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Young Avengers


[ 1 ] Avenger Sidekicks, [ citation needed ] the Successors, [ citation needed ] Wannabes, [ citation needed ] Young Guns

Avenger BabiesAvenger Sidekicks,the Successors,Wannabes,Young Guns



Hawkeye ( Kate Bishop ), Patriot (when available); formerly Iron Lad

Current Member(s)

Hawkeye ( Kate Bishop ), Emperor Dorrek VIII, Marvel Boy, Miss America, Patriot, Prodigy, Speed, Stinger, Wiccan

Former Member(s)

Iron Lad, Loki ( Ikol ), Vision ( Jonas )

Affiliation and Identity




Captain America ( Steve Rogers ), Jessica Jones, Iron Man ( Tony Stark ), Kl’rt the Super-Skrull, Runaways, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Young Masters, Uncanny Avengers, Ronin/Hawkeye ( Clint Barton ), Winter Soldier, Mighty Avengers, Magneto, [ 2 ] Quicksilver, [ 2 ] Master Pandemonium, [ 3 ] Scarlet Witch, [ 4 ] X-Factor Investigations, [ 5 ] Ant-Man ( Scott Lang ), [ 4 ] X-Men, [ 6 ]


Kang the Conqueror, Growing Men, Mister Hyde, Kl’rt the Super-Skrull, Young Masters, Warden of The Cube, Marvel Boy, A.I.M., “ Scarlet Witch ”, Kree, Skrulls, Commander Chrell, Super-Skrulls, Doctor Doom, Master Pandemonium, Captain Av-Rom, Sons of the Serpent, Wrecking Crew, Dark Avengers [ 7 ] [ 5 ] Mother, [ 8 ] Young Avengers ( Constructs ), Skifflefuffles, [ 9 ]

Origin and Status


disbanded, [ 10 ] a time-traveling

After the Avengers a time-traveling Iron Lad came to the present, initiating Avengers Fail-Safe Program and bringing together young superheroes to stop Kang the Conqueror and save the world.





Base of Operations


Noh-Varr ‘s Kree Ship ; Bishop Publishing, New York City, New York ; Ruins of Avengers Mansion, New York City, New York


Place of Formation

Avengers Mansion, New York City, New York

Creators and Appearances


Allan Heinberg, Jim Cheung


Young Avengers # 1
( February, 2005 )



A unseasoned man named Nathaniel Richards wearing armor came from the future, fleeing Kang the Conqueror, his future self. He arrived at Avengers Mansion, but it was abandoned in alight of the Scarlet Witch ‘s mental breakdown and subsequent damage caused [ 11 ]. He headed to Stark Industries, and he was able to access the A.I. of Vision and uploaded it into the armor. [ 12 ] The A.I. explained that it contained the Avengers Fail-Safe Program, listing young heroes related to the Avengers. [ 12 ] [ 2 ] He formed a team with Eli Bradley, Billy Kaplan, and Teddy Altman. They took every mission available, such as rescuing people during a fire. After their foremost mission was recounted in the Daily Bugle, Jessica Jones was sent to investigate the heroes who had been nicknamed Iron Kid, Lieutenant America, Teen-Hulk, and Thor Jr.. Captain America and Iron Man besides investigated. [ 13 ] Cassie Lang was matter to in following her father ‘s bequest, and her powers by chance triggered during an argument with the others. [ 14 ] Kate Bishop accompanied the heroes after helping them fight off kidnappers at her sister ‘s marriage. [ 15 ] The Young Avengers prepared for Kang ‘s arrival. [ 13 ] Captain America, Iron Man, and Jessica Jones tried to dissuade them and had them locked in the Mansion while they awaited Kang. [ 12 ] Kang was able to convince Cap and the others to assist him in this campaign, showing them visions of an apocalyptic future he claimed would occur if Iron Lad was not forced to become another translation of Kang. Kate had memorized the access codes, though, and was able to let them out a well as rule items for them to prepare to battle Kang. [ 16 ] Iron Lad was separated from his armor due to Kang ‘s cybernetic control, but with the Vision ‘s A.I. it continued to fight him on its own. Kang left, but not before Iron Lad stabbed him with the Swordman ‘s Sword. [ 17 ] The Vision was able to reform himself from Iron Lad ‘s armor. Changes in the timestream forced Iron Lad to return to his future and become Kang, so he bade the others farewell and thanked them for at least trying to help. [ 18 ] Captain America was impressed with their effort but said that without parental license he and Iron Man could not train them. Their equipment was besides confiscated. [ 18 ] Kate was able to locate a fresh base and provided newfangled costumes and equipment. With Captain America and Iron Man both taking sake in the kids ‘ futures, the relationship between the Young Avengers and the New Avengers was up in the air out. besides, the Vision, which formed from Iron Lad ‘s armor was a blank slate, with no past experiences or history, and was, in essence, a child. The Young Avengers used their abilities to protect those that could not protect themselves and fought against malefic at every turn. [ 18 ]

