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Official Team Name


Team Aliases

Teen Titans,
New Titans








Prime Earth

Base of Operations

Titans Island, Washington, D.C. ; Gotham City ; Titans Tower I, Manhattan, New York City San Francisco ; Formerly Hall of Justice


Team Leader(s)

Miss Martian,

Formerly Donna Troy

Current Members

Donna Troy,
The Flash,
Kid Flash,
Red Arrow,

Former Members

Green Lantern,
Mal Duncan,
Miss Martian,
Red Hood,


Ben Rubel,
Justice League,
Task Force X II,
Teen Titans


Abra Kadabra,
Brotherhood of Evil,
Church of Blood,
Commander Drogue,
Doctor Manhattan,
Fearsome Five,
Lady Vic,
Mister Twister,
The Key,
Trident Three,


Devin Grayson · Phil Jimenez

First appearance
Titans Hunt #1
(December, 2015)
Quote1.png The rational part of me, the grown-up, says we’re totally screwed. The problem is too big and terrifying. But the kid in me? You know, the Teen Titan? He’s fearless, and his hope is absolutely limitless. You know that feeling, Raven. It’s why we all choose this life. And that’s why it has to be the Titans. Together. Fearless as kids, strong as the Justice League.Quote2.png


The Titans are made up of ex-members of the Teen Titans who were in the first place brought together by Nightwing to investigate the campaign of their at odds memories regarding their collective past. The group was belated reformed by the recently returned wally West to investigate newly discovered alterations to their population ‘s history .


Titans Hunt

While on a mission for Spyral, Dick Grayson was investigating a town where he sees versatile signs that make him think about the Teen Titans. finally, he is reunited with several of his early teammates where he learns from Lilith Clay that all memory of the original Titans was erased by Lilith, to protect the team from an evil devil called Mr. Twister. The team reforms in order to last take down Mr. Twister once and for all .
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The Return of Wally West

Main article: DC Rebirth
After Wally West had escaped from being trapped in the Speed Force, he began looking for the Titans to inform them on how an inter-dimensional devil had stolen ten years of all of their lives. Since Wally had been erased from time by Abra Kadabra, none of the Titans recognized or remembered Wally, until Wally came into physical touch with them, “ shocking ” their memories back to life. [ 1 ] After all the Titans had been caught up to speed, they decided to reunite as a team once again to investigate the casing of their steal memories. As the Titans continue to search for the reasons behind their lost memories, Wally sits down with Lilith so that she can read his memories and discover anything he could unconsciously know. She found nothing helpful but she did find he had been thinking about Linda Park. After this realization, she received psionic waves that informed her of Abra Kadabra. [ 2 ] then in Keystone City, Kadabra creates evil versions of the Titans. When the real Titans arrive they engage in a conflict with the doppelgangers. [ 3 ] Kadabra and his Titans doppelgangers then retreat. wally goes to Linda to try and start things over, but she is kidnapped by Kadabra. [ 4 ] When the Titans reunite with Wally, shaken from the fact that he ‘s putting his sleep together ones in danger, they split up into three groups to track down the doppelgangers. They all fight the doppelgangers in three different locations while Linda is a minute away from death. Wally takes down the forge Kid Flash, only to be faced by Abra Kadabra, who informs him that all of the Titans and Linda Park are seconds away from death, and in four wholly unlike locations. [ 5 ] Wally will have to run over 7,000 miles to save them all. however, this is all share of Kadabra ‘s plan to send Wally back into the Speed Force. Wally saves them all, but he is lost to the Speed Force. [ 6 ] During the fight, Omen searches through Kadabra ‘s mind, discovering his finish : endless applause. Wally is pulled back out by his friendship with the Titans and takes down Kadabra, punching him into the time stream. It is here when Deathstroke, discovers the universe of Wally West. [ 7 ]

Made in Manhattan

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  • Invisible aircraft[8]


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