Thor: Love & Thunder – Every Set Photo & What They Reveal

Thor: Love and Thunder ‘s set images could offer clues about what to expect from the approaching film. Director Taika Waititi returns to the MCU after the success of 2017 ‘s Thor: Ragnarok which overhauled Chris Hemsworth ‘s superhero sub-franchise. Marvel Studios is breaking their typical three alone film convention for the God of Thunder as he continues his travel in the universe with a fourth one following the Infinity Saga .
Joining Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson ( Valkyrie ) in the film is Natalie Portman, who is reprising her function as Jane Foster. This time, however, she ‘s getting her own superhero identity as Mighty Thor. Waititi is going bigger for Thor: Love and Thunde radius, with reports claiming that Marvel Studios was bringing together an Avengers 5-level of ensemble. In an campaign to transition seamlessly from Avengers: Endgame, respective members of the Guardians of the Galaxy will appear, and so will Lady Sif ( Jamie Alexander ) after sitting Ragnarok out. After months of rumors, Kevin Feige finally confirmed back in December that Christian Bale will play the blockbuster ‘s villain — Gorr the God Butcher .
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production was delayed importantly due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Thor: Love and Thunder filming last kicked off at the start of the class and wrapped up several months after. As with their early projects, Marvel Studios is being close about its story, but, fortunately, set images have not only provided early looks at the flip, they have besides revealed certain plot points about the movie .

Thor is With The Guardians of the Galaxy in Love & Thunder

Avengers Endgame Guardians Thor Asgardians of the Galaxy just a few weeks since principal photography started for Thor: Love and Thunder, the foremost batch of set photos arrived offering the first expression at Thor in his distinctly free-and-easy new attend. The snaps besides reveal that he is however hanging out with the Guardians of the Galaxy. several images feature the God of Thunder having a conversation with Star-Lord ( Chris Pratt ), while Nebula ( Karen Gillan ) and Kraglin ( Sean Gunn ) – with the attachment for Yondu ‘s ( Michael Rooker ) arrow on his head – in the vicinity, adenine well. These confirm that leading to the events of Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor more likely remained with the rag-tag of cosmic heroes after joining them in their gamble at the end of Avengers: Endgame .

Asgard Returns in Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor Avengers endgame Asgard return Thor Love and Thunder forward pass shots of Thor: Love and Thunder ‘s filming web site on the coastline of Sydney reveal what looks like Asgard being rebuilt. The interest separate is, Thor ‘s homeworld was destroyed at the end of Thor: Ragnarok after the heroes unleashed Surtur to stop Hela ( Cate Blanchett ) from becoming more potent. It ‘s possible that Asgardians on Earth are merely trying to mimic what their honest-to-god planet looked like in New Asgard. always since they relocated, they ‘ve settled in a small fish village and lived like locals. possibly after Thanos ( Josh Brolin ) was defeated, they decided to make earth look more like Asgard. Otherwise, the set could be for a flashback succession .

Mjölnir Appears in Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor catches Mjolnir in Avengers Endgame Asgard is n’t the only thing that makes a surprise return in Thor: Love and Thunder after it was destroyed in thor : Ragnarok. The God of Thunder ‘s hammer, Mjölnir, has besides been spotted on the arrange of the movie. Hemsworth ‘s stunt double over, Bobby Holland Hanton took it to his personal social media account and shared a video of himself doing a flying stunt holding the charming hammer. Since gaining traction, the time has since been taken down, which has foster convinced fans that the weapon will indeed be in the movie. Unless it ‘s for another flashback, the appearance of the charming hammer should n’t be that much of a surprise considering that Jane will finally wield it as Mighty Thor .
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Jane Foster Is In New Asgard

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster A separate batch of Thor: Love and Thunder set photos features Jane Foster in her civilian clothes in New Asgard. In one scenery, she appears to be examining an unknown object while Asgardian guards surround her. interim, another shoot sees her levitate, although it ‘s unclear what caused her to get off the establish. Chances are that both these shots are incomplete, with extra details set to be added in post-production. That said, these reasonably much reveal that, somehow, Jane will find her way to New Asgard, which wo n’t be as unmanageable like before since it is off the coast of Norway .