secret Identities

The Young Avengers had to decide how much to tell their parents after the members decided to continue acting publicly. none of their parents found out. During a competitiveness with Mister Hyde [ 19 ], Wiccan discovered Eli abusing MGH, a drug that gave people powers for short periods to appear to have superpowers. Eli confessed that he deceived the Vision, who meant to recruit his missing uncle Josiah, to join the team. Overwhelmed with emotion, he quit the team. [ 20 ] Jessica Jones interviewed the Young Avengers about their pasts at the imperativeness of Kat Farrell. Cassie Lang had a trouble home liveliness, particularly after her father died. She and her mother constantly fought and she hated her ma ‘s modern boyfriend. Had the Young Avengers not formed, Cassie planned to join the Runaways. Teddy Altman abused his shapeshifting powers to hang out with a more popular kid. He realized that he had gone excessively far when his “ acquaintance ” tried to force him to steal artifacts from the demolish Avengers Mansion. Billy Kaplan had a problem with being accepted. He met the Scarlet Witch, who explained that being different was not regretful. Because Kate Bishop was assaulted in a park, she began combat train. Eli Bradley took the Mutant Growth Hormone because he felt powerless against some thugs, and wanted to prove that his grandfather sincerely was the first Captain America. [ 21 ] [ 22 ]

family Matters

Kl’rt the Super-Skrull tried to take Teddy to Tarnax IV, the Skrull homeworld. Kl’rt revealed that Mrs. Altman was not Teddy ‘s mother and killed her. In the consequence, Kl’rt kidnapped Teddy. [ 23 ] The Vision offered to locate more “ Young Avengers ” using his prior incarnation ‘s eventuality design. The Young Avengers broke Thomas Shepherd out of a superhuman prison and recruited him. Tommy could move at superhuman speed and accelerate count, destabilizing it adequate to cause an explosion. [ 24 ] The Super-Skrull told Teddy of his true lineage as the son of the Kree hero Captain Marvel, and the Skrull princess Anelle. He claimed that Tommy and Billy were lost twin sons of the Scarlet Witch and Vision. Billy believed him, but Tommy did not. Kree and Skrull fight forces arrived and fight each other and the Young Avengers until Teddy, realizing his importance to both sides, called for a ceasefire. The Avengers intervened and a Kree warrior fired at Captain America. Patriot intervened and was badly wounded. [ 25 ] Hulkling and Kl’rt ended the fight by secretly shapeshifting into each others ‘ forms. Captain America and Kl’rt, disguised as Hulkling, brokered shared detention between the races. [ 26 ] At a hospital, Eli ‘s grandfather donated his blood to Eli. Captain America again told the Young Avengers to stop what they ‘re doing. Kate blamed their trouble on the Avengers for not training them. The Young Avengers repaired the statues of fallen Avengers at Avengers Mansion. Eli now had superpowers as a result of the lineage transfusion. Kate received Hawkeye ‘s Bow and flicker from Captain America and she took the mantle of Hawkeye. Tommy arrived in costume and called himself Speed. [ 26 ] In Superhero Civil War, members of Young Avengers were captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. for not complying with the Superhuman Registration Act. Captain America and the Falcon helped them escape. once in Captain America ‘s privy base, the Young Avengers joined the resistance motion called the Secret Avengers. [ 27 ] The team followed Captain America into a trap set by Iron Man. Wiccan, along with Cloak, was knocked out via tranquilizers while the rest of the Young Avengers joined the fight against Iron Man and the pro-registration heroes. stature left the immunity after Goliath was killed by a clone of Thor and the privy Avengers were forced to retreat from struggle, leaving wiccan behind. however, shortly subsequently, Stature registered and began superhero training. The remainder of the team remained with Captain America. stature was with Iron Man and the rest of the “ pro-reg ” group during the concluding struggle between registered and maverick heroes .
During the Secret Invasion, the Young Avengers were the only team in New York City to respond to the Skrull troops ‘ first attack. Hulkling and Wiccan were the first to fall before the Initiative arrived to help. Despite the add digest, the rest of the Young Avengers were defeated and Vision got his head blown off. Because of his royalty, Hulkling was the main target of the Skrulls. Before his performance, Xavin of the Runaways ( besides a Skrull ) saved his life. [ 28 ] After the Secret Invasion transpired, all the Young Avengers remained under low profile during Norman Osborn ‘s Dark Reign, who introduced his own translation of the Young Avengers and send them to conflict only to fall against the original Young Avengers. [ 29 ] meanwhile, Stature and Vision both joined the Mighty Avengers. [ 30 ] During the Siege of Asgard, the Young Avengers joined the battlefield aboard all the heroes available. stature and Vision assisted the Mighty Avengers, Patriot and Hawkeye assisted the New Avengers, Speed acted at rescue/evac, and Wiccan and Hulkling fended off the Wrecking Crew. [ 7 ]

