Tōji Suzuhara

Tōji Suzuhara

鈴原 トウジ

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Neon Genesis Evangelion ( anime )
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Evangelion : death and Rebirth


Neon Genesis Evangelion ( manga )
Neon Genesis Evangelion : angelic Days
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Fourth Child

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14 (born December 26, 2001 (Capricorn))

Known Relatives

Unnamed Younger Sister

First Appearance

A Transfer [ NGE ]
volume 2 [ Manga ]


Tomokazu Seki

Voice Actors

Joe Pisano / Michael O’Connor /
Brett Weaver [ D&R ]
Johnny Yong Bosch [ NGE ] [ D&R ] ( Netflix Dub )
Brett Weaver (original Dub)][] (Netflix Dub) Tōji Suzuhara ( 鈴原 トウジ [ ? ], “ Suzuhara Tōji “ ) is a fabricated character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. He is the Fourth Child ( Fourth Children in the japanese adaptation ), selected to be the fender of Evangelion Unit-03 .


Toji is a sturdy boy, the stereotyped “ athletic supporter, ” as evidenced by the fact that he is the only student in Shinji ‘s class that refuses to wear the school undifferentiated ( although he does actually wear it once, in the one-ninth episode ). Toji is best friends with Kensuke Aida, and is in changeless conflict with Asuka Langley Soryu. Toji ‘s younger baby, was injured in the battle between Sachiel and Unit-01, and after learning that Shinji Ikari was Unit-01 ‘s pilot, he beats Shinji up as payback. however, after witnessing firsthand the miserable Shinji experiences piloting Unit-01 in the struggle against Shamshel, Toji comes to respect Shinji and the two become friends. unbeknown to Toji for a lot of the serial, his normally by-the-book class rep Hikari Horaki actually has a oppress on him, which she tries to repress and disguise by bossing him around. late in the series, she begins bringing particularly big homemade lunches to educate for Toji, since he loves to eat ( “ Toji the Stomach ”, as Kensuke refers to him ). subsequently, her feelings begin to come to the forefront and Toji seems to return her affection. Toji is finally selected to be the Fourth Children, and agrees on the condition that his baby be moved to NERV ‘s checkup facilities. En route to the testing facility, Unit-03 is taken over by Bardiel. When Toji is inserted in the submission plug and the Eva is powered up, Bardiel takes over and the Eva goes on a rampage. All the other Evas are deployed to stop Unit-03, but Units 00 and 02 are quickly defeated, and Shinji refuses orders to destroy Unit-03, wanting to try to save the pilot burner. however, Gendo orders that Unit-01 ‘s Dummy Plug system be activated, overriding Shinji ‘s see. Unit-01 proceeds to tear Unit-03 to shreds and crush its entrance spark plug. After the struggle, Shinji learns that Toji is the pilot as the wreckage of the entry plug is examined. Toji survives but is critically injured, losing his left leg. Along with Kensuke and the stay of his class, he is finally evacuated from Tokyo-3 ; what happens to him after that is unknown. He appears at the end of sequence 26 in Shinji ‘s subconscious .


Manga adaptation

In Yoshiyuki Sadamoto ‘s manga adaptation of Evangelion, the English translation of Toji ‘s negotiation gives him a distinct stress, which could be described as a “ New York gangster ” dialect, an english approximation of Toji ‘s Osaka-ben dialect. He is prone to fierce displays of anneal ( even more than in the zanzibar copal ) and is more verbally abusive toward Asuka, calling her a “ bitch ” multiple times. His interactions with Shinji are largely identical to the zanzibar copal ; however, after he is selected to be the pilot of Unit-03, he confesses to Shinji that he is terrified of the task and is ashamed of his treatment of Shinji when they first base met. Shinji learns that Toji is Unit-03 ‘s pilot program before the battle preferably than subsequently, leading to his refusal to destroy the obsessed Eva. Toji is besides killed when Unit-01 crushes Unit-03 ‘s introduction ballyhoo.

Another exchange was to Toji ‘s hair’s-breadth color, which went from blacken ( in the zanzibar copal ) to dirty blond/light brown university ( in the manga ) .

Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

In Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA, Toji is 17 and still part of NERV Japan. His severed limbs were to be replaced by new ones grown from his body cells. This was however canceled as Bardiel’s infection was detected and thus he was grafted with mechanical limbs instead. His relation with Hikari has reached a point where they now kiss each other and he serves as a big brother figure for Rei Six. Toji shows himself to be a reliable field agent and right hand to now Commander Misato Katsuragi. When Misato herself falls into a trap in an attempt to learn Kaji’s fate, Toji is promoted to Acting Deputy Commander, in succession to previous title holder Kōzō Fuyutsuki three years previously. After crashing the Su-27 SMN² Platypus II, Toji woke up in an ICU room, he looked round and saw cyrillic alphabet letters and realized that he was in care of the russians, trying to scratch his head with his left bridge player, he saw a pale, emaciated flesh-and-blood arm connected to his shoulder unlike his cybernetic sleeve. confuse, he was explained by Kensuke that it was the his branch that he lost 3 years ago that they cultivated. It is revealed by Kensuke that they were scared that the Angel Bardiel would wake up and kill them all once it was connected to the genuine owner. Kensuke had in fact participated stealing both his arm and leg from the NERV Japan medical inquiry testing ground. Kensuke explained that that was besides the rationality why they did n’t reattached his veridical leg, that was in a cylindrical container near the bed. He besides explains that he did n’t stole, fair used as separate of the deal involving NERV Germany. Actions that were done by the Intelligence Department in clandestine long before he tied joined them. Upon hearing this, Toji says that he scantily recognizes him anymore, and Kensuke answer that he is good being coherent. He asks Toji why he is n’t allowed to change, why he and Shinji are able to go forth without him as he stayed of as amusing relief to the group. He understood that he could n’t follow the same path as Toji or Shinji, so he decided in finding a different path. Kensuke admits that sometimes he goes excessively far, but he says that he will makes things right, admitting that he did something bad to Hikari. Toji asks him about his right branch, and Kensuke tells him that Toji about left the facility with one of these, a downgrade of the one he used, a basic robotic arm that is normally donated to war-torn countries. Kensuke left the board, using his justly robotic hand to make rock-paper-scissors gestures as he left. [ 1 ]

Shinji Ikari Raising Project

Toji is largely the same as his anime counterpart, although he does n’t get into shouting matches with Asuka as frequently. He ‘s besides captivated by Rei when she arrives at the school .

Angelic Days

Toji maintains much of his same qualities as the zanzibar copal, although he was accepted into NERV early on, much like the other main adolescent characters.

Battle Orchestra

In the active plot Neon Genesis Evangelion : Battle Orchestra, Unit-03 ( piloted by Toji ) is an unlockable playable character, he besides has his own story arch in the plot .


  • 180?cb=20210730224950 Toji is named after one of the main characters in the novel The Fascism of Love and Fantasy (Ai to Gensou no Fascism) by Ryu Murakami.
  • Toji’s voice was recast twice, for unspecified reasons, for the English dub of the series. He was voiced by Joe Pisano from his first appearance in Episode:03 to Episode:18, by Michael O’Connor in Episode:19 and Episode:20, and Brett Weaver in Episode:26. Weaver reprised the role in Evangelion: Death and Rebirth.
  • In two of the Super Robot Wars game series featuring Evangelion, Toji can be unlocked as a playable character, even after the events of Episode 18. However, the player might have to fulfill certain conditions to unlock him. Toji continues to pilot Unit-03 if he is unlocked. In Super Robot Wars MX for the PS2, he automatically joins in the course of the game without requirements, owing to some crossover storyline help from the RahXephon.
  • Toji is originally from Osaka, and thus in the original dub, he speaks with an Osakan accent. English dubs of various series sometimes try to represent an Osakan accent with a comparable English accent, such as a “Brooklynese” accent for Meowth in Pokémon, or a southern accent for Ayumu Kasuga in Azumanga Daioh. The official English dub of Evangelion did not try to give Toji a particular accent, instead, he just speaks more casually than other characters. His voice actor Tomokazu Seiki is from the Asakusa district of Tokyo, however, and had difficulty in portraying the dialect.[2]
  • Toji seems to have been majorly influenced by Anno’s father. The loss of his leg inspired Toji’s own, as Anno was not allowed to kill him.[3][4]
  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion ANIMA volume 3 chapter 38
  2. Film Book 2
  3. “My father has only one leg. While working at a lumber mill he had his left leg seriously injured with an electric saw. He was 16 years old at the time. He wears an artificial leg below the thigh. He has trouble walking, so he used to stay at home.
    But there is no doubt that I have been influenced by father’s physical handicap. I cannot love anything perfect.” – Disability Shapes Taste for the Imperfect
  4. Oizumi: About the complex you have because of your father’s body… you said, for instance, in an interview with Animage that even when drawing a robot you’re not satisfied until you’ve erased some part of it.
    Anno: Probably I have an attachment towards deformity. I can’t love [something] if it’s not broken somewhere. I believe that’s [due to] the influence of my father[‘s condition].
    Oizumi: The Evas often got deformed as well (laughing).
    Takekuma: Toji lost his leg. Why didn’t he die there?
    Anno: I couldn’t kill him.
    Takekuma: Of course.
    Anno: No, um, I made a certain promise, though I think now I should have broken it. At the very beginiing, when [we] drew up the plan [for Eva], [I met] with the producer, from King Records, who told me, “I will approve the plan you submit, whatever it is, because I have faith in you. However, there will be two conditions. The first one is that you will remain with me for five years. You cannot, for example, do a film version with another [producer]. The additional condition is that you will not kill any children. The adults can die, but I don’t want children dying.” Because of that condition I couldn’t kill [Toji]. – Schizo/Parano
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