How ‘The Batman’ star Paul Dano gave the enigmatic Riddler a creepy makeover

How ‘The Batman’ star Paul Dano gave the enigmatic Riddler a creepy makeover

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Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz chat with USA TODAY ‘s Brian Truitt about preparing for and filming their crusade scene in “ The Batman. ” entertain This !, USA TODAY Spoiler alert: The following post contains light spoilers for “The Batman” so beware if you want to go in totally cold. deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you see Paul Dano ’ s newly Riddler in “ The Batman ” – masked up and standing eerily still in the shadows before clobbering the mayor of Gotham City in the head with a carpet tucking tool – it ’ s creepily apparent this international relations and security network ’ t the giggly baron of conundrums played on screen in the past by Jim Carrey and Frank Gorshin. Dano was excited about the “ hazard of a wholly new take ” on an iconic comic-book villain, the actor says, and “ it was a little chilling as well, good for like a minute at the beginning where you go, ‘ Whoa ! ’ ” In director Matt Reeves ’ “ The Batman ” ( in theaters now ), the Caped Crusader ( Robert Pattinson ) is in his second year of fighting crime in Gotham City when the Riddler shows up. This mysterious series cause of death eyes Gotham power players for his killing list and leaves cyphers and puzzles addressed to Batman at each murder scene, viewing the Dark Knight as an inspiration of sorts. Review: Robert Pattinson embodies a brooding, brawny Dark Knight for a newly earned run average in ‘The Batman ‘ As Riddler ’ s real game becomes clearer, he develops a popular following livestreaming his violent antics to Gothamites brainsick of institutional corruption. Batman might be the masked vigilante doing thoroughly for the city, but some view the Riddler in a similar lightly. “ A lot of superhero films, the morality in them is very black and white. There ‘s not frequently a lot of grey, which I think there is in life, and ( the characters are ) often protecting the condition quo, ” Dano explains. In this film, Batman and Riddler are actually challenging that. ”

The Riddler ’ s green jacket – adorned with question marks – is evocative of by iterations, including Gorshin in the 1960s “ Batman ” television receiver show and Carrey in 1995 ‘s “ Batman Forever. ” What ’ s new is a battle masquerade paired with glasses, and Dano worked with a “ masquerade guru ” to flesh out a character “ who credibly felt a bunch of shame or self-disgust or pain, ” Dano says. “ The masquerade allows for you to be either person else or to be a different interpretation of yourself. ” ‘The Batman’: How the superhero movie reinvents Gotham City for Robert Pattinson ‘s new Caped reformer While the masquerade “ became very mighty, ” it already wasn ’ t the easiest to work with when Dano decided to use credit card wrap on his point under the mask to get more into the mentality of a criminal character concerned about leaving deoxyribonucleic acid behind ( although the audience never gets to see it ). “ If I was n’t gon na shave every hair off of my body, I thought, well, let ‘s make certain there ‘s no traces of testify to be found. therefore I taped off wrists and used Saran Wrap, and that was quite suffocate and painful and hot and head-throbbing. I would not recommend it for any Halloween costume. ” And when that mask comes off, Dano ‘s sinister Riddler is revealed as a homo named Edward Nashton, who ‘s taken into detention at a Gotham diner and interrogated by Batman, and the villain lashes out with spitting fury. “ The hope was that the more substantial this person was, the chilling that it actually might be, ” Dano says. ‘It was terrifying’: ‘The Batman ‘ star Robert Pattinson embraces a superhero who ‘s ‘ a mess ‘ The Riddler international relations and security network ’ t the merely pop-culture picture he ’ south played on riddle : Dano besides starred as Beach Boys drawing card Brian Wilson in the 2014 musical biopic “ Love & Mercy. ” When inhabiting legendary characters, “ the stakes constantly feel reasonably high barely because you want to climb the mountain and do your best, ” Dano says. “ Playing Brian Wilson was one of the best times I ‘ve had as an actor because the music just gave me so much rejoice in return. They were both daunting and challenging experiences that now I look at with a lot of fondness. ”

Another fun fact : “ The Batman ” turned him into a comic-book fan. While indie favored Dano ( “ There Will Be Blood, ” “ Little Miss Sunshine ” ) hasn ’ triiodothyronine done a draw of blockbuster movies, “ to my surprise it ’ s pretty fun, ” he says. “ I ’ ve very enjoyed the fan chemical element of Batman culture and I think because I besides fell in beloved with the comics so hard studying for this, I feel a small part of that ( global ). ” Ranked: All of the big-screen Batmen ( including Robert Pattinson )

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