The Flash Season 7 Episode 2 Review: The Speed of Thought

Grant Gustin is deeply creepy as a Barry without the emotions that normally drive his choices, and his reprise confrontations with Cisco and Frost make for pretty compel television receiver. As does the fabulous action sequence in which he faces off with a Frost under the charm of Velocity X who basically becomes an ice speedster. More of these innovative uses of our heroes ’ powers, show !
The ethical riddle at the heart of the episode, in which Barry ’ s genius mind insists that Kamilla and Singh are expendable while Iris isn ’ metric ton and is therefore worth rescuing – not because she ’ s his wife, but because she knows more about Eva ’ s potential design of action is wildly distressing. The Flash actually allows him to cross multiple moral lines over the course of this hour, rather than pull him back at the last moment as it ’ s thus much done in the past. He lies to his friends, manipulates those he cares about, risks the condom of his team, and directly harms several of them .
Barry ’ s decision to publicly out Eva as a mirror knockoff is apparently the primary driver behind what appears to be her final break with reality, turning a sometime antagonist into what appears to be a identical real and dangerous menace. He ’ second left an injure Kamilla and Singh in the mirror population, with no unclutter path to saving them. And he ’ south dragged Iris out of the mirror against her will, an dissemble that seems to have damaged her in some as so far undefined way.

That ’ s…a big batch to clean up, and the side effect will likely involve some real consequences for more than good Barry himself. ( Which is, of course, the best classify of floor. )

unfortunately, where “ The Speed of Thought ” becomes entirely predictable is in its treatment of the Mirror Mistress herself. thus far, this is a character that ’ s subverted all our expectations about what The Flash villains look like. Mostly sympathetic and at least partially motivated by a desire to do commodity ( equally well as punish a valet we can all agree was kind of a dirtbag ), Eva was the display ’ randomness first Big Bad that didn ’ t very feel like one .
now, however, this previously complex woman seems to have been driven huffy by the realization that she is actually a mirror clone herself, and immediately appears to be hell bent on taking over the universe in order to remake it into the one she left behind. Or at least central City. Because reasons. And, to me, that feels like such a waste of a quality who, prior to correct now, could have had about boundless potential .

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