The Flash: Every Main Villain, Ranked By Power

On The Flash, Barry Allen has encountered a set of herculean villains. hera is every villain ranked by how brawny they are. Barry Allen has encountered a fortune of brawny villains over the course of The Flash series on CW. Many of them are speedsters themselves, but some of the most brawny Flash villains do n’t have any connection to the Speed Force at all. Some of them challenge Barry Allen in different ways, including through strength and craftiness .
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Some of the most brawny versions of the Scarlet Speedster crying among his most mighty enemies. Others hail from unlike eras of DC Comics and even different franchises. But all of them have one thing in common. These Flash villains have all pushed Barry Allen and his friends to the breaking degree time and again.

Updated on January 21st, 2022 by George Chrysostomou:  The Flash has continued to add foes to his rogue ‘s veranda and they boast incredible powers that evening the speedster had issues combating against. It ‘s authoritative to revisit this list, therefore, to ensure that fans are mindful of all of the threats he has managed to overcome .

16 King Shark

King Shark on The Flash TV series King Shark is one of the most physically firm characters in The Flash television receiver series though lacking in the particular abilities that some of the series ‘ more brawny villains have. Half-man and half-Great White Shark, Shay Lamden has superhuman force, travel rapidly, and lastingness, all of which he used against The Flash. He besides has a bring around factor which makes him very unmanageable to injure .
King Shark is typically a Flash villain but has had some wholesome moments in the comics. That ‘s led to his reasonably humorous portrayal in the Harley Quinn HBO Max series and the upcoming The Suicide Squad movie .

15 Captain Cold

Captain Cold from The Flash TV series amusing book fans know The Flash has many classical villains. Captain Cold is one of them, and one of the most mighty in the Arrowverse. Leonard Snart uses gain engineering in his cold grease-gun, which allows him to freeze things and people at will. But other more classically superpowered foes rank higher in terms of overall might .
He is besides extremely healthy, an expert warlike artist, and has a super high allowance to pain, particularly to cold temperatures. Captain Cold started off as a Flash villain in season one before finally becoming part of the Legends of Tomorrow crew .

14 Heat Wave

Heat Wave from Legends of Tomorrow Guide Heat Wave was originally one of the strongest characters among the Legends of Tomorrow but has since lost the majority of his abilities. Mick Rory had the ability of pyrokinesis, which allowed him to shoot fire blasts at people. He was besides basically immortal, with his powers coming from the ancient Fire Totem .
He started off as a Flash villain before evolving into one of the heroes and main characters of the Legends of Tomorrow series, thanks to the charming of the multiverse concept in the series .

13 Cicada I

Cicada I from Season 5 of The Flash
Orlin Dwyer became a metahuman during the consequence known as the “ Enlightenment ” when he was hit with a shard of the STAR Labs satellite that contained benighted matter. The feel gave him enhance military capability, the ability to fly, and a connection to another lightning-shaped dagger besides from the satellite that negates the powers of any nearby metahumans with powers that came from Dark Matter .
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Dwyer can control the dagger telekinetically, calling it back to him like a boomerang and making it so that he ‘s the only one that can use it. Using it he was able to take away the powers of The Flash, Vibe, and Elongated Man. Due to Frost ‘s powers not coming from Dark Matter, she was the only member that posed a veridical threat to him, even with the dagger .

12 Cicada II

Cicada II from Flash Season 5 Grace Gibbons was the niece of Orlin Dwyer who was raised by her uncle and was with him during the night of the “ Enlightenment, ” getting a shard of night matter alloy perplex in her head. In a future timeline, a grown-up Grace takes on the mantle and carries on Orlin ‘s bequest as the second Cicada .
Grace had the lapp abilities as the original but was much more deadly and could use the dagger to set specific individuals as targets and hit them from any distance. She was only stopped when Team Flash convinced her younger self to take the metahuman cure, preventing the universe of the Flash villain .

11 Bloodwork

Ramsey before he became Bloodwork on the Flash After watching his mother die from HLH, Ramsey Rosso created and injected himself with an experimental bring around for the disease which bonded with Dark Matter which resulted in him becoming a metahuman with the ability to control and manipulate rake .
He can bring people back from the dead as zombies to do his offer and is capable of mind control. He was temporarily able to successfully infect Barry, granting Ramsey full moon control over his abilities. He can besides transform himself into a gigantic creature made of blood making him evening more of a physical threat .

10 Mirror Master

Eva Mccouloch uses her weapon on The Flash Eva McCollough was a wide recognized chief executive officer before she was thrown into the mirrorverse and was presumed dead. After being trapped inside of the dimension for six years and attempting to escape thousands of times, she ultimately freed herself after bringing Iris into the dimension. As a consequence of being trapped there, Eva developed the ability to control mirrors .
She can besides create mirror clones of characters that are stuck in the mirrorverse, as she does with Kamill, Iris, and Captain Singh, which serve her and can carry out missions on her behalf. She besides has a suit that has arms that can turn into blasters and can use mirrors as teleportation portals. Thanks to her many powers and Barry ‘s consume amphetamine, she was able to defeat him, Team Flash, and succeed in killing her conserve .

