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Here’s everything you need to know about The Harvester, Cornelius Stirk’s dangerous alter ego terrorizing Gotham on the Batman Unearthed podcast.

One of the great attractions of the first episodes of the podcast batman unearthed is the insertion of a character DC that had rarely been explored by the audiovisual media : The Harvester a dangerous assassin who terrifies the inhabitants of Gotham city and begins to meddle short by little in life who follows the trail of his crimes, Bruno Diaz .
But who is this villain ? What are his motivations ? Y what is his true identity ? here we tell you everything you need to know about the apparent bane of Batman in his foremost narrative podcast .

Who is The Harvester from Batman Unearthed?

As we can hear in episode I of the auditory series produced by DC Comics and Spotify, The Harvester (or The Harvester) is a serial killer distinguished by its strange modus operandi, in which harvests organs from its victims and performs a procedure to dispose of his wholly clean body .
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Although in the floor written by David S Goyer presents the character ’ randomness motivations through the vision of the coroner of Gotham – Bruno Diaz ( Alfonso Herrera ), neither more nor less–, as the plot progresses we can discover a small more about the villain’s psychopathic instincts. proof of this is the orgasm of the episode ‘ More Like a Night Guy ’, in which The Harvester seals his atypical bond with Díaz by leaving half of the organs in his refrigerator of the people he has killed .
Who is The Harvester, the great villain of the Batman Unearthed podcast
possibly the most shock information about the cryptic criminal is given at the end of episode II of batman unearthed where it is not only counted that the submit eats the entrails of its victims besides revealing his true identity : Cornelius Stirk a character created by Alan Grant Y Norm Breyfogle for # 592 of Detective Comics published in November 1998 .

The story of Cornelius Stirk in comics

From its beginning appearance, Cornelius Stirk he is described as a nasty being who uses psychological and telepathic strategies to unleash fear in his future victims and draw them to him .
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For more than a decade, Stirk was admitted to Arkham Asylum. after having attempted to murder one of his schoolmates at the senesce of 16. After his release, the villain abandons his treatment and exploits his mental powers -which allow him to adopt any face- for violent purposes, becoming one of the Gotham’s most ruthless serial killers .
Who is The Harvester, the great villain of the Batman Unearthed podcast
The characteristic of his crimes is the absence of a center in his victims, since Stirk believes that the nutrients and hormones of the main organ are necessity to stay animated .
Throughout history, Cornelius Stirk has faced Batman on numerous occasions. For case, in the Knightfall event, Stirk works with the Joker to assassinate Commissioner James Gordon ; something the Dark Knight successfully prevents. While in The Widening Gyre series, the dangerous cannibalistic assassin about manages to kill Batman. fortunately, the vigilante is rescued precisely in prison term by his baronial benefactor Robin.

Could it be that Stirk ’ s appearance in Batman Unearthed will lead us to be earwitnesses of some of the most extreme cases of Batman ? We look fore to the next episodes to find out .

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