in arrange to destroy Cicada ’ mho dagger and save Barry from vanishing in a future crisis. however, after Team Flash defeated the second Cicada by administering the meta-human remedy to her younger self and destroying her uncle ’ s dagger, Nora was erased from being once a new timeline began to set, breaking her parents ’ hearts. Nora, along with the presentation of her buddy, Bart, will be appearing in The Flash ’ s 150th sequence later this season. It ’ s not however known how or why, given that Nora no long exists and the latter is besides in the future. however, it ’ s possible that Nora now exists again thanks to the crisis from “ Crisis on Infinite Earths ” that changed then much in the Arrwoverse. Or possibly Bart is like his don and unintentionally time-traveled, or possibly Nora ended up doing something to save herself before she was erased. But how is this happening ? We have some theories about that.

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Crisis on Infinite Earths

The consequence of Crisis left not entirely a different universe, and Earth-Prime, but besides many different storylines and characters that were not there earlier. This was explained extensively in The Flash, as not only were some of the villains they had defeated nowadays free, but they besides had some new members on Team Flash. With the changing storylines, it ’ s possible that Nora was one of those changes. Since who Team Flash fought or didn ’ t crusade was changed post-Crisis, the outcomes could very much be unlike, vitamin a well. even if Team Flash did fight Cicada, possibly Nora wasn ’ thymine used at all. And the other thing is that Nora came from a future where Barry went missing in 2024 due to Crisis. Since crisis came much earlier than anticipated, and the consequence again was identical different than what was described in that iconic news article, it ’ mho besides completely possible that ascribable to Crisis coming early and Barry not disappearing, this led to Barry and Iris having children in the near future, making it potential for Nora to silent be there in the future.

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Like Father, Like Son?

Another way that Nora and Bart ’ s arrival can be explained could be that Bart, like his forefather, unintentionally time-traveled. It ’ s potential that, while training or doing something while running, he made changes that could lead to his sister not being erased. Although it ’ s not known how a lot of an influence Barry has on his son in the future, it is known that Bart is described as “ the fastest adolescent on the planet ” and his “ preference for wildly impulsive behavior ” will leave his parents stunned as they attempt to teach their son solitaire once he arrives in the present day. While things are being kept on the down first gear about this episode, it ’ second clearly that Bart has no sense of self-control, which may be proven by his time-travel. ( visualize credit : The CW )

Was Nora Truly Erased?

Nora first came onto The Flash in the “ Crisis on Earth-X ” crossing, when she was a waitress at her parents ’ marry, before it got interrupted by crazy Nazis. Throughout Season 4, she made insidious appearances, trying to get any glance of her forefather that she could. She then introduced herself as Barry and Iris ’ daughter at the end of the season, and officially joined Team Flash in Season 5, helping them take down Central City ’ s worst criminals, including Cicada. Cicada ’ s kill resulted in Nora getting erased, but is it possible it was just a time end and not in truth Nora ? possibly Nora was able to get back to the future before Cicada was defeated, and her time end was left behind. Or possibly it was her, but from a unlike ground ? There are so many possibilities of how Bart comes to the give, and many more about how Nora, who is supposed to be non-existent, is reunited with her parents. Since the 150th episode is the seventeenth episode of Season 7, we are merely scantily halfway to the milestone. It ’ s possible that once the episode gets closer, we could be seeing elusive hints at fair how Barry and Iris ’ children come to the present, and why. And will they be surprised and emotional at not lone seeing their son for the first fourth dimension, but besides their daughter, whom they thought they would never see again ? New episodes of The Flash air Tuesdays at 8 post meridiem EST on The CW .

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