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Armand Duquesne III


Real Name

Armand Duquesne III


[ 1 ]

Old Goat




Flag of United States of America.png american



Date of Death

December 19, 2024




TV Series

Hawkeye ( 1 episode )


Portrayed by

Simon Callow

“Armand, Armand Duquesne.”
―Armand Duquesne III to Kate Bishop

Armand Duquesne III was a affluent socialite and the uncle of Jack Duquesne. Once Duquesne III became mindful of Eleanor Bishop ‘s connections with Wilson Fisk and threatened to expose them both, he was murdered by Bishop under the order of Fisk .


early life

brunch with the Bishops

“You used to come to my brownstone for brunch.”
“Oh, build your own blintz bar.”
―Armand Duquesne III and Kate Bishop

Armand Duquesne III was born into the affluent Duquesne family. The Duquesne syndicate had a friendly relationship with the Bishop family, as a young Kate Bishop would visit the Duquesne Brownstone for brunch regularly. [ 1 ]

Charity Gala

Reacquainting with Kate Bishop

“Seems like he won the jackpot.”
“You think so? So does he. I’m not so sure.”
―Kate Bishop and Armand Duquesne III

In December 2024, Armand Duquesne III attended a jacob’s ladder gala, along with respective other members of his family and the Bishop class. Duquesne approached Kate Bishop, whom he at first mistake for a waitress. The two reacquainted, and while Duquesne complimented Bishop on her dinner jacket, he by chance revealed to her that her mother and Jack Duquesne were engaged to be married, asking her to dress more lady-like at their wedding .
Duquesne expressed his grievances regarding the agreement, before being interrupted by Armand Duquesne VII, who complained that he wanted to go home because he was bored. Duquesne scolded his young relative for his impoliteness and told him to introduce himself to Bishop. Afterwards, Duquesne excused himself so that Bishop could have a conversation with her beget regarding the date. [ 1 ]

Threatening Eleanor Bishop

“I’ve got powerful friends, too. The kind you don’t want to mess with.”
―Armand Duquesne III to Eleanor Bishop

late that night, in a separate of the hotel away from the gala, Duquesne engaged in an argument with Eleanor Bishop, about her battle to his nephew. [ 1 ] He made Bishop know that he was mindful about her connections with Wilson Fisk, [ 2 ] but Bishop denied his accusation. The argument ended with Duquesne threatening Bishop and walking aside. Unbeknowst to Duquesne, the conversation was overhead by Kate Bishop. [ 1 ]

Black Market Auction

“I’ve reached my breaking point with your fiancée. Things are about to get very ugly.”
“Why don’t we leave Eleanor alone, you old goat.”
―Armand Duquesne III and Jack Duquesne

Following his argument with Eleanor Bishop, Duquesne proceeded to the basement of the hotel, where a black grocery store auction was being held, unwittingly tailed by Kate Bishop. Duquesne took a seat, soon joined by his nephew, despite Duquesne ‘s objections. Duquesne warned his nephew that he was growing tired of Eleanor and that things were going to turn ugly soon, to which Jack retaliated that he should leave his fiancée out of it.

The auctioneer began auctioning off Ronin ‘s sword, which Duquesne began the bid on at $ 250,000. To Duquesne ‘s traumatize, Jack bid on the sword angstrom well. Eventually Jack yielded and Duquesne won the sword with a command of $ 475,000. however, before Duquesne could claim the sword, the auction was interrupted by an explosion, knocking Duquesne off his moderate .
The basement was invaded by the Tracksuit Mafia, who were robbing the place of its expensive illegal items. As Duquesne tried to escape, he and Jack were halted by one of the Mafia crew. Bishop, now disguised in Ronin ‘s Suit knocked out the criminal, allowing the Duquesnes to escape. [ 1 ]


Murdered by Eleanor Bishop

“I handled Armand like you asked.”
―Eleanor Bishop to Wilson Fisk

Following the looting of the black market auction, Duquesne returned home to his brownstone, where he was attacked and murdered by Eleanor Bishop, under the ordain of Wilson Fisk. [ 2 ] Kate Bishop, looking to investigating Duquesne for ties to the robbery, infiltrated the brownstone, only to find Duquesne ‘s cadaver. Upon hearing Duquesne ‘s maid enter the construction, Bishop fled and the maid found the body seconds late. [ 1 ]


NYPD Investigation

“A major NYPD investigation is underway. New York socialite Armand Duquesne was found dead in his home last night. Witnesses saw a mysterious figure leaving the scene. The description matches the masked assailant from last night’s auction robbery. These two events have officials wondering if indeed, the Ronin has returned to New York City, if he may be responsible for Armand Duquesne’s death, and what he may do next.”
―Pat Kiernan

The night of Duquesne ‘s murder, witnesses reported seeing Ronin leaving the Duquesne Brownstone. This caused the New York City Police Department to think that Ronin may be involved in the murder of Duquesne. [ 3 ]

Kate Bishop ‘s probe

“Don’t you think it’s a little strange that the same night his uncle threatens you, he ends up murdered by sword?”
―Kate Bishop to Eleanor Bishop

Kate Bishop, connecting Duquesne ‘s death by sword to Jack Duquesne ‘s love of swords, vitamin a well as the fiscal addition Jack had to earn by his uncle ‘s death and Duquesne ‘s disfavor of his employment, believed Jack was the perpetrator behind Duquesne ‘s mangle. Bishop urgently tried to prove this to her mother, but Jack ‘s fiancée constantly dismissed the subject. [ 3 ]

Yelena Belova ‘s Investigation

“Mrs. Bishop, you’re under arrest for the murder of Armand Duquesne III.”
―Caudle to Eleanor Bishop

Yelena Belova late caught Eleanor Bishop talking with Wilson Fisk and revealing that she had killed Duquesne. Once Fisk was defeated by Kate Bishop, Eleanor was arrested by the New York City Police Department for the murder of Duquesne III. [ 2 ]


“I’d appreciate it if you wore something more ladylike to the wedding.”
―Armand Duquesne III to Kate Bishop

Duquene was an incredibly reserved man, who often bowed gloomy to the stereotyped aspects of life as a solution of him being raised in a biased company towards women, as seen with his comments regarding Kate Bishop ‘s kit at the jacob’s ladder gala. Despite this, Duquesne was polite and friendly towards Bishop, being well-versed in the intricacies of the socialite life and raising the younger members of his to be well-bred as well. Duquesne was protective of his class list, confronting Eleanor Bishop when he feared that her battle to his nephew could have dangerous repercussions to the Duquesne list .


  • Duquesne Brownstone: Duquesne lived in his family’s brownstone in New York City.




  • In the comics, Armand Duquesne is the father of Jacques Duquesne and a government official in Sin-Cong.

Behind the Scenes

  • While the subtitles during Armand Duquesne III’s introduction and his maid calling for him in Never Meet Your Heroes spell his surname “Duquesne” (and Tony Dalton is credited as “Jack Duquesne” in both Never Meet Your Heroes and Hide and Seek), when Pat Kiernan discusses his death in Hide and Seek, the subtitles spell his surname as “Ducane”.


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