The Flash Season 7 Episode 3 Review: Mother

I ’ ve complained before that Eva is far besides good a villain for this kind of basic and disappointing ending, and the sudden pseudo-environmental twist wherein Eva promises that she and her mirror creations will somehow take better care of the planet than the human race does feels like The Flash’s try to put some kind of meaningful spin on what is basically a narrative we ’ ve seen a twelve times earlier. ( Villain decides they are better than/the true adjacent evolution of humanness and behaves accordingly, normally spouting atrocious dialogue like “ This is Mother ’ s world nowadays. ” )
still, the ending sequence, in which Eva realizes the wrong she ’ randomness done and tries to correct it, is amazingly adorable, even if the ultimate way to defeat her army of Mirror Mistress clones turns out to be the Arrowverse equivalent of the Care Bear Stare. ( Why did holding hands with Barry and Iris help her overstate her mirror ability ? Truly, I have no mind. )
At the end of the day, at least Eva survives and goes back to the Mirror Universe to start over, rather than getting thrown in Iron Heights or killed, so things could surely have been worse. But The Flash never truly did right by her realization that she wasn ’ t human nor did it completely justify her sudden list turn into “ Mother ” megalomania. ( even if she did choose the way of light in the end. ) possibly we ’ ll get lucky and see her again someday. Listen, a girl can dream.

The return of Harrison Wells besides turns out to be something of a disappointment, precisely because he ’ s not entirely the master Wells. rather, he ’ s some ailing explained combination of the original, assorted with pieces of all the early Wellses from across the multiverse, with some time travel dust on top. It ’ s all identical ailing explained and nonsense, and for those of us – like Barry, as it turns out – who constantly wanted to meet this particular Wells, ehhhh, joke ’ south on us, because now I kind of wish we hadn ’ triiodothyronine.

His primary purpose appears to be plot exposition, and while The Flash has always been profoundly rooted in sentiment and emotion in a manner that many other Arrowverse series are not, there ’ s something…honestly kind of annoying about the fact this finical Wells, the one no one actually even knows, gets the big bestir pep speak about how only the power of sexual love can save the day. It ’ second obvious what they were going for, with his close language about his ageless love for his wife and all, but at this point, Frost might have been more credible in this role. At least I believe she cares about Barry .
anyhow, after a season ’ s worth of doing the absolute most to keep Barry and Iris apart, it ’ s nice to see The Flash’s pavilion pair ultimately reunited, even if the dialogue does kind of lie the obviously cosmic world power of their sexual love on with a trowel. ( Guys, I promise, we get it. ) But, at least Iris ’ connection to the Speed Force offers a dainty link to her own brief fourth dimension as a speedster, and the fact that Nora ’ s lightning was a ocular combination of her parents ’. thankfully, Grant Gustin and Candice Patton sell the crap out of Barry and Iris ’ reunion and the continuing recall to the lightning rod imagination – here ultimately made profoundly actual – is fondly done .

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