How to Draw Thor

Thor from the Marvel universe relatively recently began to gain popularity but has already found its fans. I will show you how to draw Thor.

How to draw Thor for kidsHow to draw Thor for kids
How to draw Thor step by step
Greetings, dearly young artists, and I suggest you complete another exciting moral. In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw Thor. He is a celebrated superhero character in the Marvel Comics universe. Thor has perplex abilities, he is identical hardy and firm. thor is besides able to command lightning. Thor is dressed in a dark, form-fitting suit with a wide crimson cape over his shoulders. thor holds his weapon in his hands .
In this tutorial, you will draw a cartoon-style Thor. If you regularly follow my lessons, then you already know that any character can be easily drawn in a cartoon vogue. To do this, you need to correctly portray the chief characteristics and the character will be easily recognizable. In this style, all heroes have certain proportions. As you can see from this picture, Thor has a large head and a small torso. facial features lack detail. All lines are very childlike .
You can easily complete this Thor drawing tutorial because the guide is designed specifically for the beginner level of drawing. Try to follow all the steps correctly and you will have a good result.

Reading: How to Draw Thor


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed : 22 minutes. How to Draw Thor

  1. Draw the oval for the face. Determine the placement of the bomber and draw a smooth semicircular line. Thor drawing tutorial

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  2. Draw the outline of the hair and ears. Use a few smooth lines to draw the haircloth. Select a section of hair on the brow. How to draw chibi Thor
  3. Depict the outline of the clothes. The contour is uneven. Try to repeat this as an example. How to draw simple Thor
  4. Draw the costume. Portray the outline of the befit with a few elementary lines. How to draw Thor quickly
  5. Add items of clothing and the hammer. Draw the hammer in Thor ’ south hired hand and detail the clothes with a few simpleton lines. How to draw Thor easy
  6. Depict the eyes. The eyes are small and far apart. How to draw cartoon Thor
  7. Color the Thor. Paint the face with beige. Yellow for the hair. Use red and gloomy for clothe, gray for the hammer.

That ’ s all ! Another fictional character is ready. I hope that you did your best and that you like the leave of the work. Write in the comments which characters you would like to draw in the future lessons .
last, I want to offer you a PDF file that contains a short translation of the Thor drawing tutorial. Download the file and complete draw lessons at any commodious time .

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