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Time-Keepers ( facade )

Notable members

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Notable former members

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TimeVarianceAuthorityLogo.png Time Variance Authority




TV Series

Loki The Minutemen are the prime soldiers of the Time Variance Authority. Commanded by Hunters, Minutemen are sent to assorted points in space and time to locate and detain people who mess with or create a nexus event in the Sacred Timeline and reset the timelines to prevent chaos within the Multiverse .


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allegedly Created by the Time-Keepers

“Stepping off your path created a nexus event, which, left unchecked, could branch off into madness, leading to another multiversal war. But, don’t worry, to make sure that doesn’t happen, the Time-Keepers created the TVA, and all its incredible workers!”
―Miss Minutes

Eons ago, Nathaniel Richards discovered the universe of alternate universes during the thirty-first hundred on earth. At the same clock time, other variants of himself were learning the like thing, leading them to meet each other. For a brief moment, the Multiverse was in peace until another form of Nathaniel Richards, known as Kang the Conqueror, saw the alternate universes as places to rule over. This caused the Multiversal War, where countless variants of himself crusade each other to protect their respective universes while trying to annihilate the others. One Nathaniel Richards then discovered Alioth, and harnessed its ability to put an end towards the Multiversal War. He late isolated his native timeline, dubbed the Sacred Timeline, and created the Time Variance Authority ; an organization that arrests variants and prevents branched timeline from forming in the Sacred Timeline. He later takes the identity of He Who Remains, and created the Time-Keepers to act as the organization ‘s leader and creator. He later kidnapped and erased the memories of multiple variants before turning them into the members of the TVA.

The TVA ‘s main military force is the Minutemen, who are the arrangement ‘s first course of defense, sent to fresh timelines to assess the situations, apprehend the culprits, and stop the new timeline ‘s development, arsenic well as being the main security coerce inside TVA buildings. Minutemen would be commanded by Hunters : highly-trained TVA agents wearing total darkness armor as opposed to the Minutemen ‘s orange. [ 1 ]

Loki Variants

Attacks Across time

“The hunter and his Minutemen responded to a routine nexus event. It appears that when they arrived, somebody got the jump on ’em.”
―A Minuteman

In their late history, the TVA and its Minutemen started to tackle a new terror : a Variant of Loki, the Asgardian God of Mischief. The Loki Variant had been creating “ link events ” – the name given to newly branches being formed in the timeline – and killing the Minutemen and Hunters that were sent to investigate the event. In 1549, Agent Mobius M. Mobius, a specialist in hunting peculiarly dangerous Variants, was sent aboard Hunter U-92 and his Minutemen to investigate Loki ‘s attack in Aix-en-Provence, France – the sixth attack that workweek that they knew of. Mobius noted the pang wounds on the Minutemen, identical to those found in previous attacks, the steal reset charge, and that they were caught napping. U-92 and his Minutemen watched as Mobius questioned a unseasoned boy found at the crime scene, who claimed the attack was the cultivate of the Devil. Mobius confiscated a modern adhere of bubblegum the young had, and the group prepared to erase the timeline and leave ; another TVA agent opened a portal vein to meet Mobius, informing him that another Variant of Loki had been apprehended by the TVA. The agents then left, while a Minuteman placed a reset charge, erasing the timeline. [ 1 ]

“On behalf of the Time Variance Authority, I hereby arrest you for crimes against the Sacred Timeline.”
―Hunter B-15 to Loki

As this happened, Hunter B-15 and her Minutemen were sent to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, where a new timeline had been branched in 2012. Upon arriving at the scene, they discovered that the perpetrator of the link event was another Variant of Loki, who had stolen the Tesseract when a group of Avengers from the future were trying to steal it. Despite resisting apprehension, B-15 and her Minutemen arrested the God of Mischief, bringing him into TVA hands for trial. As B-15 left with the Variant and the confiscated Tesseract, a Minuteman placed a readjust charge, erasing the timeline created by Loki.

After being processed as a prisoner, Loki was brought before Judge Ravonna Renslayer, where Minutemen were stood as guards. Loki plead not guilty for causing the nexus consequence, pinning it on the Avengers ; however, Renslayer informed Loki that the Avengers ‘ actions were “ supposed ” to happen, whereas Loki ‘s get off was not. Renslayer sentenced Loki to being reset, but Agent Mobius intervened, requesting he speak to Loki, hoping he could help them in their avocation of the other Loki Variant. Despite Renslayer and B-15 ‘s agnosticism, the erstwhile agreed to let Mobius interview Loki. The two went to an consultation room, where Minutemen stood outside, guarding. When B-15 called Mobius out of the room to talk, Loki used the opportunity to steal Mobius ‘ Time Twister and teleport away. Agent Mobius and Hunter B-15 commanded two groups of Minutemen as they searched for Loki, with both groups finally finding him talking to a TVA clerk named Casey, having re-stolen the Tesseract. Loki would teleport away again, and B-15 would command the stallion squadron of Minutemen while Mobius returned to the interview room, finding Loki there. Mobius would convince Loki to help the TVA, informing him that they needed his expertness because they were hunting an alternate adaptation of him, surprising the Asgardian. [ 1 ]

attack in Oklahoma

“Time signature is early third millennium. Definitely anachronistic.”
―A Minuteman

In Oklahoma, Hunter U-92 and his Minutemen investigated another link event. Finding a futuristic detail embedded in the soil, a Minuteman scanned the detail and determined it to be from the early third gear millennium, while U-92 noted that he smelled oil. As U-92 ordered his Minutemen to reset the timeline and leave, not believing a farther probe to be worth the paperwork, a Minuteman spotted a dissemble figure holding a lantern in the distance. The design dropped the lantern, smashing it and igniting the oil on the floor, burning all of the Minutemen animated while U-92 desperately crawled towards the reset commit. unfortunately, the name grabbed U-92 before he could reset the timeline, killing him and taking the readjust charge. [ 1 ]



  • Time Sticks: They use the Time Sticks to prune Variants, as well as to slow down a Variant’s movement.

other equipment

  • Uniforms: To be added
  • TemPad: To be added
    • Timedoors: They use these space-time portals to travel to any location in any point of history.
  • Reset Charges: They use these devices to eradicate an alternate timeline by resetting it.



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