The 10 Best Thor Artists

While many artists have wonderfully illustrated Marvel ‘s Thor, there are a few who rise above the rest. thor has been one of Marvel ‘s most democratic heroes ever since his introduction in 1962 ‘s Journey Into Mystery # 83. Whether as an Avenger or as a solo champion, Thor has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. This would n’t be possible without the many artists who have put their write to page to depict the Mighty Avenger .
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While dozens of creators have wonderfully illustrated the character, there are a few who rise above the rest. many have expertly depicted Thor in the pages of The Avengers, but other artists had outstanding runs on Thor ‘s solo series.


10 Sal Buscema Can Draw A Fight Like Nobody Else

Sal Buscema Thor Hulk Collage Sal Buscema is an inker and penciler extraordinaire, helping define the classical Marvel sign of the zodiac dash of the ’70s. His fecund career has included stints on Hulk, The Avengers, and The Defenders. notably, Buscema collaborated with Walt Simonson on his defining Thor run .
Buscema ‘s work on Thor is ’70/’80s superhero comics at their best. Though Buscema draws the cosmic and the everyday with equal aplomb, his true forte lies in his frame. Buscema ‘s work is always active and excite, putting characters and readers in the blockheaded of the action as they battled throughout the MU .

9 Keith Pollard Drew A Fantastical Asgard

Pollard Thor Collage One of the crucial Marvel artists of the late ’70s and early ’80s, Keith Pollard had celebrated runs on titles such as The Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Thor. Pollard is so talented that he worked on those three titles at the same time. immediately retired from comics, Pollard besides co-created the Black Cat .
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Pollard ‘s run on Thor was from issue # 281 to # 320 with only a few, single-issue breaks. His grave shadow and capital monster work saw such classical stories as Thor ‘s struggle with Firelord and his team-up with the Eternals, constantly etching him as one of Thor ‘s bang-up artists .

8 Ron Frenz Is A Prolific Creator

Frenz Thor Collage Ron Frenz is the artist who defined Thor in the late ’80s and early on ’90s, working with writer Tom DeFalco to create characters such as the New Warriors, Silver Sable, and Thunderstrike. Frenz besides has celebrated runs on The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Girl and still works in comics to this day .
In his prison term on Thor, Frenz drew muscled, bulky heroes who seemed magnetically attracted to battle. His ultra-heroic pencil worked wonders in both farinaceous, everyday New York and charming, ageless Asgard. His work helped to cement Thunderstrike as a desirable successor to the Odinson .

7 John Romita Jr. Has Dynamic Style

Romita Jr Thor Collage John Romita Jr. is depart of comic-book royalty, his beget being legendary artist John Romita Sr. however, the former ‘s work stands on his own, having illustrated such well-regarded works as Frank Miller ‘s The man Without Fear and Mark Millar ‘s Kick-Ass. With writer Dan Jurgens, Romita helped relaunch Thor in 1998 .
Romita ‘s heavy linework features stylized, hulking figures, cosmic-level punches, and blasts of energy that much shoot off the page. After a fallow time period for the fictional character, Romita gave the book what it needed and used his signature stylus to draw the God of Thunder in an stimulate new room .

6 Chris Samnee Drew A Softer Side Of Thor

Samnee Thor Collage While hush a relative newcomer to the industry, Samnee quickly won acclaim. He received an Eisner Award for penciling/inking Thor in 2013 and an Inkwell Award for his inks in 2021. Samnee ‘s manner is softer than many mainstream comic artists, citing artists Alan Davis, Jim Aparo, and Tom Mandrake as influences on his manner .
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Samnee ‘s elementary Thor knead was on a series entitled Thor : The Mighty Avenger, an out-of-continuity series that explored Thor ‘s early stories and relationships in a modern context. Samnee inked and penciled the covers adenine well as the interiors, using his singular, aroused dash to craft a repeat of Thor that reinvented the character for a modern hearing while evoking the best of classical comics .

5 Russell Dauterman Makes The Wonder Real

Dauterman Thor Collage Jane Foster Russell Dauterman has had late success as the interior designer for much of the X-Men ‘s Hellfire Gala costumes. Dauterman was the first base to draw the Jane Foster incarnation of Thor and worked with lionize Thor copyist Jason Aaron on runs with the Odinson a well as Foster .
Dauterman ‘s pencil is vibrant and beautiful, creating an open-feeling populace that flows with magic. His panels besides show power, featuring lightning crackling off of hammers in hypnotic spirals and billowing capes .

4 Oliver Coipel Understands The Magic

Coipel Thor Collage One of the modern earned run average ‘s best superhero artists, Oliver Coipel is a french artist who has drawn fan-favorite stories such as House Of M, Siege, and parts 6, 7, and 11 of Avengers Vs. X-Men. Coipel has besides worked on runs of thor with writers J. Michael Straczynski, Matt Fraction, and Jason Aaron .
Coipel ‘s work with Thor much imbues the world with a feel of subdued stateliness. His panels much focus on the unconditioned baron of characters. Giving these gods a sense of might, his work illustrates the unfamiliarity of gods amongst humanness .

3 Esad Ribic Adds An Aura Of Myth

Ribic Thor Collage Another frequent collaborator with Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic has been drawing comics since the early ’90s. For Marvel, Ribic has illustrated the critically-acclaimed serial Namor : The Depths, Secret Wars, Thor : God Of Thunder, King Thor, and presently illustrates Kieron Gillen ‘s Eternals series. Ribic has besides found success as an energizer and illustrator in Croatia .
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Ribic ‘s dash of arduous shadow and faded colors gives his work the qualities of Renaissance artwork and cosmic mystery. His work on the God Butcher Saga was one of the best thor stories of the by twenty years, and his unique manner makes Asgard feel dateless .

2 Jack Kirby Remains The King

Kirby Thor Collage Jack Kirby is known as the King of Comics for a reason. In a career that spanned from 1936 to 1994, Kirby drew for a kind of companies and created enduring characters such as Captain America, Iron Man, the X-Men, and Darkseid. Kirby has probably had a larger impingement on the comedian industry than any other illustrator .
In the early days of Marvel, Kirby showed a special mania for his oeuvre on Thor. His moral force pencil and diagram defined the fantastic universe of Asgard. It besides helped define cosmic technical school, energy blasts, and superhero artwork in general .

1 Walt Simonson Is The Ultimate Thor Artist

Simonson Thor Beta Ray Bill Collage While Kirby was the King of Comics, cipher has had such a pronounce effect on Thor as Walt Simonson. A creator who has besides found applaud on X-Factor, Star Slammers, and Fantastic Four, Simonson drew and wrote Thor for much of the early and mid-’80s. He has gone on to write and draw a non-Marvel adaptation of Thor for IDW in holocene years .
With Thor, Simonson ‘s imagination was a perfect match for his beloved of superheroes. Simonson drew baronial heroes, barbarian monsters, and epic and amuse adventures. With work inspired by but wholly offprint from Jack Kirby, Simonson added dimensions to the character that have not been lost since their origin .

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