A Thor: Ragnarok Theory Suggests Skurge Had a Bigger Role on Asgard

It was easy for Skurge to get lost in the shuffle as a confederate in thor : Ragnarok. eagle-eyed fans have discovered there might be more to him. Given its large casts, characters are easy to lose in the shamble of a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. A prime case of that is Skurge in Thor : Ragnarok. even though fecund genre actor Karl Urban plays him, Skurge ‘s function as Hela ‘s right hand made it easy for him to be overshadowed by her and early scene-stealing characters in Ragnarok, like Jeff Goldblum ‘s Grandmaster .
It ‘s easy to write Skurge off due to his hyponym role. With so many early characters to keep cut of, it ‘s safe to assume that Skurge was only a pawn manipulated by Hela and Loki and leave it at that. however, one Reddit drug user has a different take on how Skurge replaced Heimdall as defender of the Rainbow Bridge .

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Skurge's Shake Weight Reddit drug user u/OppositeSufficient87 theorizes that Skurge was more of a confederate with Loki than a humble confederate. They suggest that Skurge knew that Loki was posing as Odin rather of being duped like the perch of Asgard. One piece of evidence for their theory comes from Skurge ‘s reaction to Loki ‘s misrepresentation being revealed by Thor .
The rest of the Asgardians portray when thor forces Loki to reveal himself are shocked to find out that the prankster god has been impersonating Odin. Skurge, on the other hand, does n’t seem the least sting surprised when he late announces Thor ‘s arrival. His inability to catch up with Thor before he could surprise Loki leads to the second while of attest that Skurge is more of a conspirator than a instrument .
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Thor Ragnarok deleted scene When Skurge arrives on the scene and tries to announce Thor, Loki admonishes him for failing at the “ one problem ” he ‘d entrusted him with. Loki could be angry at Skurge for run-of-the-mill incompetence that ruined his plans. But it seems more likely that Skurge was in on Loki ‘s magic trick and had been ordered to warn him when Thor returned to Asgard. Had he not been taken by surprise, Loki might have been able to maintain his misrepresentation. Loki ‘s aggravation with Skurge, and the urgency Skurge showed in trying to announce Thor, lends credenza to the estimate that he knew Loki was posing as Odin. While he could have stumbled into replacing Heimdall in the same manner that he took on his role with Hela, other possibilities might have led to him working with Loki.

While a effective deal of Skurge ‘s depicting is played for laughs, as separate of Ragnarok ‘s dissentious focus on liquid body substance, there are hints that there ‘s more to him than meets the eye. When Thor first encounters him in Ragnarok, he does n’t recognize him. When Skurge reminds him that they fought together in Vanaheim, Thor brushes him off. Loki recognizing Skurge ‘s desire for the deference that characters like Thor deny him could have led him to recruit him as his right valet. The Skurge of the comics was never american samoa amusing as his cinematic counterpart, but he had a alike motivation. Without his unanswered love from the comics, the Enchantress, it ‘s the best motivation that can be ascribed to him. Loki ‘s calculating enough to see that and choose him to replace Heimdall .
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Skurge in Thor Ragnarok Whether Skurge was recruited for his position or pledged his services to Loki in the lapp intent of self-preservation that saw him work for Hela, it ‘s hard to believe he was n’t in on Loki ‘s confidential. No matter what his motivations were, he was the alone possible ally audiences saw Loki employment with during his bastard reign in Asgard. Neither handled their newfound roles well, but they were redeemed in death, even if Loki ‘s did turn out to be less than permanent.

How Skurge replaced Heimdall is a minor detail in the exalted dodge of Ragnarok ‘s report in finical and the MCU in general. The fact that there could be more to it than appears at first blush adds some layers to the story and rewards attentive viewers. While the MCU ‘s prey demographic may be changing, it will likely continue to reward hard-core fans with material for fan theories deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as the franchise continues .

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