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Hobie Brown was a talented pull the leg of to whom no one would listen. Despite his obvious talent at design and invention, people looked down on him whenever he suggested something new and advanced. alternatively of getting work where his talents were utilitarian, he was a window washer. finally, to prove his ability, he turned to crime. He designed a costume with a number of tricks and went out to steal the payroll of The Daily Bugle as the Prowler. His design was to return the money as Hobie Brown, to become a hero, and most important of all, to impress his girlfriend, Mindy. The Prowler ‘s foray into the criminal world was a catastrophe. He was caught stealing the payroll by Peter Parker. During the confrontation, Parker was by chance mail hurtling through a window. Although he used his spider powers to save himself, Hobie was left in anguish, thinking that he was a murderer. In regulate to redeem himself, the Prowler lured Spider-Man to a fight at a jewelry storehouse, hoping to defeat him. When he failed, Spider-Man unmasked him and heard Hobie ‘s history. Spider-Man let him go, believing that the Prowler was through with crime. later, Spider-Man sought out Hobie to ask for a favor. He asked Hobie to pose as Spider-Man in holy order to deliver a message to Peter Parker. Hobie agreed and used his particular equipment to complete the imposture, unaware that Parker had unintentionally revealed his unavowed identity when suffering the effects of a fever, and this was part of his plan to convince his friends otherwise. When Spider-Man was implicated in the death of Captain George Stacy, Hobie assumed the Prowler identity in hopes of bringing Spider-Man to justice. however, Spider-Man promptly overpowered him, and at the termination of the conflict, saved him from falling down an elevator diaphysis. Hobie remained convinced that Spider-Man was not a murderer and gave up pursuing him.

Hobie finally married his love, Mindy, and settled down into a career as a construction worker. He did not wholly abandoned the Prowler identity, however ; he became the prowler when his “ little brother ” of the Big Brother program was reportedly killed by the original White Tiger. Desperate for justice, the two fight each other until discovering the truthful killer was a night watchman who tried to break up a gang fight. The two even applied for membership with the Defenders, but were outclassed. This prompted Hobie to abandon his Prowler identity for a fourth dimension. The condemnable called simply the Cat ( Cat Burglar ) discovered Hobie ‘s hide costume and weapons, using them to become the Prowler and entrust crimes on behalf of the master Belladonna. The two were soon apprehended by Spider-Man, though. When his wife Mindy took a modern job as a bookkeeper for a subsidiary company of Justin Hammer, she was set up to take the fall for some fishy stock deals. The Prowler tracked testify that could clear his wife to Los Angeles, where he teamed up with Spider-Man to retrieve the evidence. Mindy was cleared of all charges.

late, Spider-Man was accused of larceny by The Daily Bugle during efforts to incriminate condemnable hermit Winston Walker by the international materialistic Silver Sable. Prowler teamed up with the Rocket Racer to exonerate Spider-Man, and ended up in battle against the Sandman. The battle was finally cut curtly by Spider-Man, and as the accuracy came to light, Silver Sable offered Prowler freelancer make with her mercantile administration. Hobie agreed, and helped Silver Sable on occasion, teaming up with Sandman, Rocket Racer, and others as the team called the Outlaws. Hobie found an engineering job at a company who was concerned in his pneumatic technology. however, a new vigilante appeared on the streets of New York with a costume and weapons closely identical to the Prowler ‘s. Hobie investigated as the Prowler, clashing with the Nightcreeper, who turned out to have stolen the weapons from Hobie ‘s party. The Nightcreeper ‘s vendetta stemmed from his daughter ‘s death as a solution of a drive-by shoot, and he was committed that all criminals should pay. At the lapp prison term, both vigilantes were accosted by the Vulture ( Adrian Toomes ), who had bought out the company in his attempts to pursue more white-collar crime. The marauder attacked both, leaving Nightcreeper hospitalized and the Prowler only a small worse off. ultimately, though, the Prowler was able to drive the Vulture off and expose his plans. Mindy, his wife, had discovered the truth of her conserve ‘s identity during this clock time, and although she was upset, she remained tolerant of her husband ‘s activities.

Desperate for some extra cash, Hobie and Rocket Racer became involved in the Great Game, a competition played by affluent sponsors who would wager that their superhuman agents would defeat specific targets. however, the Game may have proved excessively high-stakes, as the Prowler broke his back in the final rumble, becoming paralyzed. During his hospitalization, a new Prowler appeared, committing crimes for petit larceny cash. He was immediately targeted for revenge by the Vulture and was scantily saved by Spider-Man. It was in fact a hospital proletarian, Rick Lawson, who learned of Hobie ’ mho identity and stole his costume. He planned on robbing victims ’ homes while they were in the hospital. The marauder returned to closely eviscerate Rick Lawson, and only the timely arrival of Spider-Man helped save him. Hobie recovered from his injury, but never again assumed the Prowler identity. When Spider-Man was framed for murder and increase coerce was placed on capturing him, he turned to Hobie for help in creating a new crime-fighting identity in order to investigate the deceitful claims. Hobie provided Spider-Man with a cybernetic jet-pack, which was used in creating the Hornet costume. During the superhuman Civil War|civil war Hobie went unregistered and was able to evade capture thanks to tips from Arachne ( Julia Carpenter ) but was finally brought in by Ms. Marvel. In Custody, S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives threatened to accuse his wife of being an unauthorized explorer unless he would inform them of the double agent in their ranks. The Prowler escaped during a massive prison break and is still unregistered. He attended Stilt-Man ‘s wake up and revealed that the Stilt-Man had inspired him to invent his Prowler costume. Puma escorted him out before the Punisher bombed the wake up. It ‘s undisclosed if Hobie was poisoned by the drinks the Punisher served at the awaken .

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