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Thor Vol 1 #337

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329?cb=20180817004509 art by : Walter Simonson

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Thor Vol 1 337 VeVe Exclusive NFT Hero Variant

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Thor Vol 1 337 VeVe Exclusive NFT Vibranium Variant

Thor Vol 1 337 VeVe Exclusive NFT Vintage Variant

323?cb=20220330220204 art by : Pasqual Ferry 323?cb=20220330220242 artwork by : Walt Simonson and George Roussos 323?cb=20220330220225 art by : Pasqual Ferry and Chris Sotomayor 323?cb=20220330220150 art by : Walt Simonson

Release Date

August 2, 1983

Cover Date

November, 1983

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James Shooter

1. “Doom”

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Walter Simonson


Walter Simonson


Walter Simonson


George Roussos


John Workman


Mark GruenwaldQuote1.png  I … I have the exponent ! The stick was the hammer ! And immediately I … I can feel the power of the devil himself added to my own ! Power enough to shake this planet to its foundation ! Quote2.png

—Beta Ray Bill

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outline for “ Doom ”

In space, we see the core of an ancient galaxy explode. amazingly, though, gigantic tongs grab the leftover starstuff, and an equally gigantic figure begins to mold it. In Grant Park in Chicago, Don Blake is out for a amble, thinking about how sometimes he wishes he could set aside his godly inheritance and be barely a man, when he is struck in the back with a frisbee. Blake gives it back to John when he is grabbed by two men, who hustle him to a car and shove him in. Inside is Nick Fury, who tells Blake he needs his help oneself, or more to the point, Thor ‘s aid. They arrive at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier where Sitwell gives a brief about the trouble they have. Using an advance falsify driven probe, they have discovered an foreigner ship. As the ship passes by a star, it flared to life and was sucked in by the ship, refueling it. The ship is now headed towards Earth at several times the amphetamine of lighter. Thor agrees to help and begins his journey. In Asgard, Sif arrives to find Volstagg with Balder feasting. Balder is dark after his sojourn in Hela ‘s kingdom and has visibly gained system of weights. He has sworn to never fight again. Sif was wanting company since Thor has forsaken her for earth, but she will not find it hera. She goes to Heimdall and asks him to find her a battle to ease her vanity, but he can not help her either. In distance, Thor has met up with the embark, and as he closes in on it, it ‘s automated weapons outdoors fuel. Thor destroys the gun battery and rips his way through the hull. Inside, he finds a big calculate encased in crystal, that suddenly breaks barren. In Asgard, Loki is bored when he hears a noise. Outside, he sees warriors engaged in a prevent Troll hunt. The Troll is hiding when it sees a beautiful woman offer to help hide it when she gets close, she grabs it and hoists it up. Lorelei has won the hunt. Loki invites her back to his castle and she agrees. Back aboard the ship, the gigantic foreigner tosses Thor away and introduces himself as Beta Ray Bill. Bill believes Thor is some sort of monster that has been harassing his people and plans on killing him. As they battle back and forth, Thor has dropped Mjolnir. thor knows he must stop them and begins trying to tear the transport apart. Skuttlebutt sets for ground to set down for repairs while Bill attacks afresh. But before Thor can do anything else, he changes back to Blake, and Bill is upon him fast. Bill forms a stasis testis around himself to survive the doss, and the unconscious shape of Blake is inside a well. Nick Fury arrives at the ship ‘s crash web site just seconds after impingement. Bill looks for Thor ‘s hammer to use as a weapon but finds entirely a cling. He strikes a wall in frustration and is transformed into an alien adaptation of Thor. Outside, Bill throws the hammer and destroys one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicles, and catches Mjolnir when it returns to him. amazingly, Bill is worthy ! He is about to strike again when the skies open up, and an trope of Odin appears. He mistakes Bill for Thor and takes him to Asgard. Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. beginning to move in, when Blake crawls out of Skuttlebutt, and realizes what has happened. The extraterrestrial being was worthy enough to wield Mjolnir, and Blake is stuck on Earth as a deadly .

Solicit Synopsis

One character in the Marvel Universe was primarily responsible for drawing wonderfully Walt Simonson into comics : The Mighty Thor. now at final Walt, writing, penciling and ink, begins a year-long bide chronicling the Thunder God ‘s adventures ! We guarantee he ‘ll set fandom on its ear !


  • This is the first issue of this series to be written and drawn by Walter Simonson. Simonson begins a well-remembered and critically acclaimed run on this series.
  • No letters page is published this issue.

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