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He Who Remains †

Former leaders

He Who Remains †

Notable former members

Hunter U-92 †
Minuteman 200914867365 †
Minuteman 20061486 †
Loki Laufeyson
Minuteman 750682931199
Hunter C-20
Mobius M. Mobius
Hunter B-15
Hunter D-90
Ravonna Renslayer
Miss Minutes
Minuteman 1507311
Minuteman 02094209
Minuteman 90018371
Minuteman 5705397283
Analyst 1182-E
Hunter H-98


Time Variance Authority Office


Outside of space and time






TV Series


“For all time. Always.”
―TVA motto

The Time Variance Authority ( TVA ) was a bureaucratic organization created by He Who Remains situate outside of space and time that was tasked with preserving the Sacred Timeline and preventing the creation of branching timelines .



True foundation

“Eons ago, before the TVA, a variant of myself lived on Earth in the 31st century. He was a scientist and he discovered that there were universes stacked on top of his own.”
―He Who Remains

Eons ago, a Variant of He Who Remains lived on earth in the thirty-first century. One day, he discovered the universe of alternate universes that were stacked on peak of each other. At the same time, early Variants of himself were learning the same thing, leading them to finally make contact with one another. The Variants shared cognition and technologies from their respective universes to improve the others. however, certain nefarious Variants, such as Kang the Conqueror, saw the new universes as new lands to conquer, leading to a Multiversal War. The Variants battled each early to preserve their population and annihilate the others. At one detail, He Who Remains encountered a creature created from the several tears in reality with the ability to consume fourth dimension and space itself. He weaponized Alioth ‘s office to put an end to the Multiversal War before isolating the Sacred Timeline and creating the Time Variance Authority to manage the stream of time and prevent any far branches. [ 1 ]

TVA Propaganda

“Long ago, there was a vast Multiversal War. Countless unique timelines battled each other for supremacy, nearly resulting in the total destruction of… well, everything. But then, the all-knowing Time-Keepers emerged, bringing peace by reorganizing the multiverse into a single timeline, the Sacred Timeline.”
―Miss Minutes

The Time Variance Authority propaganda tell of countless timelines battling one another for laterality across the Multiverse in a cataclysmal war lasting for eons and about destroying universe. To prevent this, the Time-Keepers brought peace and order to the Multiverse by arranging the timelines into a individual “ hallowed Timeline. ” In order to preserve the timeline ‘s proper menstruate, the Time-Keepers then created the Time Variance Authority to police the Multiverse from Variants who create Nexus events. If these events were left unbridled, the timeline could branch off and lead to another Multiversal War. [ 2 ] He Who Remains created this propaganda to give TVA workers function and dogma to cling to, and Miss Minutes helped spread it for centuries. [ 1 ]

Arresting Loki

“On behalf of the Time Variance Authority, I hereby arrest you for your crimes against the Sacred Timeline.”
―Hunter B-15 to Loki

In an alternate adaptation of 2012, an surrogate interpretation of Loki was able to acquire the Tesseract and escape, finally landing in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Seconds late, a Time Variance Authority whole led by Hunter B-15 arrived and apprehended Loki for disrupting the Sacred Timeline before pruning the alternate timeline. Loki was brought to the TVA Office and went through a Variant process before he was brought into the TVA court to stand in front of Judge Ravonna Renslayer. She asked Loki if he was guilty or not, to which he denied doing any crimes against the “ consecrated Timeline ”. Loki then tried to use his powers, before he was told that magic trick does n’t work in the TVA. Renslayer sentenced Loki to be reset, but before he was taken away, he was saved by Mobius M. Mobius who convinced Renslayer that the TVA could use Loki to their advantage. [ 2 ]

Recruiting Loki

Loki was recruited to work at the Time Variance Authority. Mobius M. Mobius instructed him to learn about the TVA and Loki worked at an agency, where he read through TVA files and watched train television. Miss Minutes tried to quiz Loki on what he learned, but was unsuccessful. Loki was then asked by Mobius to accompany him, Hunter B-15, and other Minutemen on a deputation. After causing the TVA to fail their mission, Loki was tasked by Mobius to go over each and every one of the Variant ‘s sheath files. By reading a charge on Ragnarök, Loki figured out that the Variant was hiding in apocalypses. [ 3 ] Loki, Mobius M. Mobius, Hunter B-15, and other Minutemen went to Haven Hills, Alabama in 2050 to find the Variant. During the mission, Loki met the Variant and was excessively late to stop her from setting off numerous reset charges that fell through Timedoors and landed at different points throughout the “ sacred Timeline ”. however, the TVA was able to stop major changes from occurring and managed to stabilize the timeline. [ 3 ]

The Truth Exposed

After being taken to the Time-Keepers ‘ chamber, Loki and Sylvie confronted the Time-Keepers. When Sylvie threw her sword at one of them, its promontory fell away, and the two discovered that the Time-Keepers were actually androids. This left the true origin of the Time Variance Authority in question. [ 4 ]

death of the TVA ‘s creator

Loki and Sylvie enchanted Alioth in the Void, causing him to leave his post. [ 5 ] They then were able to access the Citadel at the end of Time, where they were met by Miss Minutes and then He Who Remains. He Who Remains told Loki and Sylvie about his Variants, the Multiversal War, and why he created the Time Variance Authority. He Who Remains offered them two options ; kill him and risk starting a fresh Multiversal War or take over the Time Variance Authority. Loki wanted to think it through, but Sylvie, in a fit of retaliation, pushed Loki through a Timedoor back into the TVA and killed He Who Remains. ampere soon as he died, dozens of ramify timelines began to form. [ 1 ]

erstwhile Members


equipment and technology

Time Variance Authority personnel have access to an across-the-board align of technology at their disposal that gives them the ability to apprehend Variants and fix any changes made to the timeline .


Time Variance Authority personnel are normally equipped with a diverseness of weapons that help them apprehend Variants.

regular Weapons

  • Time Stick: Standard weapon of TVA personnel.

Misc .


TimeVarianceAuthorityLogo Main logo. A version with flick colors is used on some uniforms .TimeVarianceAuthorityLogo Variant Variant used in black-and-white informational videos .



  • In the comics, the Time Variance Authority is an organization that was formed to monitor realities throughout the multiverse and to keep temporal interference to a minimum.


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