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There aren ’ t many heroes in the Marvel population who can directly rival the likes of Thor, the self-proclaimed mighty bomber in The Avengers. The Norse God of Thunder, Thor is established as one of the most potent characters in Marvel comics, capable of besting notoriously baneful villains like the Mad Titan, Thanos, and the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus .
With how strong and formidable a champion Thor is, you can bet the villains he regularly faces have to be every bit equally solid as their Asgardian counterparts to stand much of a threat against him .
With the recent release of thor : Love and Thunder, let ‘s take a look back at some of the most ill-famed adversaries Thor has ever faced since his debut in 1962 ’ second Journey into Mystery .
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Algrim from Marvel's Thor: The Dark World
only a handful of characters stand much of a physical threat to Thor, but Kurse is decidedly one of those elite few. respective iterations of the fictional character have existed in the past, but the most standout would easily have to be the first version of Kurse, a beastly Dark Elf named Algrim the Strong .
Recruited by Malekith the Accursed to combat Thor, Algrim is badly beaten by the god after being betrayed by Malekith. barely surviving the fight thanks to his charming armor, Algrim is saved by the fabulous being, the Beyonder, who transforms him into Kurse — a animal with heighten forcible force that surpasses Thor ’ s own .
One of the few villains able to best thor in singles battle, Kurse may be more of a supporting villain than he is a methodical main antagonist like Loki or Malekith, but his repeat clashes with Thor make him a standout villain readers always delight in see .
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Mirror-image villains are a dime bag a twelve in the comic record universe. For clear testify of that fact, one doesn ’ t have to look much further than the evil adaptation of Superman ( Bizarro ), the evil version of Spider-Man ( Venom/Carnage ), or the evil translation of the Flash ( literally the Reverse Flash ) .
Like most superheroes, Thor has his own nefarious counterpart in the form of Ragnarok, a cyborg clone equipped with the demand same powers and superhuman abilities as the God of Thunder .
Created by Tony Stark and Reed Richards during Marvel ’ s Civil War floor discharge, Ragnarok was designed as the ultimate weapon to directly combat Thor. however, it wasn ’ t long before the ringer started acting on its own inaugural, killing innocents and allies alike without the slightest reluctance or snow leopard of compunction .
Ragnarok international relations and security network ’ t the greatest or most original villain Thor has faced over the years, but when you get right down to it, the theme of a conscienceless, amoral God of Thunder walking approximately murdering and maiming with impunity is nothing short of terrifying .
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Midgard Serpent

Mdgard Serpent
Based on the serpent Jörmungand of Norse mythology, the Midgard Serpent is a massive, snake-like creature sworn to destroy Thor in a conflict that will claim both of their lives. According to ancient prophesies, the Midgard Serpent will emerge from its dwellings below the ocean during Ragnarok, with Thor fated to kill the creature before succumbing to his own wounds .
Recognizing the Midgard Serpent ’ randomness huge force and knowing its function in his son ’ s death, Odin made numerous efforts to keep the Serpent safely away from Asgard — first by banishing it to the oceans below Midgard, and late initiating a stage interpretation of Ragnarok with a substitute for Thor, tricking fortune and allowing his son to live .
As you might expect from a being sworn to kill Thor, the Midgard Serpent has an incredibly wide range of powers at its disposal. Immortal, indestructible, and deviously intelligent, it ’ s adequate to of manifesting complex illusions, infiltrating its opponents ’ minds, and has enough malice packed into its giant fangs to poison Thor himself .
fabulously large, it can even wrap the stallion distance of its consistency around the world, causing batch earthquakes merely by flexing its coils .
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besides known as Cul Borson, Serpent is the Asgardian God of Fear, the brother of Odin, and both Loki and Thor ’ s uncle. A relatively newly villain in the Marvel universe — making his debut in 2011 ’ south Fear Itself — Serpent was promptly established as one of Thor ’ s most dangerous adversaries .
Despite being Odin ’ s older buddy, Serpent was not considered worthy enough to rule Asgard. With the ascension of his brother to the position of All-Father, Serpent developed a fierce hate of his sibling, Asgard, and all its people, seeing himself as the true rule over the region rather than Odin .
Feeding off the actual fears of others, Serpent ’ s most ill-famed moment comes when he invades Earth, enslaving many of the world ’ s mighty heroes and villains ( including Hulk, Juggernaut, and Thing ) and forcing them to do his bid. As he later tells Thor, it ’ mho Serpent ( not the Midgard Serpent, as previously believed ) that is prophesied to kill Thor in an epic final battle that will lead to both Thor and Serpent ’ randomness deaths — something that comes to transpire .
One of the rare villains who actually achieves his conclusion finish ( killing Thor ), Serpent is among the more terrorization of the enemies Thor has faced over the ages, whose power apparently knows no limits .
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Malekith the Accursed

One of Thor ’ s most haunting foes, Malekith the Accursed is the drawing card of Dark Elves cabal and the de facto ruler of Svartalfheim .
A talented charming who honed his craft during a clock of war, Malekith grew up believing war and ferocity were the only means to advance his own agenda ( basically, becoming the most brawny being that was or ever will live ) .
possibly Thor ’ s most crimson, sadistic enemy, Malekith enjoys ferocity just for ferocity ’ sulfur sake. Asgard ’ s equivalent of Star Wars ’ Emperor Palpatine, he wages war both becomes he loves it and because it puts him one step closer to becoming the conqueror of all nine Asgardian worlds ( something he briefly achieves in 2019 ’ s The War of the Realms storyline ) .
The cinematic delineation of the character that appeared in thor : The Dark World may have left some fans with a negative horizon of the fictional character ; however, his original comic book counterpart ranks as one of Thor ’ s most distorted, long-running antagonists .
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The closest thing Odin has to an archenemy, Surtur is the towering drawing card of Muspellheim — one of the Nine Worlds of Asgardian caption — and the head ruler of the kingdom ’ mho Fire Demons .
One of Thor ’ s oldest recurring villains — having made his introduction in 1963 — Surtur is fated to bring about Ragnarok, destroying Asgard alongside several other fabled creatures of Norse myth.

