The Flash Season 7 Episode 12 Review: Good-Bye Vibrations

Cisco Ramon has left the build up .
The writers put their very best into The Flash Season 7 Episode 12 to say farewell to a copulate of members of Team Flash, including one who has been there since the beginning .
It was an hour full of dear moments, but it besides never took itself excessively seriously to keep the temper angstrom faint as possible. What more could you expect from Cisco ‘s adieu episode ?
so far, The Flash Season 7 has missed the marker with its storytelling in a couple of ways. But there ‘s nothing like a final episode for one of the series ‘ original stars to get it back on traverse.

” adieu Vibrations ” was OG The Flash through and through .

Are you guys debriefing without me ?

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This usher has the ability to balance hilarious scenes and serious heart-to-heart talks between its characters perfectly. And when it can do then, that ‘s when The Flash is at its best .
If this sequence were a big sobfest with all of the characters saying their goodbyes to Cisco and Kamilla, it fair would n’t work. That ‘s why it was bright of the writers to include the Rainbow Raider floor .
The scene where Barry and Cisco were affected by Rainbow Raider ‘s powers was a joy to watch, and I ‘m certain it was just angstrom fun to film for all actors involved .
It decidedly broke the tension that had been brewing ever since Cisco and Kamilla told Barry, Caitlin, and Iris that they were moving .
It was besides a crack for the audience because happiness can be contagious, and how can you not smile when watching Barry break dance ?

Caitlin : Since when do you know how to break-dance ?
Barry : Since I sped watch seventeen break dance videos on-line ?

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There was a mottle hover over all of us going into this particular episode because we knew we were going to say adieu to Cisco. But this view was a ray of cheerfulness that we decidedly were not expecting .
Plus, it led to Cisco airing out his ache feelings once he was cured of Rainbow Raider ‘s influence .
At least to viewers, it was obvious that Barry and Caitlin were putting on a weather front for Cisco. But Cisco did n’t see that, and you ca n’t blame him for being hurt by his best friends ‘ apparent indifference to his go .
It was merely a matter of time before he confronted them .
Barry and Caitlin fessed up to their design and apologized for their error. They thought it would have been better for everyone if they were n’t emotional about Cisco moving, particularly since Barry believed he would have tried to convince him to stay .

Caitlin : We are going to miss you so much.
Cisco : I ‘m gon na miss you, besides.
Barry : honestly, man, I was scared if we started talking about you leaving, I would ask you to stay. And possibly you actually would. I could n’t do that to my best acquaintance. From the irregular I woke up, after being hit by lightning, you have been there. You were there every step of this travel. There would n’t be a Flash without Cisco Ramon.
Cisco : I did build some reasonably rad suits .

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It has been a while since we have seen such an emotional scene between the three master members of Team Flash, and it decidedly did not disappoint .
Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin have been there for one another since the begin. They are each other ‘s best friends, and it ‘s going to be so eldritch not to see Cisco debriefing with them at S.T.A.R. Labs in the future .
Cisco has been one of the best parts of this appearance since The Flash Season 1, and we ‘re happy that he had such a commodity sendoff .
” adieu Vibrations ” accurately represented Cisco Ramon ‘s character, with a couple of slap-happy moments, Star Wars references, Mecha-Vibe saving the day, and closing it all out with karaoke .
And one of the best parts was the flashback collage as Cisco reminisced about his time in Central City .
Seven seasons in, it can be easy to forget the earlier seasons and how much of an impact a character has had on a read. This scene was a reminder of Cisco ‘s influence and how a lot The Flash has meant to him. Goodbyes are unfairly difficult .
Cisco was n’t the only one leaving Central City, even though the focus was chiefly on him for most of the hour.

Kamilla besides had a few goodbyes to say herself, most notably to the one person who gave her a subcontract and believed in her ability as a photographer ; Iris .
If we ‘re honest, the adieu between Kamilla and Iris would have had more of an impact if there were barely one or two more scenes that explored Iris ‘s reluctance to replace her photographer .

iris : Kamilla, you know better than anyone that we do n’t equitable cover local anesthetic politics and football scores. We need person who can handle everything.
Kamilla : And I get that. But, I mean, even I could n’t handle everything on day one. So possibly expecting everything from the beginning is asking a spot much .

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Iris was obviously having difficulty accepting that Kamilla was leaving, but we did n’t see her working through those emotions. All of a sudden, she was apologizing to Kamilla, and everything was all right .
Iris and Kamilla have formed a potent friendship, and it would have been big to see them have a stronger adieu. In any case, we ‘ll miss Kamilla and her contributions to Team Citizen .
Goodbyes aside, we have to talk about that ending .
It was ache for the writers to incorporate the following plotline into an episode dedicated to Cisco and Kamilla. That way, this episode still contributed to the overarching season story .

Caitlin : Wow, that was fast.
Cisco : yea, well, it helps when your best ally is The Flash, does n’t it ?
Caitlin : surely does .

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The Forces storyline has been wrapped, which means that we are in storehouse for another Graphic Novel. And it seems as though it is going to involve Psycho Pirate .
When Cecile looked into the mirror, the mask she had on her face was evocative of Psycho Pirate ‘s .
I do not have a clue as to what this means or how the come episodes will play out, but it decidedly has me intrigued .
What did you think, The Flash Fanatics ?
How much will you miss Cisco and Kamilla ? Do you wish we saw more of Kamilla and Iris ‘s adieu ? Were you shocked that Rainbow Raider had beneficial intentions behind her robberies ? How heartwarming was the karaoke scene ?
And what do you think Psycho Pirate has in storehouse for Cecile and Team Flash ?
Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch The Flash on-line correct here via television receiver Fanatic !
The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW .

adieu Vibrations

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