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Pairing: Thor x Reader
Summary: Tony tells Thor that Steve has ask you on a date, just so he could last confess his feelings to you. Warnings: little spot of Jealousy, Fluff Words: 500 ** `` thor, have you heard ? '' Tony asked, walking into the kitchen lento . `` Heard what ? '' thor asked with a half of a pop prostitute in his sass, Tony rolled his eyes . `` Steve, merely asked Y/N 's out on a date '' He says, trying his best not to laugh. Thor finished eating his start prostitute and clenched his call on the carpet . `` What ? '' He asked, confused and anger. Why would brother Steve cheat on him like this when he knew his feelings for you . `` Yeah, he just told me a minu- '' thor cut him off . `` HOW DARE HE ? IS HE MAD ? HE KNOWS HOW I FEEL ABOUT HER. '' Thor grumble . `` right, possibly you should go tell her before the date, so wo n't make the biggest mistake of her ? '' `` good design, Brother Tony. I will go tell Y/N, I 'm in love with her. '' thor confessed, running out of the kitchen . ** `` LADY Y/N, Y/N. ! ! ! ! '' Thor yells, banging on your door. `` I 'm coming, I 'm coming '' You yelled, putting your record down and rushing towards the door . `` thor '' You looked up at him as you in full opened the door. He was just staring at you with his beautiful blue eyes . `` Are you gon na come in ? '' You asked and Thor nod, walked in, went straight into the support room and started walking back and forth . `` Are you o, Thor ? '' You asked closing the doorway . Thor stopped and cleared his throat, he looked very anxious. You never in your life see him this skittish ahead, he was ace edgy and sweaty . `` Tho- '' He cut you off by pulling you into a passionate kiss and then he promptly pulls aside . `` Y/N, I 've been in love with you since the day I met you and I ca n't let you go on your date with Steve '' thor bursts out and you were indeed speechless that you could n't speak, the kiss and his confession made your heart fluttered . `` I 'm good-for-nothing. I understand if you do n't feel the same way. I do n't want this to hurt our friendship, I fair wanted to tell you before it was excessively former '' Thor says pulling away but you grabbed his arms . `` I 'm in beloved with you excessively, Thor '' You said smiling up at him . `` truly ? '' He asked. `` truly, very ! ! '' I answered . Thor grow a huge smile and leaned down to kiss you for the second prison term, you both pulled away and looked into each early 's eyes . `` so um ... what about Steve ? '' thor asked . `` Steve and I are just friends '' I told him which made him frown. `` But Tony told- '' `` Of course, Tony would tell you that. Listen, Thor do n't believe half the things Tony tells you, he 's either pranking you or messing with your stuff and to be honest, I only have my eyes on my big gloomy eyed king '' You laughed and Thor laughed with you . `` sol that means I have find of taking you out on a date this Saturday nox ? '' He asked with a smirk . You giggled and nodded. `` Yes, You do. I 'm all yours ! ''

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