The Children ‘s crusade

After Wiccan ‘s powers overloaded and the Avengers decided to keep him under observation, Hulkling and the other Young Avengers broke Wiccan out of holding and began the research for the Scarlet Witch. Accompanied by Magneto and Quicksilver, the team traveled to Transia and then to Latveria before discovering a depowered and amnesic Wanda engaged to Doctor Doom. The rediscovery of Wanda did not go unnoticed though, as the Avengers soon arrived on the scene. A conflict with Doom ‘s Doombot united states army soon broken out and was lone stopped by the arrival of Iron Lad. [ 31 ] Iron Lad took the Young Avengers and Wanda into the timestream in an attempt to regroup and restore Wanda ‘s memories. The group arrived at the Avengers Mansion, soon before the Scarlet Witch primitively killed some of her colleague Avengers. Cassie used this opportunity to save her don ‘s life. This travel was successful in restoring all of Wanda ‘s powers and memories. Returning to the salute Avengers Mansion, Wanda and the Young Avengers were met by Beast, Jessica Jones, and Hawkeye .
With Wanda ‘s memories restored, she desired to make amends for M-Day, but was uncertain how. To determine if she could repower any mutants, a tennessean needed : Rictor from X-Factor Investigations. Wanda was successful in restoring his powers, but the celebration was cut short by the arrival of both the Avengers and the X-Men. [ 32 ] With tensions high, a brawl broke out between the Avengers, Young Avengers, X-Factor, and X-Men over the hands and destiny of the Scarlet Witch, forcing Wanda to put everyone asleep in an attempt to quell the fight. future, with the Young Avengers, Wanda returned to Doom in Latveria to regain her reality-warping powers. however, during the ritual to restore her powers, Patriot intervened and Doom betrayed them stealing the world power for himself. [ 33 ] Armed with the reality-warping powers, Doom returned to New York City to offer the Avengers and X-Men a option : join him or perish. During the ensuing struggle, Doom ‘s powers were overloaded and depleted. unfortunately, Stature gave her life to defeat Doom. [ 34 ] Iron Lad proposed saving stature by traveling into the timestream, but Vision refused, resulting in his end at the hands of Iron Lad. Although wiccan warned of the danger of becoming Kang the Conqueror, Iron Lad left with the captive of alerting the timestream to suit his will and promising he would be much better than Kang. [ 6 ] In the consequence of the struggle, the Young Avengers disbanded and remained broken profile during the major events that transpired over the future several months ( the Spider-Island infestation, the X-Men ‘s Schism and the resurrection of the Human Torch ). wiccan stayed in a dangerous department of state of depression until Hulkling cheered him up by proposing. however, their here and now of rejoice was interrupted by Ms. Marvel who called them to the Avengers Mansion. After a few words from Captain America, all the remaining Young Avengers ( Hawkeye, Hulkling, Speed and Wiccan ) were officially inducted as full-fledged Avengers, and a memorial to Stature and Vision was unveiled. [ 6 ]

Marvel NOW !

