The Flash’s Former Showrunner Cut Patty Spivot Early

Actress Shantel VanSanten reveals a early showrunner cut her function as Patty Spivot on The Flash inadequate. Grant Gustin ‘s Barry Allen first appeared on the CW ‘s Arrow before getting his own show in 2014, frankincense becoming the beginning by-product to populate the now-highly-successful Arrowverse. With Arrow having finished its operate earlier this year, The Flash has the distinction of being the longest-running Arrowverse show that is presently airing. Season 6 concluded earlier this year, albeit in shorten class because of the coronavirus pandemic, and the seventh season will arrive in 2021 with most other Arrowverse shows .
Fans of Barry and his comic koran stories will know he ‘s constantly been destined to end up with Iris West ( Candice Patton ). however, like any dear television couple, Barry and Iris took some time to get together, and even had fleeting romances with other people. In season 2, VanSanten ( who recently wrapped up a turn on The Boys ) joined The Flash as Patty Spivot, a sweet CCPD officeholder. right from the get down, Patty was set up to be a love concern for Barry, and while the two embarked on a brief relationship, it ended when Patty opted to leave Central City to study forensics .
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VanSanten only appeared in 10 episodes of The Flash, but she was supposed to stick around for longer. While speaking to TVLine, VanSanten opened up about her Flash exit, explaining that it actually came about because of an angry former showrunner. “ I don ’ triiodothyronine think it was supposed to end a promptly as it did, ” VanSanten said. During The Flash season 2, VanSanten booked a character on USA’s Shooter, which many assumed to be the reason for her sudden departure. however, that seems to not be the sheath. VanSanten continued, “ I don ’ t know if a unharmed bunch of people know this, but I actually worked it out with my shrink so I could finish the solid temper and be around. But a showrunner that ’ s no longer on that show was identical upset with me, and so he put me on a educate all of a sudden, and I left. ”
Patty Spivot in The Flash VanSanten did n’t mention which showrunner crafted her exit, though she did say they are no retentive working on The Flash. During season 2, there were four different showrunners, and one of them, Andrew Kreisberg, was fired from the Arrowverse in 2017 following allegations of sexual misconduct. Of course, that does not necessarily mean Kreisberg was the one who chose to write out Patty early ; all of the showrunners involved with temper 2 are no long working on The Flash. They were Todd Helbing, Aaron Helbing, and Gabrielle Stanton.

Despite the fact that everyone knew Barry was supposed to be with Iris, many were defeated to see Patty leave so soon. It ‘s unfair that her storyline was cut short-change plainly because a showrunner was dissatisfied with VanSanten ‘s approaching roles. While there was decidedly an afford for Patty to return to The Flash, it seems improbable that it will happen any time soon. At least Patty was hush able to receive a proper ending with Barry, even if it came far sooner than expected .
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The Flash   season 7 will premiere in 2021 .
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