Robin Gets His First Boyfriend in New Tim Drake Adventure

Tim Drake is now officially dating Bernard, but that does n’t mean balancing his newfangled relationship with his duties as Robin is going to be easy. Warning: contains spoilers for Batman: Urban Legends #10!
DC ‘s Tim Drake  – the one-third Robin and current Red Robin – is last getting the find to explore his new romantic relationship with early schoolmate Bernard for the beginning time since coming out as bisexual in Batman : Urban Legends # 6. In a preview for the latest emergence – Batman : Urban Legends # 10 – drake is seen juggling his burgeoning relationship with his new boyfriend while dealing with distance growing between him and his forefather figure Bruce Wayne .
For some fans, the uncover of Tim ‘s sex was a long time coming, as many had read implied attraction between Robin and Superboy in past stories. immediately, his relationship with Bernard comes amidst a wave of increase diversity in DC comics, specially regarding LGBTQ+ characters, with Superman ‘s son Jonathan Kent similarly coming out as bisexual after taking on his beget ‘s curtain, Aqualad Jackson Hyde becoming one of DC ‘s most big homosexual heroes as he begins the process of taking on the Aquaman title, and the initiation of Bia, the first openly transgender Amazon in the pages of Nubia & the Amazons.

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After months of waiting, fans will last be able to see the iconic Boy Wonder in a queer relationship with Bernard Dowd in the narrative “ A Carol of Bats ” – coming from Alberto Albuquerque Jimenez and Meghan Fitzmartin – in the approaching Batman : Urban Legends # 10. The last clock Tim and Bernard were seen together was at the end of Urban Legends # 6 when Red Robin went to Bernard ‘s firm to talk to him about their intense association, and it ended with Bernard asking Tim out on a date. now, DC has confirmed Bernard is officially Tim ‘s boyfriend, and in a foremost look at Batman : Urban Legends # 10 from DC Comics, Tim is trying to balance his personal life and study life .

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Tim Drake is worried about his mentor and forefather number Batman, having noticed that he is more brooding than common ( importantly, Tim in the first place volunteered to be Robin as he believes Batman needs a buddy to stop him descending excessively far into iniquity. ) After spend meter in Nightwing ‘s assume city of Bludhaven to get some advice on helping Bruce, Tim thinks he ‘s found a lawsuit that will help him lift the Dark Knight ‘s spirits. deplorably, it appears that Robin ‘s crime-fighting has made him miss a go steady with new boyfriend Bernard, but Bernard is more than understand, explaining that, ” I get kin drama … I good want you to be glad. ”

It is a big consider for DC Comics to thoughtfully include a narrative which includes Tim Drake ‘s exploration of his modern kinship, particularly because his homosexuality and kinship with Bernard are not the center of the floor, but just another aspect of Drake ‘s personal life and the libra he must strike with his vigilante responsibilities. While there ‘s a profit to DC and other major publications introducing newfangled queer characters, it is particularly impactful when an established and already beloved character comes out of the closet, mirroring the real life struggle many LGBTQ+ people have about coming out. Batman : Urban Legends # 10 hits retailers December 14, as Tim Drake  attempts to juggle the budding relationship with his new boyfriend with the responsibilities of his character as Red Robin .
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