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Jonny Brugh Rapu was the first base god slain by Gorr the God Butcher, a former disciple of his.


Worshipped as a deity

Rapu was among many of the deities worshipped by Gorr and his people on a barren planet. however, he was both arrogant and self-serving and ignored the pleas of Gorr ‘s people, finally leading to all of his people perishing on the barren and dry planet. Rapu killed the owner of All-Black the Necrosword and hosted a feed with other beings in celebration. [ 1 ]

Encountering Gorr

One day, his last disciple Gorr had entered his lush region and fed upon his celebratory fruits out of hunger before Rapu demanded to know why he was doing this. Rapu demanded that Gorr and his people worship the gods. Gorr explained that he was the only one left, causing Rapu to mock him and demand him find early followers to worship him. He told Gorr the food was n’t for the planet, but to celebrate his victory over the wielder of All-Black the Necrosword. Rapu became enraged when Gorr tore off his medallion and renounced him, gripping his throat and strangling him lento. As he was doing this, Rapu did not notice the necrosword float into Gorr ‘s hand until he was impaled through the throat by his former disciple. In his concluding moments, Rapu told Gorr the sword was a curse, only for him to say otherwise and consequently vowing to kill all the gods before beheading his former deity. [ 1 ]


Rapu was a idol who led his once faithful disciple Gorr to turn on him due to the god ‘s wicked traits. Rapu was an arrogant and self-serving deity, who felt entitled to the worship of lesser beings, while denying them the things for which they would pray. Rapu believed that his people were there entirely for one determination : serving their god without any retort while finding the theme of them expecting a rewarded for their overhaul, or that he would actually answer any of their prayers, to be amusing. Despite thriving on their praise, Rapu neglected his people to the extent that they all died out write for Gorr, just believing that more people would worship him in their place late. He was besides shown to be callous enough to demean those who praised him. He looked down on all his people and viewed them as lesser beings, as shown when he called Gorr “ a andiron ”. His arrogance was so great that he amply expected Gorr to continue worshipping him and to find him fresh worshippers even after he lost his daughter and all his people ascribable to Rapu ‘s disregard, and being outright mocked and told by Rapu that their devotion to him would earn them nothing. then promptly attempting to strangle Gorr in homicidal fad when he renounced him. The disdainful deity besides showed to be slightly cowardly as he was shortsighted, whimpering his last words of awful horror as the Necrosword moved to Gorr ‘s hand. Something of which that could ‘ve been avoided had the fallen god possessed the sense to destroy it before prematurely celebrating in unearned revel. Or by not cruelly mocking and threatening Gorr while it was in his bearing in the first gear place .


  • Superhuman Strength: Rapu possessed superhuman strength, enabling him to easily lift a powerless Gorr with one hand and nearly strangling him to death. In addition, it was also implied that Rapu also had godly powers to some extent, as he had the ability to kill the Dark Shadow Lord.
  • Longevity: As with other deities, Rapu is likely able to age far slower than the mortals that worship him. He is also likely hundreds or thousands of years old, even though he still moves and looks like he’s in his physical prime.



  • Dark Shadow Lord † – Victim
  • Gorr the God Butcher † – Former Disciple, Attempted Victim and Killer


  • In the comics, Gorr’s people live on a planet with no gods but worship sky gods with a similar crown to Rapu; a purple-skinned gold-armored god similar in appearance to him crash-lands on the planet after a battle with Knull and begs Gorr for help, prompting Gorr to murder him out of anger as his child had died and what remains of his people turned on him for his sacrilege.

Behind the Scenes

  • Christian Bale stated that Gorr the God Butcher’s head tattoos served as symbols of his devotion to Rapu, and a scene depicted him carving them off while his black blood was oozing down. It was ultimately cut as “The powers that be decided that was perhaps too much for everybody. We pushed it too far. But we knew where the edge was.”[2]



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