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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 1930s-2011

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Real Name

Richard “ Dick ” Swift

Main Alias

The Shade

Other Aliases

Mister Black, Louie Fox


Injustice Unlimited

Formerly Injustice Society

Base Of Operations

London, England Opal City · formerly Keystone City





Secret Identity



Marital Status



Formerly professional criminal












Earth-Two · New Earth


Gardner Fox · Harold Wilson Sharp

First Appearance
Flash Comics #33
(September, 1942)
Quote1.png You were right to be afraid, too, my boy. My power isn’t merely creating illusion from shadow. I make things manifest. Terrors, whole and hearty. Quote2.png

The Shade src

Dickie Swift, alias the Shade, is a reformed supervillain. originally an enemy of the Justice Society, he became an ally of Starman after he settled in Opal City.

In Earth-Two, the Shade was a coarse thief of unknown identity who could manipulate the shadows with his cane. He fought both incarnations of the Flash, Jay Garrick and Barry Allen. initially a loner villain, he became a former member of the Injustice Society. In his first public crime, Shade and his henchmen blanketed all Keystone City, Jay Garrick ‘s city, in total iniquity, in an event ironically named Black Friday. In this appearance, Shade had farseeing hair and used a big device, not his cane, to cause the darkness. [ 1 ] The Shade, together with the Fiddler and the Thinker, started a crime spree on Keystone City, before The Flash ( Barry Allen ) crossed the dimensional barrier and helped his namesake against the villains. [ 2 ] Shade was in Injustice Society when the group enslaved the New Genesis population and revived Darkseid. [ 3 ] The Shade was a common thief of strange identity who could manipulate the shadows with his cane. Shade, together with the Fiddler and the Thinker, literally kidnapped the city of Keystone City ( including the Flash ( Jay Garrick ) and the city ‘s entire population ) into a parallel dimension where he kept his prisoners in freeze animation for closely thirty years, before Garrick ‘s successor Barry Allen rescued his namesake and the city from the Shade ‘s clutches. [ 4 ] The Shade was later a extremity of an incarnation of the Wizard ‘s Injustice Society, Injustice Unlimited .They overcame the security at the International Trade Conference in Calgary, Canada — namely Infinity, Inc. and a contingent of the Global Guardians — and forced the heroes to help in some mayhem. The Shade took Fury to Athens and, with her aid, stole a piece of the Altar of Erebus from within the Areopagus. After a brief brush with the Olympian, the Shade and Fury returned to Calgary, the Shade to share in the steal wealth being gathered by the Wizard. But the design went haywire when Hourman revived and freed himself, deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as when Solomon Grundy was brought in from the Arctic Circle. It was the fleeceable Flame who incapacitated the Shade, and after the confusion, he was taken into hands by canadian law enforcement .

Post-Zero Hour

After the events of Zero Hour, the population was well altered as a resultant role of Hal Jordan ‘s plan to recreate the population. The Shade was one of the individuals most affected by Zero Hour, as the time and space warp, nature of Jordan ‘s system changed the Shade ‘s personal timeline and indeed his very being. no longer a generic villain with a charming cane, The Shade was now the morally ambiguous English gentleman turned immortal named “ Richard Swift ”. Shade ‘s powers were retconned as being home and not based on his cane. able to tap into a hideous interchange property of shadows, which he could manipulate and shape into whatever shape he wanted like to. A man of wealth, Shade traveled within the literary circles of the victorian Era England, befriending generator Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde. As time passed, Swift began using aliases for himself such as “ Mr. Black ”, and went by “ Shade ” to those he was on good terms with. He besides developed enemies, such as the cryptic dwarf Simon Culp, who like Shade was deity and had the same darkness energy powers as Shade. other enemies included the murderously corrupt Ludlow syndicate, who Shade had all but wiped out when the class manipulated Shade in arrange to murder him for sport, with the surviving generations of the family vowing revenge on the Shade. The Shade kept a drawn-out diary and finally fell in love with the United States east-coast city of Opal City. Setting up residence in Opal City, Shade befriended Opal City ‘s sheriff, Brian Savage ( the Scalphunter ) and lento amassed a modest personal luck, while besides moonlighting as a hired cause of death. The Shade fled back to England during the early days of World War II, to aide the Allies in fighting the Nazis. While on patrol with the british hero Captain X, Shade was ambushed by Culp when a bomb fell from a german fighter plane onto the two men. To survive, Culp was forced to seek shelter by literally merging with an ignorantness shadow. When the age of costume heroes began and unwittingly influenced by the malefic Culp, Swift decided to give himself the appoint “ The Shade ” ( added a ‘the ‘ to his nickname ) in 1942. Downplaying his formidable shadow powers, Shade committed crimes in respective cities, most notably Keystone City, where he found himself a nemesis in the form of the Flash, Jay Garrick. The Shade would privately refer to his battles as “ the joust ”, which he engaged in for the bare exhilarate of combat with another super-powered combatant. Despite his plow to super-villainy though, Opal City remained untouched by Shade as the villain considered the city he lived in off-limits. indeed, The Shade has been known to be protective of Opal City, to the charge of using his powers to kill any criminals who attempt to commit crimes in the city. The Shade even would engage in the episodic super-hero conflict, saving Howard Hughes from the nefarious Johnny Sorrow. however, Culp lento began to fight Shade to gain laterality of Shade ‘s body, culminating in the Shade think that Culp was alive and plotting against him and ultimately to him and Dr. Fate teaming up to find Culp, never knowing that the villain he was seeking was inside his stomach. Shade would subsequently team up with the Mist to murder the retire super-hero Invisible Hood, though it is nameless if Culp was responsible for this act of mangle.

