Hafthor ‘Thor’ Bjornsson Names His Incredible Conditions For Eddie Hall Rematch

Hafthor ‘Thor’ Bjornsson has set out the conditions for a rematch against Eddie Hall after defeating the Brit at the weekend, having not only asked him to cough up a large amount of cash, but also dished out another amusing request. Loading… The early World ’ randomness Strongest man winners battled it out in the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium on Saturday ( 19 March ), with Bjornsson coming out on top by solid decision after six rounds.

Bjornsson was able to bust open Hall ‘s boldness in the first base round off, and in the third he knocked him down – in what for a moment looked like it could be a KO. mention 10 He went on to knock Hall down again in the sixth round of golf, and the judges declared him the winner, 57-54. now, Bjornsson has revealed he ’ s up for a second fight with his equal – but only if Hall keeps to his word with their pre-fight wagers .

In a post-fight interview on his YouTube groove, the Icelandic star said : “ He wants a replay and I am decidedly will to do a replay if he keeps his son. attend 10 “ then he has to get a tattoo on his body which says me as World ‘s Strongest valet on his body. then he has to give me $ 200,000. “ then I pick a charity which I will announce on my sociable media, if he keeps his word you know, which I hope he does, then 100 percentage we will do it. If he actually wants a replay then he will .Bjornsson beat Hall in their long-awaited boxing match (Image: SEGI.TV)Bjornsson beat Hall in their long-awaited boxing match (Image: SEGI.TV) “ It was an agreement we made between me and Eddie, I think that giving to charity is a no-brainer he actually wanted to give all his money to charity. I have huge deference for that but I am actually not sure he will get a tattoo.

allude 10 “ I rightfully doubt that he will then in world I do n’t think the replay will ever happen because I ca n’t see that happening. “ If he does n’t get a tattoo there will no be replay and I am not going to hold him down and say ‘get a tattoo ‘. ” After the fight, Hall shared an Instagram video recording to reflect on the frustration – besides saying he hopes for a replay. Loading… allude 10 He said : “ You know what, I can take things as a man. It is what it is, that ‘s boxing.

“ At the end of the sidereal day I ‘ve fair fought the biggest valet on the planet in a packing match. I ‘d like to see anyone else get the balls and do that. “ It ‘s been a hell of a travel ; I ‘ve enjoyed it and hopefully there ‘s a replay and we can do business again. ” Words by Jess Hardiman .

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