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The Riddler


General Information

Real name:

Edward Nashton




( henchmen ) The Joker (“friend”) Followers (henchmen)

Portrayed by:

Paul Dano


The Batman

If you are justice, please do not lie. What is the price for your blind eye?

―The Riddler[src]

The Riddler is an alias adopted by the terrorist and consecutive killer Edward Nashton. Orphaned from a young age, he was a former residency of the Gotham Orphanage, which fell into disrepair and poverty due to the illegal usage of the Gotham Renewal Company funds by the city ‘s crooked politicians. During Batman ‘s second year, Riddler executed plans to kill elite linked with Falcone ‘s operations and bring revenge on the city. Despite his wonder of the Dark Knight, his operations drew him into conflict with the vigilante .



Orphaned from a new age, Edward Nashton grew up in Gotham Orphanage, the former Wayne Manor donated by the class after the completion of Wayne Tower. As a child, he was part of a children ‘s choir who performed during the announcement of Thomas Wayne ‘s mayoral campaign. After Wayne and his wife were killed in an apparent bungled mug, he and others fell on hard times as the Gotham Renewal Company ‘s support stopped, leading the family to fall into neglect and the orphans to suffer, if not die. According to Nashton, puzzles allowed him to distract himself from the pain which he lived in. Around this prison term, he began to harbor comtempt towards Wayne ‘s son Bruce, who he believed to be taking media attention and sympathies because of his syndicate and the fact he was rich. Highly healthy, Nashton became a forensic accountant and obtained cognition in diverse fields. During his time in the status, he discovered Thomas Wayne having connections to mobster Carmine Falcone, who besides used Wayne ‘s “ Gotham Renewal Fund ” for bribes and money launder activities. Inspired by the vigilante known as “ the Batman ”, Edward began hosting an extremist video-channel of approximately 500 likeminded fierce Gotham citizens under the alias of “ the Riddler ”, wearing an old cold disguise to hide his appearance and feel socially freed while doing indeed. During these, Nashton made plans to murder many of Gotham ‘s officials connected to Falcone and take vengeance upon the city .
On Halloween of Batman ‘s second base class, Riddler began enacting his plans. His first prey was Mayor Don Mitchell Jr., who he ‘d frequently seen in the vicinity of the Iceberg Lounge. After watching Mitchell ‘s wife and son leave to go Trick or Treating, Riddler broke into their apartment. After watching Michell from the shadows and his discussions of a recent debate with rival Bella Reál, he finally attacked the mayor, bludgeoning him to death with a carpet tool and severing his flick. Riddler then duck-taped his font and vandalized the apartment, leaving messages related to the holocene Maroni break and clue messages for Batman to find. Riddler then left an code thumb-drive in his car for the vigilante to find, programmed to hack the device ‘s e-mail and air pictures of Mitchell ‘s activities to the bid .

Going public

After Commissioner Savage publicly vowed to capture him, Riddler decided to make him his adjacent target. Tracking down the officer to his gymnasium, Riddler ambushed him, using rat poison to knock him out. He then placed Savage into a appliance designed to release hungry rats. In a public livestream, Riddler showed the his capture of Savage and murdered of the crooked commissioner, during which he declared himself to Gotham and the mission to expose the accuracy of the city. Afterward, Riddler then left the Savage ‘s cadaver for the GCPD to find, along with the mangle weapon and another message for Batman to find .