erstwhile after their trigger into the Avengers, the Young Avengers again decided to disband due largely to Wiccan ‘s urge. Teddy and Tommy moved in with the Kaplans, but Tommy moved out a shortstop clock late. [ 8 ] Kate began working with Clint Barton, [ 35 ] while Teddy used his shapeshifting power to take on the identity of early superheroes to continue his heroics in mysterious. [ 8 ] When Billy learned about the unavowed superhero acts of Teddy, they had a fight that ended with Billy searching the Multiverse for a reality where Teddy ‘s ma was n’t dead and transport her to their world. Wiccan was unaware he had been being manipulated by Loki, the responsible for the follow events, in an try to control Billy, knowing he was destined to become the almighty Demiurge. [ 8 ] alternatively of taking Teddy ‘s ma, Wiccan by chance took an interdimensional leech called Mother. [ 8 ] truncheon and Teddy were saved from Mother ‘s compass by Loki, [ 36 ] and they were soon joined by other young heroes, Miss America, [ 37 ] Noh-Varr, and Kate. [ 38 ] At this period, Mother had taken control condition of numerous adults and had used her powers to revive the die parents of these young heroes. When they were cornered in Central Park by their resurrect parents and an united states army of mind-controlled adults alone they could see, Loki convinced Wiccan to lend him his power for ten minutes to save them all with his better skill at magic than Wiccan. a soon as Loki acquired Billy ‘s powers, he disappeared, abandoning the group. [ 38 ] While he intended to leave them to die, Loki had an internal conversation with his late child self, and was convinced to return to the team and empower them. After defeating Mother ‘s army and miss, the parasite faded away. Loki explained they could n’t go back to any place their parents were or had died ( in the character of any dead person rear brought back by Mother ) or Mother would return, as her powers were distance-based. The young heroes decided to stay together and travel through the population. [ 39 ] In the adjacent three months, Billy was trained by Loki to be prepared to fight Mother, with the later motif of gaining his trust. The new Avengers were joined by Prodigy, who informed them Speed was kidnapped by a strange entity dressed as Patriot. [ 9 ] The Young Avengers chased the entity through the Multiverse, who brought them to Mother ‘s Dimension. They escaped, but incidentally left Prodigy and Hulking buttocks. [ 40 ] Using numerous evil alternate adaptation of themselves as a beguilement, the Young Avengers distracted Mother and save Hulking and Prodigy. Back to Earth-616, Hulking left the team to figure out if he actually loved Wiccan or if his feelings were merely a consequence of Billy unwittingly using his reality-warping powers to influence their romanticism, an firm discomfort Loki planted in Teddy ‘s mind. [ 41 ] Teddy sought for aid with Leah, who tricked him into returning to New York City, allowing Mother to come back to Earth-616, and threaten to unleash the evil versions of the Young Avengers to the world. [ 42 ] Since Billy was placid excessively weak to end the spell which brought Mother, Loki suggested that he would be able to do it if his body were older, frankincense making wiccan senesce him into a unseasoned adult. unfortunately, Loki claimed that his powers did n’t remain. The prankster revealed he had a moment design, to turn wiccan temporarily into the Demiurge, his form with all of his electric potential unleash. After Prodigy called all the adolescent heroes available to fight Mother, the team headed out to confront her. [ 43 ] During the conflict, it was revealed Leah and her Young Avengers was a physical manifestation of Loki ‘s guilt and the missing powers which he subconsciously gave up due to his guilt over killing his younger self. [ 44 ] Loki ultimately confessed his crimes, the mangle of his younger self and the manipulations the Young Avengers had been victims of. His confession made Leah and her Young Avengers disappear, frankincense Loki regained his powers and freed Teddy. Hulkling comforted Billy, and reconciliation with him. Their reunion allowed Billy to become the Demiurge and destroy Mother. The team returned to Central Park where they were met by Billy ‘s parents, but before he could introduce them, they realized Loki was gone, having fled the fit wracked with guilt over his actions. [ 45 ] Celebrating Mother ‘s frustration, the Young Avengers threw a New Years ‘ party, along with many young heroes that had come to their rescue. [ 46 ] During the region, Prodigy was confronted by the entity who had kidnapped Speed, and after he discovered the entity ‘s true nature, the entity returned Speed, who joined the Young Avengers in the party until it ended. [ 47 ] When the team departed the station using one of Miss America ‘s portals, Loki, from behind, took a photograph of the moment. [ 47 ]

master Sins

Hulkling and Prodigy went to Noh-Var ‘s space station to tell him that his ex-girlfriend was destroying outer space. The three of them investigated the blast locate where the Watcher ‘s eye detonated after his murder. [ 48 ] Prodigy decided to help The Hood extract the information that affected people in the vicinity of the Watcher ‘s center explode, before it killed them. [ 49 ]


finally, Eli and his mother returned to New York, and his friends welcomed them back with a celebratory dinner. His former teammates were encouraged Eli to become Patriot again. As they were talking, the villain Terminus, attacked in a paroxysm of fury. Jumping in, the Young Avengers reassembled again. [ 50 ]


All of the Young Avengers are present during Billy and Teddy ‘s “ official ” marriage. [ 51 ] When they primitively eloped David Alleyne was missing from the group. [ 52 ] This is despite him having been with both Teddy and Tommy early that same night. [ 53 ]



Avengers fail-safe Program, Pym Particles


Captain America ‘s Shield, Hawkeye ‘s Battle Staves, Hawkeye ‘s Bow, Hawkeye ‘s Sword, Mockingbird ‘s Battle Staves, Patriot ‘s Shield, Swordman ‘s Sword, Wiccan ‘s Staff, Kree Composite Soul Bow, Nega-Bands


Noh-Varr ‘s Kree Ship, Wiccan ‘s teleportation ; once Quinjet



  • The new Young Avengers members were as well more or less inspired from Avengers members:
    • Noh-Varr is a member of the Kree race and, so it could have an inspiration in Captain Marvel, having been first an enemy then an ally of Earth, being inspired by him and having even wielded that code-name.
    • Miss America is the “patriotic character,” regarding her code-name and costume, that matching with Captain America and having the capacity of flying and having super-human strength she shares powers with some female Avengers members like Jessica Jones or Ms. Marvel.
    • Loki has less correlation, but still is an Asgardian, so he could be a Thor counterpart, being a sorcerer he shares powers with Doctor Strange.

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