10 Most Powerful Characters in Thor: Ragnarok

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with characters that have incredible powers, whether used for well or evil ( or a bite of both ). The Thor franchise in particular, with nonnatural gods and fabulous roots, features a host of all-mighty and superhuman characters .
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thor : Ragnarok, arguably the most popular and financially successful of the group, is a regular showcase of intensity as the cast battles for the life and death of Asgard and its people. From Thor ‘s electric level-up to Surtur ‘s demonic fire, each quality has unique attributes ( charming or not ) that make them powerful in their own correct .

10 Grandmaster

The Grandmaster smiling in Thor: Ragnarok Jeff Goldblum brings his usual unaccountable magnetism to the Grandmaster. He controls the entire planet of Sakaar and its people, treating it as his own hedonic resort area. He keeps the public sated with the excessive Contest of Champions and seems to be able to execute anyone with the wave of a wand .
Grandmaster is a compelling villain. He is able, by extension of his leadership, to keep both Thor and Hulk as fighting slaves. even though he does n’t have superhuman abilities or physical strength, his successful control and manipulation of the people of Sakaar prove he is a desirable opposition .

9 Valkyrie

Valkyrie in the junk yard in Thor Ragnarok Scrapper 142 first base makes an appearance when she captures Thor, bringing him to the Grandmaster and collecting a bounty. She comes across as a callous and hardened individual who would quite drink and forget her origins and failures. She forms a friendship with Hulk and seems to enjoy training him, and finally comes around to Thor ‘s plea for help saving their people .
Valkyrie is shown to have enhanced physical abilities, elite warrior train, and intelligence. She fearlessly leaps across moving spacecraft mid-flight, leaving a trail of break vessels and ensuring she, Thor, and Bruce successfully escape to Asgard. As a Valkyrie, she wields a Dragonfang sword, which possesses incredible cutting abilities and gives her an advantage in conflict. She and her Valkyrie sisters were unable to defeat Hela, but on the battlefield, she would be an incredible opponent for many of the other characters .

8 Odin

Odin stands on a cliff in Norway about to die Facing the end of his life, Odin is no long the hard warrior and king he once was. In thor : gotterdammerung, his Odinforce is fading which leaves an open for newly powers ( namely, Hela ) to take over .
Odin is the most powerful god in both the comics and the films. The fact that he was able to keep his daughter Hela, the Goddess of Death, confined for the duration of his biography is a testament to the extent of his powers, but they are n’t in truth discernible in this installation of the series as he peacefully fades away early in the film .

7 Loki

Loki arrives in battle during Thor Ragnarok Possessing both cognition of magic and superhuman physical abilities, the idol of maleficence is a force to be reckoned with. Along with his enhance abilities, He is fabulously charming, cunning, healthy, and manipulative. Loki tricks the Asgardians into thinking he is Odin, and late in the movie he infiltrates the inner circle of the Grandmaster, making his experience on Saatar much more comfortable than that of his brother .
Loki does not have the most potent magic or superhuman military capability, but his unpredictability gives him an advantage. Loki can be equal parts hero and villain, depending on how the scenario affects him personally, and relies on alliances and trickery to achieve his goals. Loki is a good peer against his brother, but once Thor powers up that may no long be the subject .

6 Hulk

Hulk with his helmet on in Thor Ragnarok Hulk possesses superhuman forte and dateless stamen. His biggest obstacle is his own emotions. In thor : gotterdammerung, he has greater control of himself. He brings his usual big green beastly rage-induced strength throughout the film, including the incredible arena competitiveness against Thor that proved to be a well-matched battle. Hulk is besides the only one able to successfully take on Hela ‘s awful wolf, Fenrir .
Although not explicitly shown, it is implied that during his prison term on Sakaar, Hulk racked up quite a consistency count of Champions. If he had stayed there everlastingly rather of being rescued, he probably would have remained the reigning champion constantly. With even greater operate of himself, he could potentially be one of the most mighty beings in the universe .

5 Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange talking to Thor in Thor: Ragnarok thor and Loki ‘s first confrontation with Doctor Strange gives a short glance at his expansive powers and shows that he is not merely a “ second rate sorcerer ” but a virtuoso of magic as a member of the Masters of the Mystic Arts. He is able to kidnap Loki, trapping him in a continual state of falling, and then transport both Loki and Thor through a portal vein to Odin in Norway with rest .
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tied though his riddle prison term is brief, Doctor Strange possesses an incredible mastery of magic and interdimensional travel. If he had to face-off against fellow sorcerer Loki, Doctor Strange would credibly win .

4 Heimdall

Heimdall holding his sword and looking up in Thor: Ragnarok Heimdall, as the eyes and ears of Asgard and the other kingdom, has singular and authoritative powers. After being banished from his post at the Bifrost, he uses his spy to help keep the Asgardian people safe from ( and to escape the wrath of ) Hela, herding them into shroud and an eventual safety valve .
Heimdall is an significant fictional character in Thor ‘s world. His situation as custodian of the Bifrost and travel between worlds is powerful. His loyalty is to his people, and his fearlessness and forte alongside the second view make him an significant ally. He can see things early more physically herculean characters like Hulk can not .

3 Surtur

Surtur talks to Thor in Thor: Ragnarok. flush though Thor successfully defeats the fire monster Surtur in the identical foremost view, once his ability is restored with the Eternal Flame he becomes the entirely being who is a feasible adversary for Hela. Covered in flames and wearing a crown of horns, he indeed does grow to the size of a mountain ( as he mentions at the begin of the movie ) and brings about the end of Asgard by completely destroying it equally well as Hela and himself .
The only being to defeat Surtur at his full lastingness anterior to the events of the film is Odin. If Surtur were to be dislodge with his wax power, he would probably leave a path of destruction across the nine realms and beyond .

2 Thor

Thor laughing as he prepares for battle in Thor: Ragnarok. thor, God of Thunder, is the firstborn ( or so he thinks ) child of Odin and a mighty idol in his own right. The source of his powers, including energy blasts and storms, is his enchant forge. After the mallet is smashed, he learns that it is not the reference of his power, but quite a direction to control his abilities .
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thor is not the most brawny of the film characters entirely based on abilities. He was ineffective to defeat Hela on his own, and a prizefighter struggle with Hulk was a fairly equal match. When he ultimately is able to channel his full force and transforms into a walking ball of electricity he becomes a fully charged god. Embracing his deafening electric potential sets Thor on track to be a great drawing card like his almighty beget .

1 Hela

Hela about to battle in Thor: Ragnarok Odin identifies Hela as a terror correctly from the get down. In the inaugural five minutes of her appearance, she shatters Thor ‘s mallet, Mjolnir, sends her brothers hurtling to a distant planet, and immediately gets to work taking over her ancestral home and the reference of her ability.

Defeating the Asgardian army, redecorate, and raising a abruptly united states army ( including her wolf, Fenrir ) with the serve of the Eternal Flame were good the start of her reign of terror. She proved about indestructible – the only direction to defeat her was to obliterate the entire kingdom with her on it. It is highly unlikely any other character would have been able to beat Hela in battle .
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