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With over five decades in the industry, Thor has constantly been committed to designing and producing the best-quality motocross gearing and equipment for riders worldwide. Thor Motocross is one of the inaugural companies to import goatskin leather gloves and pants into the american market. Because of the high-grade material, Thor was able to give riders boosted auspices to outlast their competition. Through the years, Thor continued to innovate so it can stay true to its promise of exceeding the highest expectations of MX riders. much like the Norse god, Thor Motorcycle Gear delivers championship-winning performance through leading-edge engineering .

Behind the Brand

Founded by four-time Motocross World Champion Torsten Hallman, Thor ’ s floor started when Hallman embarked on a new career of producing motocross apparel after retiring. THOR, short for Torsten Hallman Original Racewear, was established in 1968. today, Thor is one of the leading off-road apparel companies worldwide. Thor provides high-quality products that make a argument off the motorcycle, from protective riding gear to casual wear for avid riders. thor products can be seen sported by champions such as Ryan Villopoto, Jeremy McGrath, Chad Reed, and Cooper Webb .

Why Choose Thor MX Gear

At AMX, we have Thor ’ s extensive range of motocross and off-road gearing. Thor ’ s newly released Reflex Helmet was beginning launched in its 2021 range. This helmet plan utilises Koyord Dual Density EPS which gives riders a shell with enhance breathability, lightweight tactile property, and maximum protection. The Reflex Helmet is besides equipped with the iconic MIPS engineering that reduces rotational motion in the event of a clang. All of these features and engineering are wrapped up in either carbon character or fiberglass shell.

Thor ’ s top MX gear range is the choice PRO gear fix. The prime PRO line offers optimum breathing, and it is made with lightweight however highly durable materials, including “ in-motion ” framework in the Thor Motorbike Pants. This fabric is a speciate material designed with laser-cut holes that promote superb airflow without weakening the pants ’ structure. The jersey in the prime PRO laid, on the early hand, has minimal seams, tapered collar, and cuffs so riders can ride comfortably for a victorious performance.

Why You Need Thor MX Gear

Motocross is a physically demanding fun, taking home on off-road circuits. When you are on a motocross race, your entire body is vulnerable to all kinds of injury, and accidents are coarse. That ’ sulfur why no matter if you ’ re equitable out in the circuits for practice or you ’ re gearing up for an approaching race, you should always have a complete place of protective MX gear. From helmets, goggles, gloves, knee braces to boots, Thor MX Gear provides maximum protection so you can focus on winning the competition .

Shop Thor MX Gear Online

hera at AMX, we carry a massive crop of Thor products, including Kids Motorbike Clothing, Motorcycle Gloves, and Off-Road Gear so that you can have the best choice of protection and style. With top-sellers such as Thor Pants S20 Sector Link Black, Thor Glove S20 Sector Black, and Thor Glove S20Y Sector Blue, Thor combines guard and expressive style so you can stay protected on the tracks. Buy Thor Riding Gear here at AMX today and enjoy free shipping on your order. AMX besides has numerous stores across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia. For more data about Thor Gear and Thor Clothing, make certain to contact the AMX team today .

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