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Spoilers for all works set prior to the end of Avengers: Endgame are unmarked. “ I choose to run towards my problems, and not away from them. Because that ‘s what heroes do. ” Click here to see him before thor : gotterdammerung
“You and I, we fight for the same cause, the protection of this world.” “ You and I, we fight for the same campaign, the protection of this populace. ”
Click here to see him post Time-skip in Avengers : endgame
“It’s time for me to be who I am, rather than who I am supposed to be.” “ It ‘s time for me to be who I am, quite than who I am supposed to be. ”
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Known Aliases: “Donald Blake”

Species: Asgardian

Citizenship: Asgardian

Affiliation(s): Asgard, Avengers (formerly), S.H.I.E.L.D. (formerly), Revengers, Guardians of the Galaxy (formerly)

Portrayed By: Chris Hemsworth, Samson Alston (teen), Dakota Goyo (young, Thor), Tristan Hemsworth (young, Thor: Love and Thunder), Jaimie Alexander (illusion in Thor: The Dark World), Cameron Chapek (baby)

Voiced By: Andrés Gutiérrez Coto (Latin-American Spanish dub), Ivan Labanda (European Spanish dub), Kenta Miyake (Japanese dub), Adrien Antoine (European French dub), Martin Desgagné (Canadian French dub), Mauro Horta (Brazilian Portuguese dub), Tommy Morgenstern (German dub)

ad : “ Father, I can not be king of Asgard. I will protect Asgard and all the region with my final and every hint, but I can not do then from that chair. Loki, for all his grave imbalance, understand rule as I know I never will. The ferociousness, the sacrifice … It changes you. I ‘d rather be a good man than a great king. ” The Norse God of Thunder, son of Odin and Frigga, brother of Loki and Hela, and the successor to the Asgardian toilet. He carries Mjölnir, the fabulous malleus that lone those deemed desirable may wield ( or even lift ), which grants him the powers of flight, storm-based Weather Manipulation, and armor that gives him Super Toughness and Super Strength much higher than the Asgardian average. To teach his son humility after Thor about reignites a war with another world, Odin exiled Thor to Earth, where the Asgardian suffer and began an on-again-off-again relationship with a scientist named Jane Foster. While Thor ‘s visit to Earth helped teach him to reign in his more questionable impulses, he continues to be a bite of a Blood Knight and Glory Seeker, seeing his function protecting the Nine Realms and fighting with the Avengers as distinguished adventures. ad : unfortunately, this boisterous position is harshly tested as the threats against him and his allies grow, culminating in a Trauma Conga Line that ends in the destruction of Asgard and the near-extinction of his people. Driven by vengeance, he seeks a way to destroy Thanos and his armies to avenge his race … and preferably diffident what to do with himself in the aftermath. open/close all folders

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Mjölnir Stormbreaker


Team Thor ‘s thor Throg King Loki ‘s thor Party Thor

Infinity Ultron ‘s thor

Thor Odinson

Species: Asgardian

Citizenship: Asgardian

Affiliation(s): Asgard, Avengers

Voiced By: N/A

Appearances: What If…?

The Thor of Earth-29929, who was killed during Ultron ‘s genocidal request for peace .

  • Dead Alternate Counterpart: To his Sacred Timeline, Team Thor, Throg, and Party Prince counterparts.
  • Death by Adaptation: Is killed by Ultron.
  • Killed Offscreen: We don’t see him get killed by Ultron. We only see his dead body alongside Hulk’s and Captain America’s after the act.
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