Thor’s Goats Debut in Love & Thunder

Thor Comic Goats Toothgnasher Toothgrinder foremost appearing in the background of the Thor: Love and Thunder ‘s hardened images that featured the God of Thunder with the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avenger ‘s goats subsequently made another appearance respective weeks late. This clock, they seem to be in the New Asgard fixed. Adapted from the comics, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder can besides be summoned by Thor just like Mjölnir. They are skilled with assorted charming capabilities like flying which could be very helpful in case the Asgardian Prince rule himself in a desperate site .

Thor: Love & Thunder Features Another Play

Hela catches Thor's hammer Mjolnir. As was in Thor: Ragnarok, Thor: Love and Thunder will besides feature another hammy play recreating a real-life narrative. Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth, and Sam Neill return to reprise their roles as talk through one’s hat Loki, Thor, and Odin. meanwhile, Melissa McCarthy joins as fake Hela. For the approaching blockbuster, the theater guy dramatize the death of the Allfather leading to the arrival of Hela and the end of Mjölnir at the begin of Ragnarok. Unlike its previous function which was commissioned by the God of Mischief to make his bogus Thor: The Dark World look more heroic verse and tragic than it was, this narrative may be the Asgardians ‘ way to pay court to their deceased drawing card since New Asgard is located at his place of death .

Thor: Love And Thunder’s New Asgard Might Be A Tourist Destination

Thor Chris Hemsworth St Abbs New Asgard Another batch of aerial images from Thor: Love and Thunder ‘s set photos in Australia reveals homes, a public house, and what appears to be a hotel offer tours in New Asgard. There ‘s besides a Viking embark docked near the town ‘s edge. It ‘s possible that the Asgardians opened up their colony to the public as a direction to earn extra money. This would explain the accommodation that provides tourist services .
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Thor Wears Exercise Gear In Love & Thunder

Chris Hemsworth as Fat Thor in Avengers Endgame and Thor in Ragnarok The first batch of Thor: Love and Thunder set images pretty much confirmed that Fat Thor is no more move forth. But, extra snaps which see Hemsworth ‘s God of Thunder sporting workout head and wrist bands imply how precisely he lost the extra weight unit. As revealed in Avengers: Endgame, Thor good ca n’t magically get rid of the extra pounds he put in as he wallowed in his failure to stop Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Seeing him actually work to get back to his erstwhile form, even if it ‘s just through a collage, sends a message that his time as Fat Thor actually mattered and just was n’t for comedic purposes .

Korg & Thor Team Up In Love & Thunder

Thor love and thunder wrap photo To commemorate the end of principal photography on Thor: Love and Thunder, Waititi shared an image of him on set with Hemsworth. There are a couple of takeaways from the snap. first, Korg is back based on the dots on the film maker ‘s face used for motion-captioning for VFX creatures ( unless he plays an entirely new character ). second, not only is Thor back in shape, but he ‘s besides bigger and buffer than earlier. This backs up Hemsworth ‘s claim that he ‘s been the fittest he ‘s ever been playing the Avenger while shooting the approaching alone MCU flick .

Christian Bale As Gorr The God Butcher In Thor: Love And Thunder

Christian Bale playing Gorr the God Butcher in Thor Love and Thunder While principal photography for Thor: Love and Thunder wrapped up in Australia back in June, film has restarted in the U.S. with set photos offering the first count at Bale in his Gorr the God Butcher overdress. The actor wears his white/silver costume, complete with facial prosthetics which makes his dedication impressive considering that it ‘s possible that they could ‘ve just used CGI constitution. That said, extra details are expected to be added in post-production to get a comic-accurate appearance for the villain. Bale was filming on his own in Malibu, with no other form members spotted in the vicinity.

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