The Flash Season 7 Ending Explained & Future Set-Up

WARNING: This article features major spoilers from The Flash season 7, episode 18, “Heart of the Matter, Part 2.”
The ending of The Flash season 7 wrapped up the Arrowverse show ‘s latest storyline while setting up the future temper. Following the landmark 150th sequence of The Flash, “ Heart of the Matter, Part 1, ” the season 7 stopping point resolved the Godspeed Civil War narrative, bringing back respective familiar faces in the process. While the episode provided a meet goal to the season ‘s chief storylines, it besides presented a lurid device that likely left many viewers wondering what ‘s in store for season 8 .
The Flash season 7 was the shortest one yet — only 18 episodes long — as a solution of COVID-19 production delays. still, the display ‘s writers were able to pack a distribute into the temper : After finishing the Mirror Mistress discharge, the Arrowverse did its own take on the New Forces from the DC Universe for the first half of the temper. In the second one-half of The Flash season 7, Barry and Iris decided to start a family, only for Godspeed to return, allowing his history to ( finally ) be resolved.

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even though The Flash has featured a speedster as the main villain previously, the Godspeed war stood out for one main reason : As it became an all-hands-on-deck situation, Barry recruited respective speedsters like Jay Garrick, Impulse, and XS to help fight the Godspeed army. Due to the enormous threat that Godspeed became, the arc resulted in being the biggest Flash Family storyline of the series thus army for the liberation of rwanda. After Godspeed was defeated, Barry and Iris renewed their vows in a charming ceremony with friends and family ; however, one major plot thread was left hanging by the stopping point ‘s conclusion .

The End Of The Godspeed War In The Flash Season 7

The-Flash-Family-In-The-Flash-Season-7-Finale Following the cliffhanger in the hundred-and-fiftieth episode, The Flash season 7 stopping point expanded upon August Heart ‘s true motives as he wanted to possess organic rush. The only way to stop the Godspeed clones from terrorizing Central City was if Barry gave August what he demanded. After the Flash Family tried to stop the clones, Barry ended up giving August what he wanted, but Godspeed went back on his promise in true villain fashion. While August had organic accelerate in his system, Barry and Iris put design B into apparent motion to stop the psychotic speedster : using the Negative Speed Force .
While Barry and Godspeed duked it out, Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. the Reverse-Flash, reemerged. Unlike their past encounters, The Flash and Reverse-Flash had to put aside their differences in orderliness to fight Godspeed together as a team. Godspeed created a lightsaber-like weapon made from Speed Force energy and finally stabbed Godspeed, who did survive but was locked up at Iron Heights, bringing the Civil War to an end .

What Is XS & Impulse’s Arrowverse Future After The Flash Season 7

XS-And-Impulse-In-The-Flash-Season-7-Finale While Nora and Bart West-Allen were present for their parents ‘ vow refilling, The Flash season 7 stopping point was pretty equivocal about what is future for XS and Impulse. Since Godspeed was defeated, 2049 is now technically condom again — but the future is besides different since Jay Garrick ‘s death was prevented. The Flash season 7 finale ended with Iris and Barry ‘s vow refilling ceremony while their children were silent there. Since there was no reading that XS and Impulse were planning on returning to 2049 right away, could they be back in The Flash season 8 ?

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It is always possible The Flash season 8 premiere will include a reference to Nora and Bart going back to their time off-screen ; however, given how much stress there was on the West-Allen family in the last two episodes, it would not be shocking if The Flash temper 8 had the kids back for a few episodes. It took the Arrowverse seven years to last introduce Impulse on The Flash as one of the remaining big speedsters from the comics. crisis on Infinite Earths was besides able to soft boot XS as a character, which is why it is heavily to picture The Flash not using them again adjacent season. Having ten and Impulse around for at least a few episodes should be possible without messing up the timeline. It could besides potentially set up an ten and Impulse spinoff series, possibly with a back door pilot program like Arrow attempted to do in its concluding season for Green Arrow and the Canaries. The CW might be saving Jessica Parker Kennedy and Jordan Fisher ‘s likely return as a surprise announcement for DC FanDome, if not sooner .

Reverse-Flash Could Return In The Flash Season 8

Eobard Thawne smirking in the first place, The Flash temper 6 was going to end with a major Reverse-Flash cliffhanger before the pandemic forced them to shut down production on the remaining three episodes. flush though the delay was long, The Flash season 7 did restore Reverse-Flash with Harrison Wells ‘ expression. Despite them teaming up to defeat Godspeed, the war between Reverse-Flash and The Flash will never be over. While Barry managed to beat Eobard, The Flash apparently left the door open for Reverse-Flash to be a big villain again. even though no big bads have been officially announced for The Flash season 8, Reverse-Flash could be one of the main antagonists given the stopping point ‘s frame-up .
so army for the liberation of rwanda, The CW has not stated that The Flash season 8 will be the final one for the Arrowverse drama. many have speculated that The Flash’s end might be near because Arrow finished after eight seasons. however, if it turns out The Flash season 8 will be their last one, it makes sense for Reverse-Flash to be binding as one of the final threats of the serial. Since the display ‘s origin, they have always made it clear that Eobard will constantly play a all-important function in Barry ‘s life sentence as his ultimate opposition. Besides their iconic competition, The Flash season 8 besides needs to explain in detail how Eobard was able to come back. away from mentioning that the Speed Force connected with the Negative Speed Force, they did n’t go deeper into their explanation of how that worked .

Although tied if The Flash season 9 were to happen, there is no reason why Reverse-Flash could n’t be back next year in some capability. however, the good thing is the writers have restored Eobard, so they can use Reverse-Flash whenever they want to down the line. In the end, The Flash season 7 finale was a potent decision to the Godspeed war while besides celebrating the Arrowverse drama ‘s past, present, and future .
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