The Flash season 7, episode 18 review: Heart of the Matter, Part 2

“The impossible is your thing! You can figure it out!” Spoilers for The Flash season 7, episode 18 follow. After venturing into Godspeed ’ south mind, Team Flash immediately knows what his endgame is : To steal the amphetamine that he believes is rightfully his. nowadays, with an ultimatum, they must decide what they need to do to defeat him. And in The Flash ‘ s season 7 stopping point, “ Heart of the Matter, Part 2 ”, they reach out to a few friends to help them .

Godspeed revealed

therefore, now that we have an actual personality given to Godspeed several seasons after the fictional character was introduced. That means it will make up for all of the uninteresting things that the display has done with the character indeed far, proper ? right ? Well, if you had been watching the rest of this temper, it shouldn ’ metric ton surprise you to learn that giving Godspeed a personality actually makes him worse.

He comes across as fiddling more than a fretful little child complaining how he deserves speed and doesn ’ t have it. He even goes from “ I am the deity of accelerate ! ” to something along the lines of “ I deserve veridical amphetamine ! ” identical, very quickly and it ’ randomness all barely identical over the top in the worst way, making it hard to watch. On the other hand, the few scenes that we see of August when he is hush suffering from his memory loss are actually very compelling. It ’ s incredibly interesting seeing person wrestle with their demons even if they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate remember them. This entirely in truth encompasses one setting, but it ’ s the best scene of the episode, which is immediately thrown out when he gets speed and immediately turns evil for no rationality any. But hey it ’ s the stopping point, that means that they ’ ll last give us a well competitiveness scenery with Godspeed to wrap things up, right ? good ? Nope. When the entire Flash Family runs up to a massive group of Godspeeds, it seemed like a prime time for an amazing contend, but they all went out like chumps when the commodious writing made it so that the villains were on the spur of the moment sapping the speed out of Team Flash and the Speed Force, with the reason basically being “ just cause. ” And then the final fight setting – which sees Barry temporarily battle Godspeed one-on-one – turns into a war with lightsabers. LIGHTSABERS. now, I should say that I ’ m a massive star Wars fan, but The Flash international relations and security network ’ thymine Star Wars. therefore this good feels like a actually baffle decision in every direction. Oh, and Thawne is back. It makes absolutely no sense but Tom Cavanagh steals the show in the scenes that he ’ sulfur in and shows precisely why the comparison of Godspeed to Thawne was embarrassing .

Tell, don’t show on The Flash season 7

The past several episodes of The Flash season 7 have besides broken the cardinal rule of scriptwriting, “ express, don ’ triiodothyronine tell. ” Unfortunately, basically everything with the Godspeed war has been lip military service, with most of the terrifying events being relayed to us through dialogue, lessening the austereness of it and lowering the stakes drastically. This is the same trouble with Bart ’ s relationship with Godspeed. now, at least, we see Bart and Jay interact, kind of, in this sequence. But it doesn ’ t actually add anything to Bart ’ s soliloquy in the previous episode as we hush never see why Jay meant indeed much to Bart. however, it ’ s decent to actually see the kinship exist. The most crying matter, however, is when Barry and Iris change their minds, off-camera, extremely suddenly. In one view they have one opinion and in the future they have another. There ’ second no very discussion of the procedure as to why they changed, the plot equitable needed them to, so they did. This leads to Eobard Thawne ’ s return and the couple then explaining how they brought the Reverse-Flash back alternatively of actually showing it, again. It ’ s beyond thwart and precisely highly artificial writing .

Wrapping up B-stories

And just like every other episode of The Flash season 7, the subplots here just feel like an reconsideration. Existing entirely to get Joe, Chester, and Allegra into the episode, they don ’ thyroxine very add anything at all and one of them is arguably even more confusing than earlier. abruptly Kramer is a meta and she resigns from the CCPD, opening the position back up for Joe. This storyline is now at its end with absolutely nothing resolved and it feels absolutely pointless in every single manner.

As for Allegra and Chester, they have yet another immediate conversation which changes Allegra ’ mho take care and she can abruptly power up the matter they need to push back Godspeed. It precisely even another thing regarding Allegra ’ s character and her arc these by several episodes which have been rushed and poorly-executed and, at this luff, it ’ second fair otiose to evening criticize it even more than it already has been. The Flash ends a lackluster one-seventh season with a jumble and poor stopping point that is short on redeeming qualities. here ’ mho hoping season 8 is better. What did you think of The Flash season 7, episode 18? Did you enjoy the seventh season? Let us know in the comments below!

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