Flash vs Reverse-Flash Animation Is the Jaw-Dropping Battle They Deserve

Flash and Reverse-Flash have been going at it for years, and in a new animation from a prolific DC Comics artist, they go tete-a-tete once more ! The iconic and fleet-footed DC Comics characters known as Flash and Reverse-Flash are deadly enemies who have been at war with each other for decades, and now thanks to a popular DC Comics artist, their epic competition gets a jaw-dropping liveliness pitting these two speedsters against one another in a brutal bash for the ages !
Uploaded to his official Instagram account, @ thedougmahnke, DC Comics godhead Doug Mahnke is an artist who ’ second long-familiar in the comic industry for his badass art style that systematically brings out the best elements of the characters he draws while adding alone flairs to popular designs, easily solidifying him as a go-to fan-favorite illustrator. presently working on the DC Comics Black Label series Swamp Thing: Green Hell with writer Jeff Lemire, Doug systematically finds the time to parcel promptly fanart sketches of respective DC Comics and Marvel characters for his followers to enjoy, a well as some fun animations he cooks up himself !

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Two characters who complement each early in the worst way possible, Flash aka Barry Allen and Reverse-Flash aka Eobard Thawne, are a entwined in the DC Universe as Batman and Joker or Superman and Lex Luthor. Having hurt one another over and over throughout the years in Flash ’ s solo series and during epic events like 2011 ’ randomness Flashpoint, these speedsters are not merely the perfective rivals for one another, but when they finally get down to engaging in blindingly fast fisticuffs, their battles rarely disappoint .

Starting things off with the pair running at a breakneck pace side by side, Doug cuts back and forth between their faces as their colors invert and the backing cut builds up some steam. Running faster and faster until they both let out screams of effort, the beat drops hard, opening the clip up to a battle that feels ripped straight out of an zanzibar copal. Drawn as streaks of red and yellow crisscrossing the frame of reference at a blinding pace, Doug animates Flash and Reverse-Flash throwing haymakers at one another with everything they ’ ve got before blasting off into a black void. Intertwining their rush trails and causing explosions of coloring material as they duke it out for domination, Flash and Reverse-Flash finish things off with the largest plosion yet, culminating in a wall of smoke headed for the spectator, closing the clip out in epic manner .
No stranger to drawing Flash and his nefarious other half on the page, Doug choosing to go all in on animating them is a spy for fans to see, turning this DC Comics creator into an even bigger divine guidance for artists who want to infuse a little more energy into their pieces in a way that static drawings plainly can ’ t convey. A contend between Flash and Reverse-Flash looks jaw-dropping when Doug Mahnke illustrates them in comics, and now with him animating them, fans ’ jaw just hit the floor !

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source : Doug Mahnke

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