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Mainstream Universe‎‎, 2011‎-present

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Real Name

Linnya Wazzo

Main Alias

Phantom Girl


Unnamed mother ·
( descendant )

Unnamed father ·Unnamed mother · Tinya Wazzo (descendant)


The Terrifics,
Justice League Reserves [ 1 ]

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Prime Earth


Ivan Reis · Jeff Lemire

First Appearance
The Terrifics #1
(April, 2018)

Linnya Wazzo is Phantom Girl, a penis of the superhero team The Terrifics. She is besides the ancestor of the thirtieth Century Phantom Girl, Tinya Wazzo, who serves on the futuristic Legion of Super-Heroes.

Linnya Wazzo hailed from the satellite Bgztl and had two loving parents. Every member of the Bgztlian raceway has the power to turn intangible and phase through objects and people, including Linnya. When Linnya was a young child she and her parents planned a vacation on the distant universe of Bismoll as the Magno Ball Championships were being held there that class. During their travel in the syndicate spacecraft, the Wazzo family became embroiled in a space storm. In an attempt to save Linnya ‘s life her parents put her in the only get off pod and launched her to condom. however Linnya ‘s beget miscalculated the projection for the safety valve pod and incidentally sent Linnya further into the storm, causing her to crash land on a different universe. [ 2 ] As it turned out, the storm had been a portal to the Dark Multiverse, a collection of universes that went wrong and were destined to die. Linnya soon found that she was stuck in her intangible form, unable to touch anything. Linnya grew up in the Dark Multiverse, spending all of her childhood and most of her adolescent years in the nightmare dimension with entirely spiders to keep her ship’s company. [ 2 ] After years marooned in the Dark Multiverse Linnya was discovered by three super-heroes from Earth. These superheroes were Plastic Man ( Patrick “ Eel ” O’Brian ), Metamorpho ( Rex Mason ), and Mister Terrific ( Michael Holt ), who had fallen through a still-open portal into the Dark Multiverse. After entering the Dark Multiverse the three heroes had picked up a signal set by person from the Multiverse, and believed it was Linnya who had set the beacon. Linnya was incredibly relieved to see another sentient creature after such a long time and agreed to go along with the heroes as they searched for the beacon. [ 2 ] finally the heroes came across the device releasing the signal and activated it. The machine came to biography and displayed a hologram of a man. The valet in the hologram introduced himself as Tom Strong. Strong informed Linnya and the heroes that if they were viewing the message then he was credibly dead and it was up to them to save the universe. [ 3 ] After the message stopped playing Mister Terrific wanted to bring the antenna on the device back to his lab for analysis. Because the antenna was so firm attached to the device he required the aid of Metamorpho and Plastic Man to dislodge it. however when the device last came off a spark of dark energy struck Linnya and the heroes. [ 2 ]

The flicker awoke the cadaver of a elephantine stranger titan which began attacking the heroes. With the antenna in hand the heroes fled back through the portal vein and closed it, leaving the Titan on the other slope. ultimately free of the Dark Multiverse, Linnya discovered she could once again turn tangible, however anything she touched would explode. Mister Terrific promised to help Linnya find the reference of these problems and headed back to his lab to investigate the antenna. however angstrom soon as he left Linnya, Rex and O’Brian were once again effected by the like shock as ahead. This shock forced Terrific to return the early heroes in Stagg Mansion, the placement of the portal vein. [ 2 ]


  • Bgztlian Physiology: Linnya hails from the planet Bgztl and is a member of the alien race known as Bgztlians. Bgztlians may appear identical to humans, however there physiology is vastly different, giving them a limited array of supernatural abilities.[2]
    • Phasing
    • Intangibility: Like all members of her race Linnya has the ability to turn intangible at will. While in this state Linnya cannot be touched by anyone or anything, even the ground.[2]
      • Flight: Linnya can levitate and fly while in her intangible form.[2]
  • Self-Sustenance[4]
  • Explosive Touch: After returning to the Multiverse Linnya could once again turn tangible. However anything Linnya touched would explode.[2][5]


  • Power Instability: After years of being trapped in the Dark Multiverse, Linnya’s powers have become unstable and she is stuck in her intangible form. If she tries to go back to solid form and touches anything around, it causes the object to explode. For this reason, Mr. Terrific has suggested she remain in intangible form until he can find a way to normalize her condition.[2]
  • Dark Energy Bonding (Formerly): After being exposed to the Dark Multiverse energy, the Terrifics members became tethered to each other, which causes an explosion if they are separated more than a mile from each other.[4]


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