The Flash’s Jessica Parker Kennedy Had To Hide That Nora Twist For A Long Time

The “ mystery girlfriend ” in Season 4 of The Flash had many folks speculating her true identity, although the express ‘s latest addition to the Flash syndicate, Jessica Parker Kennedy, was not one of them. Kennedy confessed to CinemaBlend and others at a round table at San Diego Comic-Con she knew her character was the future child of Barry and Iris months before the unwrap, and it became her cross to bear. Kennedy said hiding the mysterious of Nora West-Allen was n’t easy, specially when the cast was good adenine rampant as the fans in wanting to know all her character ‘s secrets .

Yeah, I knew for months. It was a truly nerve-racking thing to not talk about. besides, because Costumes did n’t know, and there was silent some cast that did n’t know. So it was terribly, because I was there, and they were like, ‘Tell us who you are, tell us who you are. ‘ And I was like, ‘ I think if I tell you who I am, I might get fired before I truly tied get started. so yea, I knew for a long prison term .

Jessica Parker Kennedy made her foremost official appearance in the Arrow-verse during the mega-crossover “ crisis on Earth-X. ” The quality would make three more on-screen appearances before her official uncover in the Season 4 finale, which meant there was a fair stretch of time Kennedy was on The Flash laid keeping her secret. amazingly, the hurl and tied the costume department were in the night about Kennedy play Barry and Iris ‘ daughter, so the actress implied she got little peace as people bombarded with questions about her character.

As for how a lot the writers told Kennedy about what Nora would be doing on The Flash, the actress confirmed she was told “ quite a bit. ” fortunately, there was such a gap between her initial conversation with the writers and when she went to work as Nora she forgot most of it, which had to alleviate some of the pressure of spilling the beans to co-stars :

To be in truth honest with you, they told me quite a morsel. And then it was so long before I ended up working and doing it, that I kind of forget a distribute. And it was n’t until I went to the writers room the other day and got refreshed, and got more details about what ‘s going on. then immediately I know most of the season, and what ‘s going on, but they told it to me in a flash. They told me as fast as they could possibly tell me, then I was trying to take all of it in. There ‘s so much in every season .

The good news is The Flash fans at least know a morsel of what Jessica Parker Kennedy knows now, as past newsworthiness on Season 5 has revealed Nora will do quite a bit of bonding with her parents. We besides know Barry will be concerned with Nora ‘s dabble in time locomotion and worried his daughter might unintentionally erase herself from being. Of course, there are still plenty of other things we do n’t know about Nora that we ‘d like to discover, but possibly fans should give Kennedy a gamble to relax and give her a break on questions until the season actually gets begin.

The Flash returns to The CW Tuesday, October 9, at 8:00 post meridiem Keep pill on what early superhero shows are premiering in the approximate future with our superhero premier guide and get the big video of what ‘s coming to television with our summer and fall premier guide .

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