How to Build Thor in Dungeons & Dragons

thor is known as the God of Thunder and one of the strongest Avengers. His fabulous powers and lastingness help him fit into the worldly concern of D & D.

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The inaugural trailer for thor : Love and Thunder was recently released, and everyone is a hum about the Asgardian God of Thunder. Thor ‘s incredible strength and command over lightning make him one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this film, Thor will be exploring modern worlds and entering into a fresh chapter of his life that he ‘ll have to adapt to. How well would Thor adjust to a different illusion universe like Dungeons & Dragons ?

Over the years, there have been several versions of Thor and different characters who have taken up the mantle, including Jane Foster, who will wield Mjolnir in the approaching film. For now, let ‘s stick with the iconic son of Odin from the MCU. Thor is already from a charming worldly concern filled with strange monsters and mighty gods, so fans looking to role-play as Thor or design a character based on him will find the transition from shield ( or comics ) to the game quite easy .
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The Best D&D Race for Thor

Avengers: Endgame Despite his appearances, Thor is far from homo. Being from Asgard grants Thor some superhuman abilities, like increased military capability and lastingness, which has allowed him to go toe to toe with the Hulk on multiple occasions. The best D & D race to emulate these superhuman feats is the Aasimar. These are mortals who have a divine inheritance or who have been touched by a divine effect of some kind. This works perfectly since Thor is a god and the son of the Allfather, Odin. Aasimars get a +2 to their Charisma score and some minor charming and healing abilities. That boost to Charisma is allow since Thor is frequently considered Asgard ‘s darling child .
The best subrace for Thor is the Scourger Aasimars, as they are bursting with beaming energy and are driven by a desire to purge evil. thor has constantly been a champion and much throws himself headlong into conflicts he believes he can resolve. He is known through all nine realms as a killer of monsters and defeater of evil. The Scourger gets a +1 to their Constitution score, and once a day, they can release their divine energy to do beaming damage. Some Dungeon Masters might allow players to change this lightning damage to better fit the God of Thunder .
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Thor’s Ability Scores

Thor vs the Hulk in the MCU film, Ragnarok Strength is the most significant ability score for Thor, as most of his problems are solved with a fight. Dealing massive damage and performing amaze feats of athleticism are Thor ‘s primary coil skills. Thor often wrestles with giant monsters and challenges knock-down individuals, so a good Athletics bonus is necessity. A high Strength score will ensure that when person takes a hit from Thor ‘s mighty hammer, they do n’t get back up well .
thor has gone up against some of the strongest villains in the universe, like freeze giants, extraterrestrial being warlords, and other gods. He has n’t constantly come out of these conflicts unscathed. Despite the annoyance, scars, and injuries he ‘s endured, Thor always manages to get back up and keep contend. To do that in D & D, he ‘ll need a high constitution mark to increase his hit degree pool.

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The Best D&D Class for Thor

thor rope training in the teaser of thor love and thunder thor is renowned for his ferocity on the battlefield. His skills as a warrior are some of his greatest traits. Because of this, the barbarian class is the best burst for him. Barbarians get the most health out of any class and deal some of the highest damage in fight. thor can easily become a violence of nature and deal catastrophic price when he ‘s angry. The peasant classify would allow him to take a lot of punishment in battle and dish out even more pain of his own .
One of the most important lessons that Thor learned during his journey is that he is the God of Thunder, and the baron comes from him, not his mallet. During thor : gotterdammerung, he learned to harness the power of lightning on his own. The path of the Storm Herald subclass would allow him to do that again in D & D. This subclass grants elementary powers and the ability to harness storms. Choosing the sea environment allows the peasant to deal extra lightning damage during attacks. As a way of the Storm Herald Barbarian, Thor can channel lightning through Mjolnir or Storm Breaker and live up to his title as the God of Thunder .
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The Best Background for Thor

MCU Asgardian Royal Family thor has a alone background compared to early MCU heroes. He was raised as a deity and developed a personality that fits the title. Thor was always expected to be the next king of Asgard and was groomed for the role. Plus, he has lived for thousands of years, which has given him a great consider of life experience. With that in mind, there are assorted D & D backgrounds that match Thor .
solid or Gladiator match well with Thor ‘s warrior personality and his pursuit for glory. Thor ‘s time with the Norse people inspired their mythology and culture. He is considered a big champion both on earth and Asgard, which would make him the perfect Folk Hero. however, the best background for Thor is lord. This gives him proficiency in History, which works well with his long life. Thor has spent most of his animation in luxury and is used to getting his manner as a prince of Asgard, thus proficiency in Persuasion is besides appropriate .

The Best Feats for Thor

Thor Ragnarok The Athlete feat is constantly a effective choice for a Barbarian. The feat gives a +1 to Strength, makes unmanageable jumps easier to make, and removes the extra bowel movement that climbing costs. This feat could mimic Thor ‘s extraordinary strength and acrobatic skills. Crusher is another excellent option, allowing the musician to increase their Strength or Constitution score by one. It besides gives melee attacks the change to enemies back, ampere well as granting advantage on the future approach after a critical hit. With this feat, Thor can be a destructive coerce on the battlefield who sends enemies flying .

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