funeral Crashing

The following night, Riddler prepared an still-hunt for District Attorney Gil Colson whilst he visited the 44 Below. Breaking into his cable car, he waited until the DA returned and knocked him out using the tucker from Michell ‘s murder. He then gaged Colson and strapped him with a bomb collar, rigging him with a phone and a third message for Batman. Under threat of end, Riddler forced Colson ‘s submission in his following plan. Nashton and a number of his followers attended Mitchell ‘s funeral at City Hall. During it, he was noticed by Bruce Wayne when Colson began to drive into the funeral. After the DA crash and caught everyone ‘s attention, Edward fled the view unnoticed. once clear, he began a video call with the earphone attached to Colson ‘s hand, in the hopes that Batman would answer it. Returning home, Riddler fled to his apartment and waited for the vigilante to respond. When Batman finally arrived and answered his call, Riddler greeted the vigilante and indicated his plans, including the vigilante ‘s role in them. He then began streaming their call to the public and turned his attention to Colson. As the DA pleaded for his life, Riddler lost his temper and. Offering him a luck to survive, Riddler offered to spare Colson if he solved three riddles within two minutes, the answers of each indicating his complaisance with criminals and corruption. Though Colson answered two with Batman ‘s aid, the DA refused to answer the third base, which gave Falcone up as the “ rat ” in the Maroni break. As a result, Riddler detonated his collar, presumably ending the pour curtly subsequently .

Exposing the Waynes

At some point prior to that night, Nashton prepared a letter bomb calorimeter and sent it to Bruce Wayne, hoping to kill him and take retribution for his father ‘s conformity with Falcone. He besides hid another hint for Batman that indicated guard from his upcoming approach on Gotham. Riddler besides gained access to the ruins of the Gotham Orphanage, during which he set up a projector playing Thomas Wayne ‘s announcement of mayoral campaign, presumably as a precaution to Batman not realizing the think of of his clues. After Batman accessed his web site after realizing the think of of his second clue, Riddler made contact with the vigilante. Asking about whether he ‘d learnt the “ informer ‘s ” identity, he seemed disappoint when he realized Batman indicated he thought the Penguin to be involved and decided to indicate further. Providing another riddle hint towards the Gotham Orphanage, Riddler ended communications when Batman provided the good answer. It is unclear how active he was during the night, though his design to kill Bruce Wayne was unsuccessful and entirely resulted in the hospitalization of his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. After the assail, Riddler released a video recording to the public. During it, he detailed Thomas Wayne ‘s association with the Falcone Crime Syndicate, obscure details about Martha ‘s kin and her history with mental illness, and how these were about uncovered by reporter Edward Elliot. Riddler went on to reveal that Thomas Wayne turned to Falcone after the reporter had refused multiple offers to hide the accuracy, alleging that he ‘d asked for his assassination and done so to help his political campaign. Though many of these claims seemed to be conjectural, Riddler ‘s video damaged the Wayne famly ‘s public reputation and appeared to help bolster his own .

murder of Falcone and Capture

By the day of the mayoral election, Riddler had managed to set up seven vehicle bombs down Gotham ‘s Sea Walls. During the day, he recorded a final video recording communicating with his followers and giving them his plans. Knowing Reál would probably be elected, Riddler told the group to set up an attack at Gotham Square Garden and to assassinate both her and other officials, allowing them to tear down the Gotham ‘s corrupt infrastructure. however, his plans following these were unknown. As Batman and the Gotham City Police Department took Falcone into hands, Riddler waited in his apartment for them to bring him to the street. During a confrontation with the gangster and Penguin, he used the ensuing argument to act as a beguilement, finally shooting as it appeared to turn violent. Moments after Falcone ‘s death, Batman noticed Riddler at the window, leading him to flee his apartment. Using the fuel escape, Riddler successfully left the build, though went to the Corner Diner across the road to ensure that the police caught him. As he waited for his catch, Nashton ordered coffee bean and pumpkin pie, drawing a question mark in his drink as he waited. When the police arrived, he surrendered quite than put up a fight. He besides jeeringly refused to give up his identity to his arresting officeholder, having kept a talk through one’s hat ID on him. As he was taken away, Nashton noticed Batman watching from outside, smiling due to everything going to plan and the impression that the vigilante had assisted him as planned .