A villain whose power matches Odin ’ s own, Surtur is one of the most mighty beings thor has ever faced. In fact, it about normally takes the unite might of Odin, Thor, and respective other heroes to defeat him. But even then, Surtur constantly finds a way to cheat permanent death .
practically invincible in terms of his survival, Surtur is about impossible to outright toss off, with Odin only regularly able to temporarily imprison him after he ’ randomness been defeated. When clutching the ancient sword, Twilight, he becomes an even more formidable threat to Earth and Asgard ’ south defenders, able to sap the strength of Odin ’ s superhuman abilities or transport himself across dimensions whenever he indeed chooses .
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The daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboda, Hela is the Asgardian Goddess of Death who rules over two of the Nine Worlds : Hel, the land of the dead, and Niffleheim, the bring of ageless ice .
Though appointed by Odin himself to receive Asgardian souls and ensure they cross peacefully into Hel, Hela is driven by her hope for more. not contentedness to rule Hel and Niffleheim alone, she regularly attempts to usurp Odin ’ sulfur dominion and install herself as the conqueror of the Nine Worlds .
Like Thor ’ s association to Mjolnir, Hela ’ s office lies in her clothe, giving her a far-ranging set of abilities that capitalize on her condition as the Goddess of Death. She ’ mho capable of hurling bolts of pure energy at her enemies, draining them of life sentence and causing them to grow old and die in a matter of moments. She besides the might to restore the recently deceased back to life — or to claim their souls, as she frequently tries to do with Thor and Odin .
More recently, fans of the MCU have seen a reasonably accurate depicting of the quality appear in Thor : Ragnarok, as played by Cate Blanchett. While the movie does a good job portraying fair how dangerous an foe she can be, Hela remains arguably an even deadlier villain in the comic book earth than she is normality the annals of the MCU .
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Gorr the God Butcher

The newest addition to Marvel ’ s cinematic rogues ’ gallery of villains in thor : Love and Thunder, Gorr the God Butcher is a malevolent foreigner whose ultimate goal is to kill every idol in the population .
Growing up on a distant planet ravaged by natural disasters and severe drought, Gorr believed that no gods could exist with how a lot death and suffer he ’ five hundred witnessed in the course of his life. however, when he last learned gods were real and that they had merely failed to intervene on his people ’ s behalf, he pledged to destroy them all in revenge .
Acquiring All-Black the Necrosword ( the beginning Symbiote in universe ), Gorr gradually began killing every god he could find, taking centuries to complete his quest and avoid intuition as he carried out his homicidal rampage .
Over time, Gorr would become corrupted by the Symbiote ’ s negative influence on his mind, becoming just as oppressive and sinister a animal as the Symbiote itself .
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The sum full of a billion, billion creatures killed by Odin during an try invasion of Asgard, Mangog is composed wholly of reserved hatred for the All-Father. One of the most mighty creatures in the Marvel population, Mangog is driven entirely by its desire for revenge, regularly combating Odin and attempting to destroy Asgard for full .
initially imprisoned below Odin ’ s kingdom, Mangog escapes after being freed by the rock troll Ulik, an enemy of Odin ’ mho who hoped Mangog would aid in his attack on Asgard .
unfortunately, the plan cursorily backfired, with Mangog readily escaping from parturiency and storming Asgard in search of the Odinsword, attempting to pull it from its scabbard and effectively end the universe .
thankfully, Thor managed to hold Mangog off long enough for Odin to dissolve Mangog, although the animal has returned several times to wreak havoc against Asgard and its people .
Given the fact that Mangog is basically billions of individual creatures stuffed into one massive body, its abilities are uniquely huge. Gifted with superhuman forte, lastingness, and immortality, it ’ s able to feed off the hate of others, making it virtually indestructible — so long as there is hatred in the universe .
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Thor ’ s adoptive brother and ultimate archnemesis, Loki — the trickster God of Mischief and rule of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim — is the accomplished antithesis of his honest-to-god sibling. A skilled spellcaster who uses his powers for his own advance, Loki is Thor ’ s first gear official villain — appearing inverse him in 1962 — and besides one of the God of Thunder ’ s most long-familiar adversaries .
Driven by a deep common sense of jealousy that he ’ ll never be as amply accepted or loved in Asgardian company as his brother, Loki sets out his own to cause havoc barely for his personal amusement .
Swapping irregularly between roles as a loath antihero and full-fledged villain, Loki is one of those rare Thor baddies you can ’ triiodothyronine help but sympathize with slightly more than the entirely demonic presences of Mangog or Surtur. however, when Loki sets out on his elaborate plans to conquer Asgard or humiliate Thor, readers all but end up rooting for him, viewing his arch antics in the same light as other villains like the Joker .
Given their familial roots, Thor normally holds back when it comes to his battles with Loki — although the God of Mischief surely doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate retort the favor. It ’ s this aspect that makes Loki such a dangerous and treacherous character, and one we always delight in seeing — whether in amusing book form or raise to be a recurring irritant in Thor ’ sulfur side in the MCU .
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