Jack Knight became the new Starman after the death of his buddy David and united with Shade to save Opal City from the Mist and his syndicate ‘s reign of panic that threatened to destroy the city Shade had made into his home. Having returned to the United States and effectively retired since the Injustice Unlimited debacle, Shade took an interest in Jack Knight and offered to mentor the man who helped save Opal City from the Mist. Jack would be privy to the Shade ‘s diaries, learning much of his life and new back-story arsenic well as his opinions on the respective men who used the Starman nickname. Though many in Opal were distrustful of the Shade, he lento won the entrust of many in the city though Culp, ferocious at how the Shade had rejected evil, ultimately assumed broad control over Shade ‘s torso. Gathering an army of villains who Jack Knight had battled over the course of his heroic career, Culp ( in Shade ‘s body ) cast a enchantment that allowed him to trap everyone inside Opal City using the shadow powers he possessed and began to destroy the entire city before Starman and the Shade ( who ultimately expelled Culp from his body ) opposed him. Ironically it would be the Shade ‘s former ally the mist who would kill Culp, as Mist sold his soul to Neron to restore his mind ( closely gone ascribable to Alzheimer ‘s Disease ) in exchange for his killing the Shade. however, Ted Knight would sacrifice his life to save Shade and Opal City from Mist ‘s concluding rampage .

Cry for Justice

Main article: Justice League: Cry for Justice The Shade learned about Prometheus ‘s conspiracy in ordering a serial of attacks on versatile superheroes and informing this news program to his previous rival Jay Garrick. He then accompanies Garrick to the Justice League Watchtower to warn the other heroes, but arrived besides late to find Prometheus already there. [ 5 ] After Garrick was incapacitated by Prometheus, Shade was able to hold off the villain ( as he is technically not a “ hero ”, meaning Prometheus has no file on how to stop him ), and ultimately ends up stopping Donna Troy from killing the supervillain after he has been beaten into submission. however, Shade later creates a portal that gives green Arrow entree to Prometheus ‘ early dimensional lair, where the archer kills Prometheus in retaliation for Star City, the dismemberment of his early protege Red Arrow, and the death of Red Arrow ‘s daughter. [ 6 ] [ 7 ]

Blackest Night

Main article: Blackest Night During the Blackest Night, Shade was in a relationship with Hope O’Dare, and claimed that he was in love with her. After a night of sexual activity, Shade and Hope were confronted by David Knight, reanimated as a Black Lantern. David ripped out Shade ‘s heart, but, ascribable to his powers, he survived, unable to be killed and resisting the birdcall of a black ring that sought to turn him into another undead. After David threatened to kill Hope and former his brother Jack, an enrage shade used his powers to trap the Black Lantern within the Shadowlands after decrying the Lantern as a parody and a fudge, saying he had “ no easy of his own ”, and used his own heart as a channel to bind and banish him. Afterward, Hope admitted that she loved Shade as well, and the two lovers departed from the view of the conflict. [ 8 ]

possible futures

In one possible future, The Shade became the defender of a utopian planet several thousand years into the future ; in which he silent enjoys telling tales of his past. [ 9 ]


( All Powers : Post-Zero Hour only )

  • Darkness Manipulation: The ability to control darkness. His powers were revealed to be a connection to the Shadowlands (or Dark Zone), a dimension of primordial, quasi-sentient darkness which Shade, as well as other characters with similar powers, can channel for various effects. Swift, perhaps due to age, seems to be the most powerful possessor of Shadowland given powers.
    • Darkness Teleportation: The ability to travel great distances in short amounts of time, by traveling between Earth and the Dark Zone. This ability currently exhausts his powers and he isn’t able to make these trips often. In the future, it seems he will be able to teleport freely.
    • Darkness Constructs: The ability to create solid constructs out of shadows. These are limited to what he allows them to do; however, in the future, they take on a mind of their own.
    • Shadowland Demon Control: The ability to summon and command demonic creatures from the Dark Zone.
    • Darkness Projection: The ability to project darkness in the form of energy blasts.
    • Darkness Force-Field: The ability to surround himself with a force field.
  • Immortality: Swift is immortal not tied to a type of magic. The only time he lost his immortality was briefly in the second series of Starman when Simon Culp broke away from him. However, it appears the only way he can lose his immortality is if he loses his shadow, which would require someone from likely the same event back in 1838 meeting up with him (very unlikely). He is highly resistant to attacks of all kinds, and survived a direct bomb fall on top of him, appearing only slightly dazed.


  • Gadgetry (Pre-Zero Hour only): In the Pre-Zero Hour timeline, the Shade developed his special cane, which was the source of his powers; in Post-Zero Hour, Shade’s powers are innate.
  • Literature (Post-Zero Hour only)
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)[10]


  • Cane-Sword: An item that can double as both a walking cane and a sword.
  • Shade’s Cane

  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC’s Earth-Two era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985–86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character’s Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and no longer apply.


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