The Flash Season 7, Episode 13, ‘Masquerade’ Recap & Spoilers

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for The Flash Season 7, Episode 13, “Masquerade,” which aired Tuesday on The CW.
team Flash has an imposter among them as Chester P. Runk struggles to fill the shoes that Cisco left buttocks and find his own moral force within the ensemble. And as honest-to-god relics from the Arrowverse ‘s past resurface, Cecile Horton is forced to confront her own traumatic past if she hopes to save herself, the Flash and Central City from a supervillain impersonating her on the away. As the imposter Cecile arrives back dwelling, she provides Joe with a file about Kristen Kramer ‘s past military service as he continues to investigate the extra research worker that led him to resign from the Central City Police Department. Unbeknownst to Joe, however, Cecile ‘s true awareness is trapped in a mind prison resembling a psychiatric hospital .
As Chester renovates the S.T.A.R. Labs workshop to reflect his own sensibilities while cataloging the archives that Cisco left him before departing from Central City, where he finds Barry and Iris trying to procreate. Embarrassed by being caught with his pants down — closely literally — Barry races off to meet with Cecile on a new case, only to be mentally attacked by the villain masquerade as her, winding up in the same mental prison as the real Cecile. Caitlin and Chester discover Barry ‘s prone body and realize that he may go permanently comatose unless they find a way to heal him in time.

relate : The CW Sets Fall Premiere Dates for The Flash, Batwoman, Walker and More Pretending to use her empathic powers, the Cecile imposter reveals that Barry ‘s condition is linked to Psycho Pirate ‘s dissemble ; while the supervillain remains imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, the mask is on display at the Central City Museum. Chester plays right into the imposter ‘s plot by suggesting they seize the mask for themselves to heal Barry, and fortunately, Sue Dearbon is back in town to assist with the heist. As Sue runs the strategy with Chester and Cecile, she senses something is off about the unharmed continue. Sue well deactivates the museum ‘s security system system while the Cecile imposter uses her powers to brainwash a guard to open the vault where the disguise is kept .
Inside the imposter ‘s mental prison, Barry discovers the very Cecile has been locked away since the storm that unleashed the new Forces on Central City. Leading Cecile through the maze, Barry is ambushed by the imposter, causing the forcible condition of his body to steadily worsen. As Caitlin detects an extra genius signature in Barry ‘s neurological scan, Iris realizes that the Cecile they ‘re working with is n’t who she appears to be. Seizing the disguise and wielding its huge power, the imposter reveals itself as the psychic embodiment of the mask and forces Sue to tranquilize herself and escape.

relate : Supergirl ‘s True Finale Could Be an Arrowverse Crossover in The Flash Season 8 Barry realizes the mental prison he ‘s trapped in is based on an earlier experience of the substantial Cecile, who confesses that it ‘s based on the psychiatric hospital she was admitted to after spiraling from the injury of her mother ‘s death. As Barry consoles Cecile, they realize she has office over their shared prison, with Cecile confronting her trauma to empower them with the means to escape. interim, the imposter has broken into S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ archives to use the Thinker ‘s president to amplify the masquerade ‘s abilities and ascend far in power .
With Barry on the verge of enduring brain death as the imposter confronts him back inside the mind prison, Iris faces off with the villain ‘s physical form on her toilet, distracting her retentive enough for Chester to deactivate the professorship. This coincides with Cecile defeating her doppelgänger in the mental prison, leading her and Barry ‘s consciousnesses to safety. As the mask is sent to a special parturiency facility to prevent it from pulling a similar trick, Sue announces she ‘s staying with Team Flash for the interim. And as Joe is reunited with Cecile, he reveals that the casing file on Kramer hints that she is working with an obscure enemy all along, making the especial research worker more baleful than she seems.

The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh. New episodes breeze Tuesdays at 8 post meridiem ET/PT on The CW .
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