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Gr 6 Up —An accident devastates a superhero but ca n’t crush her spirit. Before, Barbara Gordon was an elect hacker. But when an attack to help her forefather, police commissioner Gordon, with an arm robbery goes wrong, Babs is shot, leaving her paralyze below the shank and uncertain how to reawaken her curio and sense of dare. She enrolls at the Arkham Center for Independence ( ACI ), where patients with disabilities are rehabilitated. Though Babs finds the ACI baleful and director Dr. Maxwell faze, she stays at the behest of her forefather and ultimately rekindles her determination as she realizes that students are going missing and her distrust of the institute may be more than paranoia. In this fast-paced and thoughtfully crafted mystery, Nijkamp gives comic koran lovers a refreshing fill on Barbara Gordon ‘s journey to becoming Oracle ( the character that in the late 1980s replaced Batgirl as Barbara Gordon ‘s change ego ). While Babs copes with post-traumatic stress disorder, and some doubt her abilities now that she ‘s in a wheelchair, she realizes that though her life looks different, that does n’t mean that the future she envisioned for herself has to change. She ‘s a winning and deeply relatable supporter, though her friends are more thinly developed and function more as plot devices. Shadowy illustrations evoke film noir and set the perfect timbre for Babs ‘s escapades ; imagination of perplex pieces represent her growing understand of what ‘s very going on at the establish, angstrom well as in her own heart. VERDICT This hard and empowering addition to DC ‘s growing telephone line of beginning stories will resonate with superhero fans while besides enticing newcomers.—Darla Salva Cruz, Suffolk Cooperative Library System, Bellport, NY

Nijkamp ( subscriber : His Hideous Heart, 2019, etc. ) reimagines the backstory of Oracle, calculator brilliance and ally to Batman. When skilled hacker Barbara “ Babs ” Gordon and her best friend, Benjamin, attack to intervene in a robbery, Babs is shoot. Six weeks subsequently, the newly paralyzed Babs reluctantly rolls into the Arkham Center for Independence, where teens with disabilities undergo forcible and emotional rehabilitation. Despite her church father ’ s well-meaning advice, Babs resents being there. even the cryptic cries within the mansion ’ sulfur walls can ’ thyroxine lift the adolescent ’ mho despondence—until Jena, a burn survivor wax of haunting tales, disappears. Aided by supportive patients Yeong and Issy, whom she gradually befriends, Babs must accept her newfangled world in order to find Jena and escape a baleful plot. The generator sensitively portrays Babs ’ frustration and trauma and realistically addresses her challenges, such as mastering wheelchair ramps and negotiating stairs. Babs ’ increasing assurance is heartening, and the message that people with disabilities don ’ t need to be “ fixed ” in order to thrive is empowering ( albeit slenderly heavy-handed ). Balancing bright and dark colors, Preitano ’ mho ( contributor : Puerto Rico Strong, 2018, etc. ) illustrations vividly convey Babs ’ wrath and determination, and a jigsaw-puzzle motif reflects Babs ’ quest to piece together her new identity american samoa well as the initiation ’ randomness unavowed. Most characters show white. Yeong, who walks with forearm crutches, is cued through her diagnose as Korean ; Issy, who uses a wheelchair, presents black.

A refreshingly disability-positive superhero origin fib. (Graphic fantasy. 12-16)

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