concisely after his apprehension, Edward was sent to the Arkham State Hospital. During it, he requested a meet with Batman, hoping the vigilante had learned of his plans and wanted to join him in safety. During the question, Edward bemoaned the fact he ‘d failed to kill Bruce Wayne, his comments make Batman fishy he ‘d deduced they were the same person. During the conversation, Riddler revealed he was actually inspired by Batman and expressed his impression that they worked together to take down Falcone. Batman, however, rejected the notion, causing Riddler to have a mental breakdown. As the interrogation continued, Edward realized that Batman did n’t know about his approaching plans, causing him to realize he ‘d outsmarted the vigilante. As the vigilante tried to get him to confess to his plans, Riddler gleefully celebrated, singing “ Ave Maria ” as Batman struck their window in anger. After Batman left, Riddler was returned to his cell to watch the bombs go off around the city. He witnessed the event, gleefully predicting the explosions. however, his followers ‘ approach was foiled by Batman, Catwoman and the GCPD. After learning of their failure to kill Bella Reál and Batman ‘s intervention, Riddler ‘s sanity last reached breaking period, leading him to have a breakdown in his cell. finally, Riddler was comforted by a chap inmate in a neighbor cell, who encouraged him and promised he ‘d do good. As Edward enquired who he was, the man plainly introduced himself as a “ ally ” with a riddle. The couple then began laughing maniacally together .


due to negligence and mistreatment he ‘d endured as a child, Nashton wear anger towards both Gotham ‘s officials and mobster Carmine Falcone. The tug to obtain “ vengeance ” upon them besides extended to Gotham City, with his plans to tear down its social and political systems. The Riddler besides bore an incredible intelligence, with him able to predict his victims behavior and create byzantine puzzles to indicate his plans. He besides enjoyed solving those created, due to them providing a distraction from his upbringing. contrary to Batman ‘s belief, Riddler was actually inspired by the vigilante, believing they shared the like goals and would work together. He was besides apparently uninterested in his identity, though clues around his apartment seemed to indicate he knew that it was Bruce Wayne .



Behind the Scenes

Riddler was heavily inspired by the Zodiac Killer, a ill-famed serial cause of death and criminal who operated in California in the late 1960s. Like real life murderer, he wears an executioner-style hood with clip-on glasses during one of his crimes and taunts authorities with cryptic puzzles. Riddler ‘s death-traps seem to be inspired by those of the fabricated serial-killer, “ Jigsaw ” from the Saw franchise. The character besides shares similarities with the interpretation seen in Batman: Earth One, notably being a serial killer whale targeting corrupt officials and members of Gotham ‘s organized crime. Riddler besides parallels the killer whale “Holiday” from Batman: The Long Halloween, which heavily inspired the film. The perceptibly similarities to Holiday include being a serial-killer who targets those connected to Carmine Falcone ‘s empire around Halloween, then getting institutionalized in Arkham. His contempt for Bruce Wayne besides parallels the supervillain Hush, who targets Bruce Wayne for his apparent interest in a childhood misfortune. In the novel Before the Batman: An Original Movie Novel, a different origin for Riddler is proposed. In it, Nashton held a grudge against rich people in Gotham. As a adolescent, he sabotaged a street slipstream to get spinal column at respective “ rich kids ” for taking part, which was foiled by a disguise Bruce Wayne. The fresh besides suggests he was responsible for burning down Wayne Manor/the Gotham Orphanage, though warned its occupants beforehand by activating the fire alarms. Unsatisfied with the crime but taking pleasure in the warning, the event gave him the inspiration to leave riddles and clues to his plans. however, the novel ‘s canonicity is presently in debate due to several contradictions with The Batman and the approaching The Riddler: Year One comic serial .


  • Riddler’s messages feature several references to Batman comics and characters, most notably:
    • During the reveal of Thomas Wayne’s actions with Edward Elliot, the word “Hush” can be seen on screen, referring to the character.
    • Riddler’s “See you in Hell” message is a reference to Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, where the titular location is often referred to as such. The phrase was also used by the Joker in the third issue of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

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