9 Killer Frost

Killer Frost fires an ice blast from The Flash TV series Killer Frost is one of the most knock-down Flash villains in the comics and in the Arrowverse. She has numerous powers in common with Mr. Freeze, including a slightly tragic backstory. Killer Frost can absorb latent department of energy from objects and people and use it to dramatically lower the temperature of her surroundings .
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She can create objects out of frosting, plan cold mist and air, and besides emit an ice-cold breath. As if that were n’t adequate, she can besides fly by generating thrust thanks to generating a blast of cold air, though other Flash villains with more mind or speed-based abilities rank higher in terms of exponent .

8 The Thinker

The Flash the Thinker sits in his special chair Clifford DeVoe was wearing the “ Thinking Cap, ” a helmet-like device that was designed to make the wearer more intelligent, during the particle accelerator explosion which caused his news to be highly increased. He was able to answer some of history ‘s greatest questions but was besides still confined to a wheelchair due to his ALS .
He besides gave himself several might increases by absorbing the powers of the twelve metahumans that were exposed to Dark Matter while on the bus, including Ralph Dibney. Among many other things, he was granted elasticity, technopathy, portal vein creation, and size alteration. He outsmarted Team Flash at about every turn and was only ultimately defeated by both Barry and Ralph from inside of his mind .

7 Savitar

Savitar from The Flash Season 3 Savitar was revealed to be a time leftover of Barry Allen that split off and lived a life of its own earlier finally becoming corrupted. In addition to traditional speedster abilities, Savitar besides has a metallic suit of armor that gave him several advantages over the master Flash .
The armor is highly durable and was able to deflect bullets and resist hits from Barry, Wally, and Killer Frost. It besides contains two hide blades in the wrists of the lawsuit which were shown to be the only thing that could damage it. however, without the lawsuit, he was no stronger than the others which allowed Iris to shoot and kill him .

6 Grodd

Gorilla Grodd terrorizes the city in The Flash Grodd is a silverback gorilla experimented on by the scientists at S.T.A.R Labs and transformed into one of the most potent Flash villains in the series. Imbued with telepathic powers beyond resource, Grodd is able to take manipulate of people ‘s minds american samoa well as defend himself from the telepathic attacks of others .
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Grodd is besides incredibly strong and durable, among the most physically strong characters in the Arrowverse. He was besides able to briefly take advantage of Barry Allen ‘s Speed Force powers by accessing his mind, making him incredibly powerful .

5 Zoom

Zoom The Black Flash from The Flash TV series Hunter Zolomon was a serial cause of death on Earth-2 that gained access to the accelerate wedge while going through electroconvulsive therapy therapy, granting him superspeed. After making a mention for himself on Earth-2, he then moved to Earth-1 to continue his reign of panic while pretending to be an ally to the team .
Despite having the like powers, Hunter was apparently more have than Barry, even teaching him how to throw lightning while posing as Jay Garrick. After being defeated by Barry and the team, Zoom was transformed by the time wraiths into the creature known as the Black Flash. As a result, he got a power increase, allowing him to drain people of their life force and turn them into corpses with fair a touch, something that was even able to even terrify Flash villain Eobard Thawne .

4 Godspeed

Godspeed on a treadmill in The Flash Godspeed ‘s might came from his ability to suck the accelerate department of energy from early speedsters, making him continuously faster. The Flash villain did have multiple time clones who began a war amongst themselves, which merely heightened the risk for Barry Allen and his syndicate .
however, in comparison to other speedster foes like Reverse-Flash, Godspeed was bested thanks to Team Flash ‘s experience with dealing with such villains. possibly if Godspeed was to attack earlier in his career, he would have beaten Barry with rest .

3 Reverse-Flash

Reverse Flash from The Flash TV series The Reverse-Flash is one of The Flash ‘s best villains in the Arrowverse and in the comics. He got his powers of superspeed by recreating the accident that gave Barry his but unlike most speedsters who are connected to the travel rapidly force, Thawne has a connection to the Negative Speed Force which he created .
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He has the like abilities as Barry but was significantly more know with them since he was the one that trained Barry while pretending to be Harrison Wells. however, after years of being the Flash, Barry is on the lapp level as him and most of their battles end in draw .

2 Speed Force

The Speed Force takes on the form of Nora Allen in The Flash The Speed Force would conventionally back up Barry Allen and the speedsters who protected this consecrated entity. however, when its patience was tested, she took on the function of Nora Allen and ensured that Team Flash could not stop her from fulfilling her mission, to kill off the other forces .
As the Speed Force itself, this Flash villain was possibly one of the most herculean Flash has ever faced, thanks to her quite literally controlling the very informant of his powers. ultimately, she saw the erroneousness of her ways, but the Speed Force is a universal being that could never have actually been bested .

1 Anti-Monitor

LaMonica Garrett as Anti Monitor in The Flash The Anti-Monitor is one of the most boundlessly brawny beings in the universe. He can quite literally tear the Multiverse apart and was a terror that Barry Allen just could n’t face by himself. ultimately, it took the death of Green Arrow to truly beat this freak.

The absolute weight that Anti-Monitor carried in every interaction was terrifying. He had knowledge sol ancient that Team Flash could n’t begin to comprehend everything he had seen and done. ultimately, it ‘s a miracle he was defeated, but there ‘s constantly a gamble that such a idol could return .
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