9 Essential Tim Drake Comics Every Batman Fan Should Read

Tim Drake is the third base Robin of the Bat-Family and he has been a fan front-runner for over thirty years, with several comics showing why he ‘s so iconic. For earlier generations, their Robin was Dick Grayson, while newer and younger amusing reserve readers today have Damian Wayne. Those that grew up in the 90s and early 2000s with comics had the third base Robin : Tim Drake. Tim was a reaction to the death of Jason Todd, who was killed off because fans disliked him .
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Since his debut in 1990, Tim Drake has had many ups and downs in DC comics over the years, but even to this day, Tim Drake remains a member of the Bat-Family. He ‘s besides shined in unlike comics that helped define his character over the decades.


Robin: Unmasked (2004)

Tim Drake as Robin riding his Redbird motorycle in Robin Unmasked

Whilst Tim Drake is trying to protect Gotham from the likes of a newly killer and Johnny Warlock, he is trying to balance that with his biography as a normal adolescent. As if that ‘s not perturb adequate, Tim ‘s forefather learns the truth about Robin and tries his hard to make Tim give up the dissemble and cape .
The result is a playfulness coming-of-age floor that helps set up the introduction of the one-fourth Robin ( Stephanie Brown ) while besides allowing Tim to shine. The entirely slender flaw against this narrative is that Batman is portrayed as a short besides comedic, but it however remains a solid Tim floor that spans from Robin # 121 to # 125 .

Rise Of The Batmen (2017)

Batwoman leading her team with Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Clayface in The Belfy in Rise Of The Batmen

In this report, Tim Drake is part of a raw team that consists of a few familiar faces including Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and Kate Kane AKA Batwoman. Along with a reformed Clayface, this team works with Batman to stop a rogue force that is modeled after the Dark Knight .
The dynamic of this team was something fresh compared to the typical Bat-Family approach. Tim Drake was finally able to shine as Robin again, particularly after the New 52 sidelined him about wholly .

Teen Titans: Titans Of Tomorrow (2008)

Tim Drake as Robin battling his future self as Batman in Teen Titans: Titans Of Tomorrow

For a hanker period, DC was pushing the idea that Tim Drake would end up being the one who would take the mantel of Batman from Bruce Wayne. It was reasonably prophesized in adolescent Titans : Titans Of Tomorrow which shows dark futures for all of the celebrated and powerful Teen Titans members .
This report gives Tim a opinion of his future as the Dark Knight, although he is more of an adversary. Both the Titans of the past and alternate future clash, but it ‘s less about the action and more about the characters and how they react to their counterparts .

Identity Crisis (1990)

Tim Drake emerging as the third Robin in Batman 457

not to be confused with the Identity Crisis from 2004 that was highly controversial. Robin ‘s Identity Crisis is a fib that spans between Batman # 455 and # 457 which shows Tim struggling with the loss of his mother. He becomes haunted by that and the Robin uniform .
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In a way, this is the ending of Tim Drake ‘s beginning floor as he finally evolves into the new Robin. It ‘s Tim ‘s newfangled Robin design that would end up inspiring future Robin incarnations, including Chris O’Donnell ‘s suit in Batman Forever .

Future State: Robin Eternal (2021)

Tim Drake as Robin drenched in Lazarus Resin in Robin Eternal #1

Like all Future State stories, Robin Eternal went in a drastically different direction. Tim Drake is murdered by the Magistrate but thanks to Lazarus Resin moving through his veins, he is resurrected a la Jason Todd .
not only does he fight the Magistrate with his unsheathed hands, but he has to keep his now-fragile soul integral. The Lazarus Resin has poisoned his mind, but fortunately, he has friends such as Spoiler ( who was one of the many versions of Batgirl ) at his side .

Batman: Face The Face (2006)

Bruce Wayne hugging Tim Drake as his newly adopted son in Batman Face To Face

After a whole year without them, Gotham City sees the revert of Batman and Robin after the Infinite Crisis consequence. This return results in encounters with an united states army of Batman ‘s most iconic foes : Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Ventriloquist, The Penguin, Killer Moth, The Mad Hatter, Orca, and then much more .

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The report itself is not directly about Tim Drake but it features a celebrated Tim Drake event with the ending. It ‘s a dear ending that shows Bruce Wayne formally adopting Tim Drake as his son ; making it one of the rare comics where Batman shows his homo and emotional side .

Chuck Dixon’s Robin Trilogy (1991-1992)

Tim Drake as Robin trying to find The Joker in Robin II The Joker's Wild

a lot like he did with Nightwing, Chuck Dixon shined in making a floor about Tim Drake ‘s Robin. Dixon crafted a trilogy of stories for the character, each providing something different. The first fib, Robin Reborn, is more about Tim training to perfect his skills as Robin .
The second and often considered the best is a history where there is no Batman around and Tim has to fight The Joker, the lapp villain that killed the former Robin. obviously, Tim is afraid, but the third base Robin proves himself and outmaneuvers the villain that is Batman ‘s ultimate bane. Cry Of The Huntress, the third history focuses on Tim ‘s roughly life at home and has his branching out with the Bat-Family .

Red Robin: The Grail (2010)

Tim Drake as Red Robin battling Dick Grayson as Batman in Red Robin The Grail

With Bruce Wayne gone and Dick Grayson as the new Batman, Tim Drake is not taking things well. He even abandoned the even Robin nickname and is immediately the new Red Robin. While on the hunt for his father and mentor, Red Robin encounters Ra ‘s Al Ghul and the League Of Assassins .
Tim has constantly been the more bright and affirmative of the Robins, but this story puts him in a much dark light. He ‘s more beastly because of the loss of Bruce, and he ‘s army for the liberation of rwanda more merciless than earlier. In a way, he ‘s more like Batman than he ‘s ever been, which makes The Grail into an interest character study of Tim angstrom well as a fun superhero gamble .

A Lonely Place Of Dying (1990)

Tim Drake giving a speech to Batman in Batman A Lonely Place Of Dying

This is the report in which Tim Drake made his first appearance. He is a young boy trying his best to live in the bum streets of Gotham. He grew up as a huge fan of Batman, even becoming a detective for his region. however, his biggest skill is that he was able to deduce who Batman and Nightwing are .
Marv Wolfman did a leading job in creating Tim to not only be likable but credible equally well. Tim is the only Robin to willingly volunteer for the character ; as shown when he tells Batman that he needs a Robin and Robin needs a batman after he and Nightwing worked together to help Batman. It ‘s one of the best first impressions of a Robin, arguably even stronger than Dick Grayson .
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